1. Saltswarm: A Brief Intro

2. Saltswarm: Adventure Hooks

(Dissolving Salt Man, Bride Lost in Hell, Find Artifact & Spell Components, Found Strange Magic Mirror, Mage's Dying Curse, etc)

3. Saltswarm: Getting There

(Riding horse and butchering innocents through Three Kings Triumphal Arch, Drowning Ritual, Other Rituals)

4. Saltswarm: Saltswarm Phenomenons

(Salt Storms, The Lost Capital, The Silvery Sky, The Blue Sun, The Blinded Prophets of the Three Kings, The Bound God's Mausoleum, The Salt Tornado Power Manifestations, The Theatre of the Damned, The Floating Brothel, The White Sea (Water and lots of salt), The Sanctuaries of the Wastes) - I suggest that major locations are linked subs, instead of subparagraphs of this sub.

5. Saltswarm: Monsters Unique to Saltswarm

6. Saltswarm: Random Encounters Table

7. Saltswarm: Getting the hell outta there

8. Saltswarm: Plot hooks

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