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September 21, 2007, 7:19 pm

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Stabaan Yellowcross


In the rocky shoals and shatter-sloped islands of the Orgon coast, there are many pirate companies who prey upon the ships of the tribes who bear allegiance to the King of Seiadal, but none are more feared than Stabaan Yellowcross.

The reader will note that this character is intended for use in a post-apocalyptic fantasy setting in which societies have slowly rebuilt to a level of kingdoms and scattered tribes after the great world war.

Stabaan is a huge fellow, 7-and-a-half feet tall. He is broad shouldered, with such an enormous bulk to him that he nearly seems humpbacked. His arms are huge and corded with muscle, and his legs are like pillars. He has a thick bull neck, and a jowly, round face. His features are commonly Orgonic- thick-lipped, his blue eyes have slight epicanthic folds, and his nose is thin and blade-like. He has a thick moustache and beard, and he wears metal rings and thick braids in his mane of wavy brown-black hair.
His healthy appearance, however, belies the mutation that scars him- his back and armpits are grown with gruesome keloid scars and tiny tendrils, and the skin of his arms and chest has a greyish, scaly cast to it. When he opens his mouth, his most apparent mutation is revealed- twin tongues.
While his mutation is very minor(he is certainly not one of the Green Ones of the East or the Leech People, or any of the random monsters which are sometimes born to the tribes), it was enough to cause his family to be outcast from his village; this has made Stabaan deeply ashamed of his deformities, and he wears heavy, enveloping furs and robes to prevent them from being revealed. He will often turn away from people to speak so that his double tongue will not be revealed.

The tribes of the Christians are an ancient people who retain traditions so antique that they predate the Time of Consumption. As all tribes of Orgon, they are clustered in a small number of fortified villages up and down a section of the coast, each jealously guarding the secret location of its poison-free fishing area.

Like all of those

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September 21, 2007, 13:48
Well what else do we know about are guy here.
Why did he become a pirate? Is his ship crewed with other mutated people and outcasts? Does he have a special weapon? what are his combat tactics? Does he have a favorite food?


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