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March 17, 2013, 2:03 pm

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Revelia, the time looped world

Magic can apparently break any law.

A long time ago, no perhaps in the future? No, that isn't right either. Well it isn't happening now. Bah, well at some point there was a war. Well yeah obviously wars are pretty common I guess. This was no ordinary war though. Oh, no no no. This war was extraordinary, spectacular, intense. Every country in the world was involved. All the little tribes too. Oh but it was something awful. Fighting lasted at least a decade and by that point, oh the catastrophe that ensued. The land was barren and beat. Cities lay in ruin and it seemed impossible to rebuild. But they tried anyway. Oh yes they tried. Mages that before used their magics to destroy used them to build. Soldiers dropped their swords and picked up hammers. But alas it was all for not. The land was too destroyed. Country and faction relations were all but upon war again. So the mage council tried something. Ooh hoo hoo hoo. Something big! Something never before thought possible. Well actually they tried two things. The first was that whilst rebuilding they tried to mind wipe the war out of everyone. Could you imagine? Charming the entirety of the globe's population. Insane! So of course that didn't work. Most of the regular were indeed subject to it, but a vast majority of soldiers and other such combatants would never forget the troubles they had seen. So the council had a different idea. This was the crazy one! They would turn back time! For the entire decade, and a bit before to prevent the outbreak of war. Fifteen years they said. They would turn back fifteen years! Now mages were said to sometimes get strong enough to bend time. But that would only be a few minutes at best! So you see, they were crazy. But somehow, it worked....

Ravings of old man Averbeern, once great mage.

-------------------------------------- The pcs can discover that such an event as this happened. I was thinking something along the lines of certain zones in the world didn't reset quite right. Such as an ancient, very magical temple or something like that which would be unaffected by the time warp. Finding things like this would really be quite intriguing.

I was also thinking that a select, very few npcs kept their memories. These would be very exceptional people(prolly about level cap for whatever system is being used). And some of them I working hard to stop what caused the war in the first place, while others want war because they gained great glory during it and are now all but forgotten.

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Comments ( 4 )
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March 17, 2013, 12:32
It's an interesting idea, but I feel there is a huge piece missing. What is the angle?

The PCs could be some of those soldiers, or they could be the members of the time bending mages. This could create a Terminator style game, where the focus isn't the Terrible War, its in the events leading up to it, or survivors working out a plan to go back in time when the council does it's 15 year reset. If they kill General Amazing while he's still a middle lieutenant, and assassinate Lord Bastardo before his father dies, then it changes the whole dynamic of the war to come/that was.

It could also be played as a straight time loop, but the loop is starting to come apart, and people are starting to realize that this has all happened before. The loop has just restarted and the PCs must do what they can to prevent the war, or change it's course so that the time bending spell isn't cast again for the utterly unknownth time.
March 17, 2013, 13:59
I was looking for a plot I could use this with. As far as making the pcs a hit squad, wasn't really what I was going for, but great idea. I was thinking that they begin to find out about the loop.
April 3, 2013, 10:55
For the locations tha havent changed you could use something that makes them stand out. Maybe have teh time loop going and then in areas with this said feature, the loop dosent happen, or it repeats one event over and over again.

Example: lets say this war happened in our world, Earth, This magical time rewind was cast upon the world and we're at this point. Then the Pc's go to London on a mission or something, and every thing looks good and nice, then they go past the Palace of Westminster ( this is where BIG BEN is located) and the Palace is in Ruin. Still showing the damage of the war and possably even some of the deaths that happened here. As Such an "eye sore" the palace is ignored and the area around the building has become a "bad" neighberhood, its asumed by the citizens that its just a place where crime happens, and is there for ignored.

Nothing odd here, so your PC's Visit India, and they travel by the
Godavari River area. The River has dead bodies in the river, their is visable bood in the water, and the locals area doing funeral rights for people and are sending them into the waters. When they travel farther down the river they come accross a Dam, and notice something odd. A Flux in time, if you will, the bodies that are floating twords the dam are fazzing in and out of reality. The Dam is both damaged and at the same time repairing its self. The water closest to the dam looks fresh, clean, and crystal clear. On occation people have reported seeing bodies of people in the water, some times looking back in horror.

Its not untill the PC's have finished their mission ( or untill you deam it , because its your game of course) and some time has passed that one of them puts all the stories and events together to get that the magic spell that was cast all those years ago did work, but what the mages didnt account for was the powers of the natural and supernatural. Any Building(s) that boarder RIVERS, and only Rivers, were NOT affected by the time loop. Or in the case of the Dam, both effects are happening, and few people actually realize it.

A little research into this comes up with some "natural laws" that all things in the world must obay. But their are no books on this subject. Except an old Song or maybe a title to a book that hints at an old pholophy and wise words of wisdom along the lines of
" All Things Flow Down Stream, and Those that Go Against The Current Only Prolong The Inevitable, and Make Waves"

... too much?
April 24, 2013, 9:39
No Feed Back from Mr. ChaoticWaffle Makes it hard to give good advice.

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