The PCs enter a castle, and after spending a night, Gale force winds prevent them from leaving. Also, they are continually visited by nightmares, where they awake, with actual wounds, similar to what the people in the previous encounter felt in their dreams. (see the prequel to this, The Dreamweaver for details) Not only that, they are being killed off by the secerets of the castle, like the black-colored doorknob smeared with Black Lotus extract, or that brooch the Countess gave them, which is actually a Scarab of death, which will burrow into the player's heart if they fail a reflex save (D&D). Oh yeah, I forgot, everyone in the castle, except the PCs, The Dreamweaver, and his Druid helper, are illusions. The PCs MUST find the causes behind the effects slowly killing them, and who the Dreamweaver and the Druid are before It's too late..........

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