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March 26, 2006, 7:47 pm

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The Dahgshu


Demons, much like the gods they fight, are all but impossible to kill.  And though many a warrior has tried, throwing themselves against the rending claws of Gremil, all have failed.  Their attempts have done little but bloody his claws, and the blades of his worshippers.  His hands are still at the throat of this world.  But I think that, finally, I may have come across a solution, though it might be the death of me. Last entry in the journal of Haskel the Artificer.

Full Item Description

Simply a small ball, roughly the size of a clenched fist, of magnetite.  The surface of the orb is surprisingly smooth and none of the grime from anyone’s hands seem to rub off on it.  But the reflections that are seen on the surface are a grotesque world.  One populated with pain and deceit.  Some scholars hold that it is how the world would have been if Haskel hadn’t slain Gemil, while others say that it’s how the world will look if Gremil comes again.  Most scholars agree that the use of this item, as a storing place of energy, is simply a side effect of the spells used, which are more than functional, if a bit crude.

The world reflected in it is a dark world; it looks like it’s been torched to the ground.  The people in it are worse, some looking as if they’ve been beaten and starved all of their lives, while others look as if they’ve gotten fat and rich off of the suffering.  Still others of them are bloodied, and these are the worst.  They are coated in the blood of those that they’ve killed.  Bloodied beyond recognition as human they still have the blood of those that died to them running out of their mouth.

Magic/Cursed Properties

The Dahgshu is quite simply a magical vacuum cleaner.  It sucks the unused magic out of the air and stores it inside of itself.  With a little bit of knowledge any mage can grab some unused magic out of it, to be used in a spell or enchantment.  When used right it can augment any mage’s powers, when misused, or used to much it will break the weak threads that hold a mage’s sanity together.  It also help get rid of those pesky Mana Fleas.

While, there might never be as much magic available to use as there was sucked in, because it was just scrap magic, wasted anyway, no one really pays attention to the slight lose.


Bound inside the orb are two different souls, the broken and mad remainents of the Artificer, Haskel, and the Demon Gremil.  Gremil was in fact a warlord, back when he was a mortal at least, and lead his people into conquering vast tracts of land.  When he died they broke apart though, his sons creating a war vying for control of the kingdom.  By that time however there were many people that worshipped him, and after his death he looked over them.  He gave them great strength, and a hatred of the others.  He taught them that all the land was their and that only the strong had the right to hold it.

Eventually these worshippers of his grew into the Orcs that populate the world today.  And even though his original name was lost over the years he is still worshipped in many shapes and forms, even though he is bound inside this orb.

The grip that he had on the world came roughly 150 years after his death, when he lead a new army and once again conquered vast tracts of land.  His armies were unstoppable, and many of the victims had heard the tales of the great conqueror at the knees of their parents.  He had soon set himself up as the Eternal King, only to be toppled 3 years later by an industrious mage.

The mage, Heskel, was a nobody.  He grew up in a small village a day’s walk from the nearest city.  The only thing that saved him was that he ran away from home in his tenth year, only to be caught trying to steal from an unknown mage.  The mage, discovering the boy’s talent for making things after he trailed the blasted thief to his home, decided to teach the boy instead of having him killed, as was the usual punishment for riff-raff thieves.

The only thing that distinguished him from the other mages of his time was that he realized that Gremil couldn’t be killed, but he could still be bound like a demon, or any other spirit.  And so, he made this.  The only thing that went bad, for him, was that he hadn’t made the binding circle properly, and at the last moment Gremil had lashed out and dragged him into his creation too.

Now, after millennia of being forced to teach Gremil all that he knew of magic, and after being tortured beyond his sanity, he always tries to avoid contact with anything fearing that they wish to cause him more harm. 

The orb is ancient, being from the early Bronze era, and there are many tales surrounding it.  Most people view it as a gift from the gods, and for quite a few years it was in the possession of a certain mad mage, who used its power to craft quite a few other items.  Other tales call it the Almetch and tell of many a mage who’s used it to gain power, though their reigns are often short lived, many of them drawing too much magic from it and losing their sanity in the process.

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