Due to the recent succession crisis, the Five High Barons (Fruit, Dredge, Haldeep, Glamdor, and Namidian) rule in the absence of the Monarch.




Discarthians 93% immigrants 7%


Common Tongue


National Colors
Blue and Gold

Year Founded

At least three centuries before the formation of the Monarch-High Baron system.

All currencies accepted.

Natural Resources and Manufactured Goods
Iron ore, quarried stone, steel products especially weapons and armor, fruit, lumber, livestock, honey, wheat and other grains, jewelry, books.


Government Type

Government Stability
Unstable - ruling King is dead. Succession crisis threatens stability of the realm.




The Conspiracy Responsible for the King's Death, Warring factions seeking control of the throne, Northern Invaders

Heavily fortified stone walls, Castle Blackburn located in city's center serves as its keep and final defense.

Crime Level

Technology Level
Middle Ages

Primary Religion
The Maker

Other Religions

The Sect of Mathom




Located a fair ways North of the center of Discarthia, Machias sits in the middle of vast plains. Filled with orchards, farms and a few forests, these plains form the agricultural base on which the citizens of the city subsist. The City itself is encapsulated by massive stone walls, most of which are about 40 feet tall. The walls feature numerous entrances, featuring the Grand Gatehouse on the Southern wall that is large enough to accommodate a rank of horsemen five wide at once, as well as smaller gatehouses for each cardinal direction. The battlements are advanced, betraying the original intent for Machias to be capable of withstanding attack, complete with numerous towers and a few wall-mounted siege engines.

Each district is separated from each other by a series of walls that interconnect with the curtain wall that surrounds the entire city. There are multiple gatehouses that allow movements between each district, allowing entire districts to be closed off in case of invaders. Meanwhile, defenders may access any portion of the city purely by walking along the top of the walls. Inter-district walls are thirty feet high and about six feet wide, meaning that movement atop them is cramped. The gatehouses are larger. Movement along the top of the walls is limited to guards, military personnel


The Outer Ring: The portion of the city that exists outside of the walls. The vast majority of the population here are serfs and peasants of low social standing, or workers who prefer to sleep close to the city walls and the guards who patrol them. This area is almost entirely devoid of true roads or streets, the majority of which consist of abused  and poorly maintained cobblestone laid down to prevent the most-used paths from becoming muddy ruts in the ground. The homes here are usually not more than hovels or small houses, although a few landed men have small estates that are located in the Outer Ring.

The Grand District: The District that surrounds the Grand Gatehouse is affluent, filled mostly with the middle-class, especially taverns, shops and places of business. Catered directly to travelers the district is one of the busiest sections of the city, as well as one of the most crowded due to the constant flow of people. There are few residences in the District, meaning that certain times of day make moving into or out of the Grand District difficult when workers are trying to enter or leave work from their dwellings in other parts of the city. The Grand District is home to a few embassies and other establishments related to foreign affairs- especially for trade partners from very distant lands of small importance.

The Hammer District: Directly to the East of the Grand District is the industrial section of town. Located here are the forges, the workshops, the tanners, as well as multiple guild halls and other establishments given to a trade. The locals here tend to be more gruff and reserved than other sections of the city- they vastly prefer that business carry on like usual, without interruption. The few dwellings here are cheap given the surrounding businesses, especially given the plethora of 'interesting' smells one can wake up to in the morning. Most buildings here have multiple levels, usually with a business on the ground level and basement, with a very small dwelling on the second floor.

The Slants: Named for the distinctive roofs on the majority of the houses here, the Slants are a heavily populated residential district. The roofs of most of the large houses are slanted to try and facilitate the collection of rainwater for drinking. The Slants is one of the poorer regions of the City, although they are still not as dangerous as the Stagnant District. Shops in The Slants are generally seedy, and the few taverns in the area are used to rough clients.

The Stagnant District: The poorest, most dangerous, and worst smelling district in the city. Water drainage is notoriously poor, leaving puddles of water everywhere after any precipitation- giving rise to horrendous insect populations especially through the summer months. The Mage Cabal often enters the Stagnant District to deal with this issue on a yearly basis- lest the biting and stinging insects spread into the rest of the city. Otherwise, the district is destitute, filled either either those who prey on the misfortunes of others or the hopeless. Mostly residential, no permanent shops exists, although two very notorious taverns do decent business within the district. The walls surrounding the Stagnant District are especially high, and the entrances into and out of the District are more heavily patrolled than in other areas. The Stagnant District's curtain wall is the weakest point in the wall surrounding Machias due to disrepair.

The Brown District: Possibly the smallest district, the Brown Distinct is nefarious as being the location of most of the criminal organizations within Machias. The Brown District is mostly residential, and no shops or other establishments are present- running in the open, that is. Being small and fairly exclusive, those living in the District vehemently dislike visitors and tend to recognize them without much effort. Most locals advise travelers to ignore it entirely, a wise precaution to those who think that getting bludgeoned over the head won't happen to them.

The North District: Surrounding the North Gate, the North District is dominated by military dwellings for soldiers and guardsmen. The district is one of the safest in Machias. The North District acts as a buffer between The Brown District and The Slants, greatly inconveniencing criminal activity.

The Crowded District: Thanks to recent measures to combat crime and improve quality of life in the Crowded District, it is no longer the hotbed of criminal activity, disease and squalor that it was previously. Boasting massive tenement houses occupied only by the poor, the Crowded District has the tallest buildings in the city, as well as the highest fire risk. Multiple guild halls for the most populous guilds can be found in the Crowded District, and numerous temples are present as well. The guards of the Crowded District are the most experienced in the city when it comes to fighting fires.

The Garden District: The least populous district in Machias is largely given over to a garden maintained by the King's own servants. While slightly less appealing than the royal garden contained within the castle walls, the Garden District is still an extremely pleasant and enjoyable place to spend one's time. There are extremely few dwellings in the district, most of them being exorbitantly expensive. The Gardens are one of the healthier regions of the city, although they can get crowded at various times by visitors. Notably, the Mage Cabal prefers to hold their meetings in the single tower located within the Garden District, and the Royal Army sometimes uses them for drilling new recruits.

The Administrative District: The second candidate for smallest District, the Administrative District is arguably the best defended in the city aside from the King's Castle itself. Located directly in front of the bridge that leads to the castle, the walls overlooking the district give the City Guard considerable sight and access to the entire district. Crime is almost nonexistent given the constant scrutiny. Located here is a building very much like the House of the King of Baisaltir, although bounties on monsters are extremely rare to behold. Located here are also the main barracks of the Royal Guard, located in a prime defensive position just before the bridge to the King's castle.

The Gold District: The most affluent district in the city is filled mostly with stately residential homes. Placed directly across the city from the Brown and Stagnant districts with the intent that the King's Castle will hide those districts from view, the Gold District manages to be one of the worst areas for crime in the city. A few very expensive shops can be found here, along with the principal bank of Machias and Discarthia as a whole. High Baron Dredge maintains a permanent residence here, one that his family has maintained for generations.

The White District: This entire district has been battling a pigeon infestation for decades. A blunder during building construction lead to perfect roosts for the flying pests, making this otherwise nice district almost as unbearable in the summer months as the Stagnant District. Most of the residents stubbornly refuse to move, ensuring that this District is still widely middle-class, with a few socialites and nobles dwelling there as well. Falcons and Hawks are extremely popular here, and many residents enjoy watching them hunt the fowl population. Most traveling through the White District learn to wear appropriate clothing- boots and heavy fabric- to avoid having the embarrassment of having one's good clothes stained by droppings.

The Old District: The district of the city that mostly contains the original City of Machias before it became the capital. Building architecture here tends to be older than the rest of the city- the Old District is also one of the more defensible. Most of the homes here have been within the same families for centuries, and some of the most highly respected Nobles within the city reside here. The Old District is still where The Seat of the Magistrate is located- the place where criminals and those found to be violating rules of the crown are judged.

The West District: Situated next to the West Gate, the West District is middle to lower class, mostly residential. Many Hammer District workers call this District home, and many in the Stagnant District hope to move here rather than suffer the crowds of the Crowded district. Quite a few inns and taverns operate here, and it can be a good location to shop.
The Coin District: The district of the city most given to financial endeavors, shops, businesses, and other establishments of trade, haggling and money. This district is one of the busiest in the city, as well as one of the most affluent. Guards have a constant presence here, as do criminals from the Brown district.
The East District: Surrounding the East Gate, the East District is a popular destination for new arrivals in the city as one of the newer districts. Construction here is common, and new locations are constantly appearing. Businesses and shops often go into and then out of business frequently. The East District has an overseer who was directly appointed by the King to manage its growth. All reports are that he is an honest and fair man.
The Shaw District: Controlled almost exclusively by the Shaw Family, the Shaw district is affluent, well-maintained and is dominated by the mansion and other homes that they occupy there. The Shaw Family makes significant contributions to the crown, financing a large portion of the City Watch and other administrative costs. The Shaw Family is in a bitter dispute with the Boyle family.
The Boyle District: Almost a mirror image of the Shaw District, the Boyle District is controlled by the Boyle Family. Also financing the City Watch and administrative costs, the feud between the two families is a source of concern amongst those watching the situation in the Capital closely.
The Proud District- The Cuts: The Cuts have recently become the most violent district in Machias. Murders, assaults, and assassinations have suddenly spiked in the recent months, causing most to refer to it by its nickname. As it is located directly between the Boyle and Shaw controlled areas of the city, most believe the violence to be related to the familial dispute, although the two families are probably not the only ones taking advantage of the situation. Travelers are strongly advised to avoid the district if they can at all.

The Council of Machias

Formed in the absence of the King, the Council serves as the temporary ruling body of the Kingdom. Headed by the five High Barons, the Council holds a great deal of sway over the various nobles of Discarthia, particularly within the city itself. The Council currently seems to be the only organization that could possibly proclaim an individual as King. Any noble may participate in discussions and meetings, which are closed to outsiders except by invitation. Decisions are ultimately made only by the High Barons by vote- although they sometimes seek the opinions of those assembled before making such decisions. The Council is slowly losing its grip over the Royal Army of Discarthia which is mostly composed of soldiers who liege lords lent them to the Crown's Army- liege lords who now see the opportunity to use their returning soldiers to settle arguments, feuds and to increase their own power and wealth.

The Council maintains a strong relationship with the various guilds of Machias, as well as the City Watch.

Families, People, and Organizations

The Mage Cabal: The largest organization of magic-users in Discarthia. The Mage Cabal is not an administrative district that tries to regulate or control magic, moreso attempting to band those skilled in Magic together against a world that often does not look upon magic kindly. The Mage guild worked closely with the Crown, particularly within Machias to try and improve the city wherever possible, as well as conducting good will missions across the rest of the nation.

Family Dredge: One of the oldest families within Machias, the Dredges have always been loyal to the crown. Although only recently coming to favor, their history is extensive and their power often extends further than most would suspect. The current patriarch is High Baron William Dredge, whose recent elevation to High Baron Dredge was delayed by Bertram Blackburn's death. The family remains rich widely off of a few estates located near the capital that oversee multiple plantations and distilleries. His wife, Heather Dredge has successfully raised their two sons, Briar and Nathaniel.

Family Wren: