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January 20, 2016, 11:16 am

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Stanford Torus


Designed in 1975, the Stanford Torus is a basic space station layout also known as a wagon wheel

The Stanford Torus

The Stanford Torus was designed in 1975 and consists of a central hub connected to a large ring. The entire structure rotates to generate gravity in the ring.


There are only a few existing Stanfords in the Cosmic Era, most of these stations date to the end of the Petroleum era, and measure 300 to 500 meters across. The stations are now several centuries old and are in relatively poor condition. The stations were either built by the United States of America or China. The stations built by the USA are currently in the hands of other new nations, typically held in squatter fashion. The ACPS still maintains their stations, which are in generally better repair.

Notable Stations

Collinsworth - A 375 meter wide stanford, Collinsworth is in a geosynchronous orbit around the moon, and is considered a territorial possession of Armstrong City on the Moon, and part of the neutral Tycho Lunar state.

Galileo V - a 150 meter stanford, the Galileo missions were launched to put humans into Jovian orbit. The station was built in Earth orbit and sent to Jupiter using an atomic Orion drive. Once in orbit, it was left as an observatory and outpost for further missions that never arrived.

Exo-Qatar - a defunct joint effort from petroleum states in the middle east, EQ was launched as a symbol of regional wealth and power. The 500 meter wide stanford was not completed and there are currently plans in work on how to remove it before it burns up in the atmosphere and becomes a crater somewhere inconvenient.

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