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March 31, 2013, 4:27 pm

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The Rumor


They're doing it, they're really doing it

Have you heard, whispers in the CogNet, of our new home?

Carapace, Seibertronian soldier

The writing is on the wall, we have found it. But it's not a language, not one for organic eyes. It's numbers, symbols, energy states and power levels. It is the secret language of the seibertronians. All we need is a key, something to give us a starting point and we will find out how to crack their little secret. Never trust a machine! NEVER TRUST A MACHINE!

Mindbender, Anti-Robotics League

I've heard the word whispered, soft like a lover. Seibertron.

Our own world, our own home. Away from these filthy humans, their smell and their excretions. Cold, clean, pure. A world gleaming, lights and cities of shining steel and burnished crystal...

Is it too much to dream?

Queen of the Road, Seibertronian terrorist


There is another rumor, that where ever Seibertron is, that the powers behind it are building something, their goal is to create the next generation of AISC, something to make the M12 giants look like pussycats and calculators. But Primus was a specific purpose, something that is only important to the Seibertronians, reproduction. The machine race is created at random, when a computer neo-cortex is switched on for the first time the vast majority simply boot up. A small number seemingly crash and then rebuild themselves, open their machine eyes and are sentient. 

Primus would exist for the sole purpose to create new seibertronians, efficiently and reliably. Rather than getting the random hodge podge of sex bots, machine loaders, and combat drones, these new Seibertronians would be specifically born as scientists, artists, builders and explorers. Soldiers would be needed, but the pragmatism of the Seibertronians dictates that the soldier itself need not be sentient, but the leaders of the robot armies and fleets would be.

The Future of the Seibertronians

The rumors swirl that the denizens of New Seibertron have new, more powerful bodies. The strongest and most powerful Seibertronians on Earth has given up their humanoid shells and taken residence in power armors or mecha. These are imperfect fits, since these machines were all built and designed for human users, and have human amenities and needs in mind. The mecha based seibertronians are rare in the extreme, the very act of fusion between a mech and a seibertronian considered illegal under the Tycho Conventions. The handful that exist are members of Amerikka Command, The Brotherhood, or other small terrorist factions.

On New Seibertron, as the planet is being technoformatted (the machine version of Terraforming) there is rumor of factories building new bodies, designed from the ground up to be seibertronian. The new minds that will be born of Primus will be placed in these waiting powerful vessels, and that worthy Seibertronians from Earth who find their way to the planet will be granted one of these titans as well.


The Vector Series of supercomputers exist on Earth, products of Seibertronian exclusive design. The Vectors are used in the cores of warship computer cores, principally the Atlantic Federation Space Fleet, though the Pacific Rim Coalition and Eurasian Alliance have a couple of Vector computers that have fallen into their hands. The PRC Vectors are used in space craft, though the Alliance has chosen to fit it's Vectors to their submarines.

The Vector series are produced in small numbers, but more have been built and been 'lost' than can be accounted for. Those who know of the Prophecy of Primus claim that these missing Vector AISCs have been built and shipped to New Seibertron, wherever it is. It is known that in the wild prospector frontier of the Asteroid Belt, there are large mining ships registered to private parties. It is claimed that these are the foundry cruisers of New Seibertron, and that they are not just mining ships, but warships with Vectors buried deep inside of them.

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April 3, 2013, 11:09
Has a very Terminator Feel to it, with a Dash of The Matrix, and some Sci-fi to give it a final Twist of flavor.

I like the idea. It covers a Vast plot and has a lot of open area for the players and the DM to work with.

Great Idea!

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