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July 26, 2011, 9:49 am

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The 30 of Selador



The 30 of Selador are the movers and shakers of the realm of Selador. From battle-hardened war mages to young druid apprentices, they are the backbone of the kingless realm of Selador, a domain rising from the ashes of the last war.

The Realm of Selador
unnaturally slow aging in the capital> accidental result of a very powerful protective spell cast by a god during the war with the demon-kin

History of Selador
right now on the cusp of going industrial (think elightenment) with magic

The Dragonhearts

The Council
members honorbound to bring petitions forward. if nothing is done after a year, the petitioner can address the council directly.
members elected by existing members. fairly informal. sessions are held ad hoc, and are not regular. any mamber can call a session,
and the first speaker gets given agendas. members must let the council secretary know of their whereabouts.

The Mage’s Circle

The Arcane Academy
led by belissa bannerheart, jason silverspell, and douglas gallen, taika satomi, ayumu satomi

The Defense Academy
led by Maurus Ironheart, Berk Conall, CuKreios Ignatus, ceallach dragonheart

The Selador Institute of Learning
led by Ismene Zola, Culann Ludolf, and Jian Conrad, hella gallen

Bremis Dragonheart 79 Founder of Selador. Patriarch and leader.
commanding eyes. will often silently look at every body in the room and make them fall suilent, and then plainly speak a solution
simple enjoys simple things.
he and belissa look twenty years younger than they are. his blood gives the fiery red hair and enduring constitution of the dragonheart clan.
said to have singlehandedly killed a fullgrown dragon during the tribulations. figure almost of myth and legend.
many hetroic deeds attributed to him, and yet many more missing still.
taught his children everything they know.
legendary fighter, inspiring leader. stoic to a fault. capable mage, but not fantastic.
carries a long and noticably jagged scar on his righ cheek, unsightly memento of his fight with the dragon

Belissa Bannerheart 80 Arcane mage. Kingdom astronomer. Member of the mage’s circle.
keenest mind around. sees things everybody else misses
lectures and leads at arcane academy. one of the most powerful mage alive. repelled almost seven legions and allowed during tribulations
seats on mages’s circle
very modest.

Katashi Cato 76 Counsellor, patriarch and Interior Minister






Firm, wise, firm wisdom
best friend with Bremis.

Gwenael Aeronwen 82 Matriarch and Counsellor.






Blessed, generous, white, fair, gentle

Ameria Dragonheart 47 First Speaker of the Council. Leader of the nation






Daughter of Bremis Dragonheart and Belissa Bannerheart






Leader, princess
handy with a sword.
exemplary leader. wise beyond her years and inspiring to others.
most soldiers would lay their life down at her calling with no hesitation.
superb orator.
could inspire the stars to fall from heaven.
great complicity with younger brother Ceallach Dragonherat

Aqil Cato 48 Advisor to Bremis Dragonheart. Secret keeper






Son of Katashi Cato and Gwenael Aeronwen






Intelligent, wise, wisdom
-brought parents with him during the tribulations.

Nolan Cato 24 Champion of the Legions






Son of Ameria Dragonheart and Aqil Cato






Champion, wise, son of champion, wise champion
protective of sister, friend and sparring parntner to Marcus Durward
brutal swordsman, matched in power by none and in skill by few.
right hand man to his uncle ceallach dragonheart

Adelaide Cato 22 Handmaiden to Camille Cato (her Aunt). Promising statewoman.






Daughter of Ameria Dragonheart and Aqil Cato






noble, kind, kind noble, wise
-in love with both Marcus Durward and Ceneric Akemi. Can’t choose.
-most likely successor to first speakership.

Camille Cato 37 High Priestess of the Seladorian Order. Member of the mage’s circle.






Daughter of gwenael Aeronwen and Katashi Cato






Warrior maiden, youth employed in religious service

Bedelia Dragonheart 45 Powerful battlemage. Apprentice to Taika Satomi. Member of the mage’s circle.






Daughter of Bremis Dragonheart and Belissa Bannerheart






Exalted one, goddess of fire/poetry/wisdom
-fiery personality
-fire mage
brutal battlemage.
hell of a temper
married to Douglas Galen

Douglas Galen 46 Mage, member of the mage’s circle. Master battlemage. Keeper of the seal.






Dark river, dark water, calm, calm water
-water mage
-married to Bedelia Dragonheart
twin to Hella Galen
lectures at the arcane academy. specialises in counters and defense +arcane theory.
head battlemage. cool under fire. got position instead of wife because he is calmer and remembers to lead the other mages instead of going into a battle frenzy

Tuan Galen 17 Apprentice to Ayumu Satomi. Promising mystic mage.






Son of Bedelia Dragontouched and Douglas gallen






Intelligent, bright, calm
huge raw power
alwasy fighting with brother cinaed.
when paired with cinead, absolutely unstoppable.
in love with Rahghild Ignatus daughter on CuKreios ignatus. always shown up by his brother at the worst moment

Cinaed Galen 15 Apprentice to bedelia Dragonheart (his mother)






Son of Bedelia Dragontouched and Douglas gallen






Fire, calm, calm fire.
huge raw power.
talented battlemage with extremely powerful yet subtle style. uses deceit if needed.
fearless. once jumped from the highest tower into moat as a dare.
nearly destroyed castle wing when having a duel with brother, tuan.
since then, used as apprentice to his mother, who still hasen’t forgiven him.

Marcus Durward 25 Captain of the guards. Blademaster






Mars(god of war), door guard.
-hopelessly in love with Adelaide Cato
sparringparner with nolan cato. went together to the academy.
has a very unique defensive style of swordfighting.
does not attack but only parries, sometimes so fast so that it appears that he has initiated the attack.
swordsman without par. weak socially and in other areas. firm but tactful leader. presents stone facade against adversity, but weakened inside.
would be the very last one to leave his post. extreme sense of duty and honor.
enemy to Ceneric Akemi (because of Adelaide) and because of Ceneric’s brash attitude.
gives swordmaship classes at the defense academy
most likely to make it ino the defense academy staff/leader

Hella Galen 46 Foreign minister and diplomat






Gentle, tender, calm
twin to Douglas galen
kingdom dilomat
brokered the deal with southern neighbour for trading. became very strong partnership.
lectures in sociology, political science and state affairs at institute of learning
married to ayumu satomi
kind, approachable, friendly
managed to sign mutual defense pack with all neighbouring kingdom, leading to a very stable region.

Ayumu Satomi 39 Mystic mage. Member of Mage’s Circle.






walking dream/vision, vilage/wise beautiful
married to hella galen,
lectures etensively at the arcane academy. responsible for a plethora of rituals.
ethereal air,
beautiful but aloof. contrast to hella
brother to taika satomi
friend and mentor to Porphyria. they have collaborated many times in their studies.

Taika Satomi 54 Chair of the Mage’s circle. Powerful mage.






Magic, village/wise beautiful, beautifula nd wise magic.
sister to Ayumu satomi.
mentor fo bedelia Dragonheart still. Bedelia still hasen’t passed the stillness test.
one of the most habile mages. can wield magic with unnatural subtelty
she led her weak brother when he was ten and her 15 across war torn terrain to the kingdom of selador.
surprisingly resourceful.
regal and intimidating appearance, bristling with arcane energy.
thoughtful personality, prone to long bouts of forgetfullness and of blanking out people when thinking. repeled demonic invasion when 34.

Ceallach ‘Kel’ Dragonheart 32 Seledor warmaster and chief of the armies.






Son of Bremis Dragonheart and Belissa Bannerhaeart






war, strife
undisputable warmaster of the seladorian armies and sworn defender of the people.
during the battle of Kramen Hill, corpses were piled five high around him before the support troops arrived.
responsible for the training of the troops after their stay in the military academy.
It is because of him that the seladorian troops are known to be worth twenty of any other kingdom.
inspires fierce loyalty from his troops. feared by his enemies. the sight alone of his personal banner has routed enemy legions.
while stoic to a fault with his men and advisors, he shows a very soft spot for his wife Porphyria, and she alone is allowed to see his vulnerable side.
best friend with the worldess hunter, CuKreios Ignatus. have gone on many hunts together.

Porphyria Silverspell 28 Member of the magic circle. Powerfull thanatomancer and kronomancer






Daughter of Jason Silverspell






Purple dye
wife to Ceallach
met ceallach in a bloddy campaign, with his army routed and him between the living and the dead. brought him back to life and nursed him back to health.
surprising affinity with death and the dead. could turn undead from birth.
from childhood was seen as strange, as was always talking to people who weren’t there. could in fact communicate with ghosts.
vengeful. her father was blinded by thugs during a war (he was protecting her).
As the thugs tried to rape her she wispered softly and their skin became corrupt. when the curse had finished acting, they had decomposed to no more than dust and bones on the floor.
her vengence fro her father was to corrupt the entire kingdom with a plague. (she was 16) every plant, flower, and stream became corrupt,
and throughout the land, the dead rose and walked amongst the living.
extremely resourceful
brought her father through war torn country to seek refuge in selador.
(she was 16) this is when she found her future husband ceallach (20 at the time) and nursed him back to health with the help of her father.
youngest member of the magic circle. perhaps only person alive with her abilities. can almost bring the dead back to life.
very sensitive to death in her environment
can tell historical battlesites and object involved in death.
help choose the emplacement for the capital city at the age of 17, so that it would be free from the angry dead
tends to depression.
her emotions can be used to fuel her powers.

Pyrrhus ‘Startouched’ Dragonheart 2 Infant son of Ceallach and Porphyria






Son of Ceallach Dragonheart and Porphyria silverspell






Fire, red
inheriting his father’s strength and stoic determination, and his mother’s gifts, the young infant is promised to a greeat future
innately immune to fire and poison.
the dragonheart blood running through his vein gives him a strong affinity with fire.
his mother’s blood gives him affinity with death.
will probably become the most powerful mage ever born.
doted on by Tuan galen and cinaed galen equally, as they both see him as a smaller brother.
two assasination attempt from a mage cabal seeing that he would become almost god like.
if anything should happen to him, the rage of his mother would be capable of tearing the very fabric of reality.

Jason ‘The Blind’ Silverspell 56 Selador crest healer. Professor at the Arcane Academy and Selador Learning institute






Jason was a healer in a city far from selador, but a war came, and soldiers on leave tried to rape porphyria.
when he protested, saying he would never see his daughter raped, they blinded him with a hot iron.
very talented.
very trusting
lectures on anatomy and medicine at the institute, and on the mystical healing arts at the arcane academy.
has many disciple.
calm , but not apathetical
has long tried to calm his daughter’s emotions.

CuKreios Ignatus 42 Warden of the forests (head of the rangers)






Dog/hound, master, master of the hounds
Head ranger of the Seladorian lands.
friend and mentor to Ceallach. (Ceallach asked CuKreios for advise before marrying Porphyria)
Not happy about his daughter’s infatuation with seladorian prince Tuan Dragonheart. (she should be training to become a druid)
Not happy with the widespread industrialisation of Selador.
grumpy, but kind hearted. became reserved and turned inwards at his fife’s death.
will fight to preserve the forests and nature of selador.
has developed sustainable logging techniques and breeds of fast growing trees for timber.
seen as a second son by7 bremis Dragonheart.
knows Selador and nearby lands by heart, and could cross every stream and river blindfolded.
has a retinue of dogs, almost purebred wolves.
lives in a small village in the realm not far from the capital
teaches evasion, guerrilla warfare, survival and woodcraft at the defense academy. Also teaches military theory and rules of war.

Ragnhild Ignatus 17 Druid apprentice






Daughter to CuKreios Ignatus






Advise, counsel
terribly beautiful, leaves tuan speechless.
gifted and skilled at woodcraft
mostly kept tucked away by her afther.
friend to adelaide Cato, who acts as a big sister.
mother died in a tragic accident when Ragnhild was 6.
touchy subject.

Tjaard Dike 35 Lord justicer of the realm






people, watcher, people watcher, justice, just watcher of people
the young justicer was recruited at the death of the old man.
distinguished himself when he delt with a worker revolt against a factory worker.
managed to avoid violence and improve the working conditions, and a mayor recommended him.
used to own a family farm, which is currently being run by his briother.
good at detecting deception, but wants to give people a second chance.
young and inexperienced, but fair and just. tends to be naive, but willingly accepts counsel from his mentor,
culann ludolf, who has been a family friend for decades
not yet tested by a difficult case.

Culann Ludolf 52 Mastersmith. Professor at the Institute of Learning. Minister of Advancement. Genius.






Smith, wolf, fame
Culann is undoubtably one of the finest craftsman in the whole realm, and personally oversees the production of the Dragonheart’s battle armor.
his father was smith, and learnt trade from him. soon became better than his father, so sent to a series of apprentiship. by 20, nobody was as good.
started to evelop new techniques of forging, smelting, and even went as far as re-discovering crucible steel. his many skechbooks are filled with engineering ideas,
and should you browse through it, you could find things as diverse as as ‘bessemer’ steel production techniques to a theoretical discussion on the implication of the division of labour,
and as advanced as discussion on the conductive properties of metals. Culann has already made the link between lightning and charge.
On his own, he is responsible for giant leaps of understanding with regards to solid properties, and many of the experiment he carries out are on the frontier between alchemy and modern chemistry.
undeniably a genius. he has a quite genial personality, and is not above perfoming practical jokes on his students. has taken the young Tjaard Dike under his wing at the requets of his dead father.
if his creative potentila remains so great in the next twenty years, he will push Selador into the industrial era.

Ismene Zola 81 Realm Libarian and Archivist. Keeper of the Library of Lux. Minister of Public Learning






Knowledge, quiet/tranquil, quiet knowledge
Close personal friend of both Bremis and Belissa from before the tribulation
runs the public library. reponsible for education in the realm.
convinced the Dragonhearts to put taxfunds aside for compulsory education.
often to be found in the great library.
lectures on history at the institute

Berk ‘Wolf’ Conall 80 Military advisor to the First Speaker. Professor of Tactics at the Defense Academy.






strong, Strong wolf
personal friend of Bremis and belissa.
tactitian during the tribulations
incredible fighter, his strength and ferocity are almost as fearsome as Bremis’ and more deservedly so.
use to pick up enemy soldiers and use their entire body as shield. fearless on the battlefield.
ruthless tactitian
most youngsters going through the academy dont have his stamina at 80.
lectures on tactics and warrior ethos and spirit.
still as capable with a sword.

Johann Firebridle 50 Domestic Minister.






God is gracious
made the best of the scarred lands around seledor to grow the 76 harvest.
responsible for the roads, their safety, feeding and taxing the populace.
great merchant. has brokered deals with nearby nations to exchange various goods, to the benefit of all.
his great rock initiative allowed the construction of most of lux, the capital, using stones brought from a neighbour in exchange for wheat.
cheerful and bubbly, sometimes so much that it becomes tiring.

Dagrun Shamira 36 Council secretary






Day, secret lore, guardian, protector, secret keeper, secretary

Ceneric Akemi 25 Captain of the 7th legion of Selador






Bold power, bright, beautiful
rival to Marcus Durward. dares not challenge marcus to a duel due to shame if bested
womanizer (his conquests are a running joke amongst his men, and he will boast disgracefully about the women he has bedded,
all the while keeping appearances of a charming gentleman whil in their company.)
animal magnetism, irresistible (except for Adelaide Cato)
tries to get the attention of the young Adelaide Cato just to get her in bed, only woman to have ver resisted his charms.
led the charge _up_ agony hill against the demon fiends (agony hill is so called for a good reason. it was pure madness, but he did it.)
his men trust him on the battlefield, but try to drink in a different tavern: he gets all the girls.

The 7th legion of Selador
Battlecry: "Soy Nebosja Vidar Makalost" -We are fearless warriors without peers.
Crest: Lightning before two crossed glavius, the pommel of the glavius are skulls
Official Motto: "Arquear Voordien Selador" -Bow before Selador
Actual Motto: "Do Voordien Selador" -Die before Selador
Captain: Ceneric Akemi
Role: Shock infantry.
Favoured weapon: Steel galvius.
Mode of combat: Up close and personal.
Notable wins: Battle for Agony Hill, closing of the Demongate of Crousseaux,  Storming of the Kasthrum keep.
Notable defeat: none. (Death before dishonor is a vow taken collectively before battle)

Maurus Ironheart 67 Minister of defense. Trainer at the Defense academy






right hand man and squire to Bremis during tribulation.
can handle any tool that bears the name of weapon with terrifying efficiency.
scarred body from years of fighting on the field.
sturdy. has several times received near-fatal wounds and always sprung back.
looked after the Dragonheart children as if they were his own.
most trusted by the dragonheart.
would lay his life down gladly for any of the dragonheart and their family.
loyal to a fault
teaches tactics and various forms of exotic weapons at the defense academy.

Plot hooks

-need to study
-romance interest needed. (a ploy to seduce a princess needs a hunk. see Ceneric)
-disrupt the alliances
-petition the council
-ask selador for help
-bring a smith’s challenge to culann ludolf
-bring refugee to selador
-consult the archives
-fair arbitrer(youg tjaard dike) needed
-steal a technology from the institute
-looking for a tome
-counsel of aqil
-diplomat needed to end a war (hella galen)

1) Etymology is given relative to the names. Some artistic license taken. Languages mixed at will. Obvious names such as ‘Ironheart’ not taken into consideration.
2) Extensive use of for names. Babelfish used for the 7th legion motto and battlecry. Languages mixed at will.

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Comments ( 3 )
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May 8, 2009, 8:46
I like this. It provides a nice rooster to the setting that gives it character and depth. Will make it easier for the setting to come alive in the hands of the GM.
July 26, 2011, 9:38


Less run on sentances and no walls of text please.

Other than that, you have some good ideas.

July 26, 2011, 9:48

Kassy: this sub is WORK IN PROGRESS. I was just jotting down ideas rather than writing a sub. I'd like to find someone to collaborate with to flesh out the relationship between the 30 members of the reigning house of Selador. It also needs reformatting for the new site. Would you care to help?

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