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November 19, 2017, 9:02 pm

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Shadowsplinter, The Unholy Spear


The Obsidian Spear, Shadowsplinter, the Unholy Spear, it goes by many names. This relic of darkness was forged in the shadow realm and calls out to the denizens of that forbidden place. The spear was created to be used to conquer our world.


Shadowsplinter is a spear of obsidian, it gleams iridescent in any light. The head of Shadowsplinter is broad coming to a thin sharp edge that could be used to both pierce armor and cause bleeding in a foe.

Forged in the Shadow realm, the Shadowsplinter calls out to it, ghosts, wraiths, and other undead seek the Obsidian Spear, following the one who carries it and doing their bidding.


Shadowsplinter is a magical spear, able to pierce most unblessed armors with ease. More dangerous still, is what happens after being wounded by the Spear. Most will grow sick and die, rising again as undead to follow the Obsidian Spear. Others still, will be afflicted with Shadowtaint, A madness that slowly turns it's victims into ghouls.

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