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August 27, 2017, 11:05 pm

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Welcome to the Interplanar Census Bureau!


You've been pressed into community service for breaking interplanar law. You're going to have to be clever to finish their impossible tasks efficiently and get your sentence commuted, all while playing by the rules (at least while the Inevitables are watching).

This is a lighthearted series of adventures intended for characters level 8-12 in the Planescape setting. It's what happens when a game of Paranoia is set in Dungeons and Dragons.


Pursuant to interplanar law section LXII subsection Q paragraph 7 you are hereby sentenced to 10 cycles (7591 Native Material Subplane 29a9.8q89.122 days) of community service. You have been assigned to interplanar census task force 67.87.65. Report to probation officer Katrina Hart in Mechanus 8.241 hours from your receipt of this notice or face further penalty. Sentencing eligible for commutation on good behavior.

The Mechanus Department of Law shall not be held liable for any loss or damage suffered as a result of sentences served.
Welcome to the Interplanar Census Bureau!

As the multiverse’s premier statistical agency we are dedicated to making the planes a better place. Being an “on-the-ground” census taker gives you the opportunity to expand your network and test your skills in a variety of challenging environments! Our employees also receive a host of benefits including industry-leading health insurance, disability insurance, life insurance, and dental plans.*

This new employee package contains the following forms which should be completed prior to your first day of employment:
  • Form OF-306: Acknowledgement of Responsibilities and Conduct
  • Form SF-525: Self Identification of Interplanar Travel Disabilities
  • Form CD-314: Declaration of Personal Equipment for Reimbursement
  • Form CD-181: Emergency Contact Information
  • Form SA-1187A: Will and Testament
Congratulations Enumerator 823487, your first assignment is in Sigil where you will take a census (Age, Gender, Ethnicity, Quantity) of the Dabus.

Tip! Be sure to avoid the Lady of Pain.
Tip! Make sure you don't anger the Lady of Pain.
Tip! Pack some don't anger the Lady of Pain.

*Benefits not available for those serving community sentencing.

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August 27, 2017, 23:05
Update: This adventure hook was created as an "Iron DM" contest entry for another forum.

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