The Gauntlets Calya and Calwe


Terminology is difficult with Calya and Calwe, as they are technically leather gloves that extend almost to the shoulders, but their effects and function make them more of a piece of armor than just gloves, and as they are ringed in gemstones, they cannot be worn under anything, and armor cannot be placed over them. They are formed of an exotic black leather, presumed to be basilisk hide, but the tests are inconclusive. They have bands of gemstones sewn into them, and these serve as the seats and power holders for the various effects of the gauntlets, as well as visible displays of wealth and intimidation.

Calya, the right glove, has five bands of gemstones. Fourteen baguette-cut fluorites circle the wrist and are empowered with Dazzling Gleam, allowing the wearer to release a blast of scintillating light that can cause confusion, temporary blindness, and inflict hideous damage against undead, ghostly, and shadow creatures. Eleven square cushion-cut aquamarines circle the mid-forearm. These impart the Calm Mind ability to the wearer, rendering them immune to sleep, charm, and confusion spells and spell effects, including the Dazzling Gleam ability of Calya. Just above the aquamarine, nine black opals wrap around the arm and impart the Death Ward spell, meaning any attack, spell, or incident that would slay the wearer instead leaves them at a single hit point. This can used to dramatic effect, or in a creative manner.   A twin band of cushion-cut amber and blue topaz stones circle the bicep just above the elbow. This is an Armlet of Regeneration that grants the wearer accelerated regeneration of their health and their magic ability (mana, essence, etc). In a passive mode, this recovery is modest and can turn an actual short rest into a functional long rest. When being actively powered, the armlet can visibly recover the person's health or power, and the effect can be seen withering plants and depleting magical energy in its vicinity. After being powered for three consecutive turns, the wearer can enjoy the effects of a short rest on their spellcasting ability. The final band, seven heart cut tourmalines circle the upper bicep. These stones bear a vanity charm, increasing the wearer's Appearance/Charisma trait by a significant amount. 

Calwe, the left glove, has four bands of gemstones. A triple-ringed band circles the wrist, a ring of eight circle cushion cut white agates, a ring of seven very rare honey sapphires, and a ring of eight more white agates. This configuration of stones and enchantments allows the wearer to unleash a Disintegrating Strike attack, dealing a staggering amount of damage. The terror of this power is that the attack need not be forceful or violent, it can be done with a touch, or in the case of its most famous user, a rapid feminine slap. Should the target be reduced to 0 health, they are reduced to a cloud of dust that lingers in the air for a moment before blowing away. A double band of square cushion cut sapphires ring the upper forearm and grant the wearer Greater Immunity to Cold, Lightning, and Water. Nine circle cushion cut rubies circle just above the elbow and grant the wear substantial bonuses to strength, stamina, and health/hit points. What is more, this band can be empowered to take this from an already impressive constant effect to a stunningly powerful short-term spike. The last armlet is a double ring of twenty-two imperial gold coins, bearing the likeness of the wearer in profile. This grants them the power of Lordly Aura. This functions as a fear-like power, but rather than causing foes to flee, it causes unleveled NPCs and such to kneel in the presence of the gauntlet bearer. NPCs at a quarter of the wearer's level cannot raise their eyes to look upon them and are constricted with feelings of awe and dread. Those at half the wearer's level can look upon them and are affected as per the spell Charm Person. Those close to the wearer's level may interact with the wearer, but only after making a willpower/conviction or similar check, and their actions are still bound with magical demands of respect. Those of greater level find themselves possibly deferring to the wearer, and at least recognizing their latent power and ability. This power affects foes as well, it is more effective on monsters and beasts, who get serious penalties to resist. Intelligent monsters can be frozen in place at lower levels, lose initiative and suffer morale loss at mid-level, and at high levels might find themselves more inclined to retreat rather than face the wrath of such a powerful foe.


The Gauntlets Calya and Calwe are tremendously powerful, entirely too powerful, absolutely OP. They are objects of desire and the wearer will find themselves the focus of the attention of assassin's guilds, leagues of mages, and councils of kings. This isn't a magical effect, it's the fact that just the material value of the gems in the gauntlets is worth a king's ransom. The enchantments and magics are worth an archmage's ransom.

The wearer can also become easily addicted to the boosts and bonuses offered by the gauntlets. Taking them off means losing multiple points of strength, stamina, charisma, and health points. Removing them makes the wearer literally feel like less of a being, how else could they feel losing literal vitality and health, even if it is only returning to their normal levels?

Now if stats are required for a drawback, the wearer functionally has zero empathy while wearing them. The gauntlets' power functionally makes the wearer into a sociopath. Tying back into the above drawback, when a wearer removes the gauntlets after carrying out something devastating, they will find their empathy and emotions waiting for them, for a while. This sledgehammer of remorse weakens the longer they own the gauntlets, and they will feel less and less of an impact of disintegrating people with a finger, blasting entire areas with a dazzling gleam, or using their powers to allow their allies to execute those who would oppose them. Also, the wearer's alignment will start to shift towards neutral, as good and evil are constructs, they are an alignment unto themself.


The Gauntlets Calya and Calwe were created by twin abominations, Cengid and Cendid. These two utterly alien beings fell in lust with a mortal, Azane, the overseer of the Finkaras skyhold. The moonfolk venerated beings like Cengid and Cendid, so interacting with them wasn't unusual. What was unusual was that the trio created the gauntlets, making Azane strong and durable enough to engage in congrex with the abominations, sexual intercourse between mortal and divine beings. Across a generation, Azane bore several horrific monstrous offspring, dominated the moonfolk society, and led them into ruinous wars with other tribes of moonfolk to create a bloody empire, and then on her unnaturally long 333rd birthday, Azane ascended and became an abomination herself, become Nilikeg the Defiler. Within a lunar year, the three abominations fused into a single new Greater Abomination, Gillegid the Overseer of Obscenity.

The moonfolk empire broke and fell in decadence and desolation. Abominations were rampant until the Ohtagor occured. So offended by the abominations and their ruin of the world, the gods and goddesses rose up from their subservient positions, rallied with the mortal races, and carried out the Endless War of Horrors. This dark era was mostly about divine heroes and champions rallying their forces to hunt and kill the godlike abominations, and in the process, ascending themselves into the forms of gods and goddesses as they are known today. The greatest of these was an Elven sorcereress who acquired the gauntlets, made herself into a warrior queen, and lead the elves into battle, and them forged an empire of them before ascending to become an elfin goddess of the stars and the moons. The gauntlets then became something passed down through the ages, an imperial treasure.

The Gauntlets would linger there for years untold, through the golden and silver eras of the Elfin Empires. This would change with the coming of Leinedeth, the Devourer of Dreams. This creature was technically an Abomination, but was actually the greatest terror of the age, as she was born to a draconic mother and a greater demonic father, and after her ruinous life of terror against the Nornhild continent, she orchestrated her own demise and resurrection as a dracoliche. This lead to the breaking and ruin of the Elfin Empires and their stifling hold on the world. The demonic dracoliche was destroyed by a heroic effort from bands of heroes, but its damage was done, and the thus dawned the Elfin Kingdoms, shadows of the glory of the Elfin Empire. The breaking of this calcifying power also allowed the other races to rise and create their own kingdoms.

The Gauntlets, in the current age, are in the possession of the half-elfin sorceress Cissantha of Agrech'ost. The sorceress has not born the Gauntlets long, and is still exploring their powers. So far, all she has done is consolidate her hold on the Fortress of Contempt, also known as Agrech'ost, and rally a force of blackguard, villains, and minions to her banner. 

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