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July 12, 2013, 12:06 pm

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Timeline of the Cosmic Era


A reference for people interested in adding to the Cosmic Era setting

Modern Day

The Peak of the Petroleum Era: approximately 2030-40

Oil production peaks, and the true end of cheap oil arrives, previous spikes in cost being driven by market action, fear, speculation, etc. Oil will only increase in price, there are no further great fuel deposits left, and the pinnacle of extraction technology has been reached.

Begin Resource Wars: Early Phase


Wars erupt across Middle East as fuel exports plummet, and national revenues dry up.

Pan-African War - China, Europe, and America economically invade Africato fight each other over unexploited resources. Damage is heavy, but overall China fairs poorly (Beaten in the air and on the seas). Europe struggles with local warfare from fuel shortages and riots. America claims most of Congo and Equatorial Africa as prizes.

Resource Wars: Tipping Point


Indonesian Invasion, China starts taking islands by force.

Venezuelan Invasion, America invades South America.

Columbian-Mexican Alliance counter-invades the US southwest region.

Final Arab-Israeli war ends with dirty bombs in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv, and nuclear strikes against Tehran and other Arab capitols.

Resource Wars: The Whimper


most global conflicts have been reduced to infantry affairs, airforces grounded, and non-nuclear navies left to rust in Ports. Civil rebellions, rioting, and vandalism mark the dissolution of Federal Superstates. Global famines ensue as industrial agriculture fails in food exporting nations. Said nations begin hoarding food. The hoarding doesn't last.

2088 - end of European Union

2089 - end of Russia

2091 - end of United States of America, The Last Tank

2098 - end of People's Republic of China

The Second Dark AgeThe Deconstructionist Period

2100-2120 - The first generation is born into the Post Petroleum World. As the population declines from combination of environmental hardship (famine, disease, lack of medical supplies and weather/natural disaster) fewer people are present to pass on information from the Petroleum Age. Huge amounts of purely digital and electronic data is lost with the collapse of the BroadNet (Internet 2.0) and time ravages more. This is one of the reasons there are so many misconceptions about the modern and Petroleum Eras, after a large scale shift to electronic media, the amount of surviving data plummets. Cultural and historical records remain mostly intact up until the first decade of the 21st century, then everything quickly erodes.

Also referred to as the Mad Max time period and heavily romanticized in world media.

Arco-Feudalism Period


Following the slow collapse of non-locality governments (state and regional level administrations) the surviving Arcologies and their surrounding cities become city-state cultural and technological islands. Areas with many arcologies, such as the East and West coasts of the former United States, Europe, Japan, coastal China, etc, find ways to survive and begin to prosper.

Electric airship fleets connect the arcologies, Arcanotechnology is discovered, Hypertechnology becomes functional.

2182 - established date of first functional Dimensional Engine

2190 - established date of first functional arc reactor

2191 - appearance of first documented parapsychic adept

2196 - established date of first legal Seibertronian, a sexbot in Japan

2199 - 3rdNet is established as first global computer network since fall of BroadNet.

2201 - Surrogate Androids and remote piloting technologies established

2210 - Integrated Biofeedback System patented. Synthetic Simulation System (S3) patented

2211 - appearance of first established and confirmed gun adept

Reformation Era


A period of growth as groups of arcological city states begin the process of merging into cohesive administrative bodies. Also known as three decades of war, not all unifications and consolidations are peaceful. New weapons technologies are developed, and the nuclei of the New Earth Governments begin to form. The seeds of the New Economic Blocs and the MegaCorps also begin to consolidate themselves.

2225 - First application of military power armor, Trans-Alpine war in Europe.

2230 - Great Lakes Republic launches first Mech raid against Commonwealth of New England, a stunning victory.

2232 - Confederation of Southern States debuts serum based Super Soldier Program.

2235 - White Sands War, Republic of Texas and Republic of California engage in mech and missile war

2241 - Charleston Summit: Republic of the Great Lakes, Commonwealth of New York and Confederation of Southern States join to form the nucleus of the Atlantic Federation

2250 - Azores Summit: the Reformed United Kingdom, Federation of Germanic States, and France form a mutual defense and trade treaty with the nascent Atlantic Federation.

2251 - Kingdoms of Scandinavia recognized as sovereign power. Formally declared a neutral nation.

2265 -

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Comments ( 5 )
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January 14, 2013, 12:34
Will keep working on this, and will format later
January 14, 2013, 13:10
I suspect this will be very useful. Thanks for compiling.
January 14, 2013, 13:44
Ran out of time, will add more when free.
January 14, 2013, 16:05
I was looking forward to this and glad you finally submitted it. Been following your subs for quite a while and always wondered the exact time for everything.
January 15, 2013, 10:31
What Morte said. This helps navigate your setting.

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