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January 25, 2007, 7:22 pm

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The Golden Order of Knowledge



The Golden Order of Knowledge (motto-Let the Light Shine) see their function as to bring information that would be useful to all to as wide a public as they can. Whilst the vast majority of people have to pay a fee to join them, there have been rare occasions where a poor person with some great talent, magical or otherwise, has been accepted into the Order without having to pay, because his or her talent will benefit people greatly if properly developed. On the surface there are seven branches of the order.

The Curatios

Healers, herbalists, and setters of broken limbs, who will heal the wounds of all but those who are clearly evil for a price that they can pay. So a wounded noble would be expected to pay far more then a beggar. They also search for new cures of the multitude of deadly diseases which ravage the world, and it is thanks to them that the Great Plague of Pier Point, to take an example, was not even worse then it was and was prevented from spreading all through Vallermoore.

Many are the lives and limbs and even teeth saved by the skill and the dedication of the Curatios. They will never deliberately kill even a dying person, and the very best of them have been known to transfer to the Order of Silver Stars. They will often get permission when wars are raging to join the armies of both sides as medics, where they carry no weapons or hostile spells and heal the soldiers of both sides alike, as well as helping displaced civilians. Their motto is “Always Heal, Never Harm” and their symbol is a red lancet on a white background.

The Consuls

The Consul branch deals with laws and law enforcement, and their members are either training to be city guards, rangers and other forms of police, or as magistrates and lawyers. If they choose police work then they are trained in unarmed combat, the use of the baton and the use of the crossbow. Just as important, they are trained in when such skills are needed and in what not to do. Torture for example and the beating of those who are not in a position to fight back is strictly forbidden.

They are also taught in how to cultivate informers, how to testify properly in court and how to see the signs of those who are possibly dishonest Unlike the Curatios who are normally welcomed anywhere, they mostly tend to be found only within the “civilised” countries, although they can be sometimes found in out of the way locations. Most rulers welcome them, as they are useful for keeping law and order. They are either paid by the cities or, in out of the way places, by the wronged person. In the latter case half of the fee is up front and the other half is paid if the criminal is convicted. Again, there is a sliding fee scale as there is with all the branches of the Order.

Others become lawyers for the defence and the prosecution and often reach the rank of magistrate or judge, but these will rarely be found in out of the way areas.

Their motto is “Punish the Wrongdoer” and their symbol is a golden baton upon a purple background. There are persistent rumours that chapters of the banned and malignant White Knights have infiltrated them. The Consuls of course hotly deny this which only makes the rumours grow like a rash when it is scratched open.

The Magicus

What their title suggests. They are the magical branch of the Order and they work on good spells and potions. Necromancy, evil spells, magical enslavement and the like are all totally forbidden to them, although they are taught a few spells that can harm for self defence. Where it is possible they join the Upright Society of Civic Wizards and normally work hand in hand with them without any problems. Should a chapter of the Civic Wizards object to them they try and sort it out at the highest level before the spells start flying.

There are some who grumble that they are too elitist and others that they are too open for their own good but generally they are welcome in most countries. Their motto is “Do what you will, if it harm none” and their symbol is a silver and gold wizard’s staff on a navy blue background.

The Figulus

These are the builders who have made many of the world’s great cities, buildings, bridges and sewer systems. Whilst it can hardly be called exciting it is a job that often pays well, and many of the world’s great architects are members of the Figulus branch of the Order. Cities as far apart

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