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August 24, 2013, 10:39 pm

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The Result of The Change


The world has changed. Mountains have become rivers, and rivers have become deserts, or so some say, but what really happened, why, and who caused such devastation?

All anyone knows is that one day, everybody woke up to discover they knew nothing, or next to nothing about themselves or the world around them. Many woke up wherever they were standing at the time of the change, or so they assume. People picked themselves up off the ground in the streets, or markets, or shops, apparently wherever they were when the change happened. Some in homes they assumed were theirs, some to discover later that they were wrong, and had been in those homes for less than savory reasons.

Most people knew their names, could speak the common tongue, and function as most humans should be able to, but some did not even know that much. Some unfortunates did not even remember how to feed themselves, and were later found dead of malnourishment. Some where found, and were cared for until they could be taught to care for themselves.

As to what happened, that is anybody's guess. That the world has changed is apparent, because books and maps no longer reflect what could be seen beyond the city's walls, and the few travelers who have ventured from beyond the horizon say they experienced completely new and sometimes terrifying landscapes.

It has been two years since the change, where everything changed, and everybody forgot who they were, and what they did in their previous life. Now, wanderers have arrived from distant lands, or perhaps just beyond the horizon, to tell of discovery. The discovery of who they are, and where they came from, and of their neighbors.

Some travelers tell of finding themselves, or some part of themselves during their journey, apparently having been relocated during the change. They speak of discovering lost possessions or homes, things that brought back even more memories. Some have even managed to recover their full memories after discovering their homes and loved ones (those always recognizable on first sight).

Is it possible for everybody? It may be, but there are those wanderers who arrive in town, still looking dejected and lost, still unable to say who they were, or where they belong.

You know there is more to your life than what you have thus far settled for. The first time you picked up a sword, looked up at the alter, fingered a fat purse, or opened the thick tome of crabbed writing you woke up staring at that day two years ago. You know there must be more.

Could your past life be out there waiting to be discovered? Could there be more for you than what you're doing right now? There is only one way to know, and that is by leaving the safety of this small kingdom, and venturing beyond the known lands that surround it. Perhaps the mountains to the west, or in to the plains to the south or east. Regardless of the direction you choose, discovery awaits. Will you be one of the fortunate to claim your own life back.

There is also the greater mystery that whispers in the back of your mind. What happened to change everything so? What or who caused the change, and can the lost memories be restored?

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This is the basis of a new campaign I'm thinking of running when next I run one. The idea is one of trials and discovery. Before I start this campaign, I would have a large number of encounters put together to challenge both the characters and players. I plan to start the characters at a high level, with no memories, and as they adventure, they will gain their abilities back little by little.

I'm still debating on the cause and/or villains of the story. I'm thinking I want to do something iconic, like maybe a zodiac or perhaps a group from the tarot arcana.

Comments are welcome as always.

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