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August 8, 2007, 9:00 am

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Special Tree Encounters


Drawn out from the scrolls in The Unseen Fortress..


1 = Tree is ‘Ironwood’ and is much more difficult to cut with an axe or other tool. 

Assume a 25% chance of at least one ‘cutter’ being injured or having their axe broken.

2 = Tree has poisonous sap - 10% chance of cutter being subjected to poison of varying intensity. 3 =  Widowmaker - Numerous heavy branches are ‘dead’ and liable to drop if the tree is subjected to hard shocks (i.e. Chopping).  Damage varies from minor to lethal.  Alternately, the tree might have structurally flawed wood, which causes it to ‘kick’ randomly when cut and not fall in the direction the lumberjack intends.  4 =  Tree is an unusual and/or aggressive Tree -   

Unusual/Aggressive Trees

1 .. Devil’s Thorns. A large oak tree with dangerous projectiles. It may be easier to bypass it rather then cut it down. 2 .. Medusa Tree. A very odd plant indeed, and should only be encountered once. 3 .. Broad Oak. A large, menacing oak tree.  Add to this encounter one of the Dangerous Residents from below. 4 .. Qanquen Trees. These trees form massive copses which create ‘natural’ walls. When encountered, it will increase the number of trees to be cleared signficantly. 5 ..Rose Tree. This tree drops plenty of sharp debris making passage underneath painful to walk upon unless very heavy boots are worn.  Beasts of burden will not move through such an area for this reason. 6 .. Walking tree - Ent Analog. Currently resting and will not take well with would-be lumberjacks. 7 .. Trailbane Pine.  This tree will serve to either hold-up or misdirect the party, or possibly descend into conflict. 8 ..  Brawlingwood  - Animated tree which strikes with it’s branches. 9 .. Grappelwood - Animated tree which attempts to grab and hold victims. Will not let go until they rot away. 10 .. Gorgewood - Like grapplewood, but will attempt to deposit victims into various large maws equipped with jagged wooden ‘teeth’.

5 =  Tree has been seeded with many iron spikes and other debris to make cutting it dangerous and difficult. 

Assume a 25% chance of at least one ‘cutter’ being injured or having their axe broken.

6 =  Tree is home to dangerous residents   

Dangerous Tree Residents

   1 - Mundane Hornet’s Nest - if the tree is not examined before attempts to cut are made, will swarm and attack any would-be lumberjack.    2 - Explodestools - Large odd-colored mushrooms cover the base of the tree. If they are disturbed, they will burst violently, knocking nearby people back and creating clouds of choking spores.    3 - Selvaks have been introduced intentionally into the forests. They are not a real threat for an army - the movement of troops will scare them off, but against an adventuring party, they are quite dangerous.    4 - Huge Spiders (Any reasonable sized available will do.)  Will not attack unless the tree is significantly disturbed.    5 - A swarm of Aboral Swarmsnakes will drop onto those disturbing the tree.    6 - Consult Appendix B: Random Forest Encounters for something disturbed by the chopping.

7 = Sentry Totem.  Scattered through the forest are trees that have outlandish human and animal faces carved into them.  Any intelligent being who comes within 30’ of one of these faces, and is in the visual arc, will trigger an alarm which will alert the defenders of the Fortress, who will begin active defence.  At the GM’s option, these totems could also be an active defence - attacking with spells, etc. 8-10 = Tree rapidly regrows at the rate of 1’ per day until 30’ height reached unless stump is burned out or completely removed.

To Do: Need to make this De-fortressed to some degree…

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