Breakdown of the Pieces of a Panoply

Every panoply starts with a form fitting dress, or exotic form fitting undergarments that expose a good deal of skin, bordering on scandalous or very formal, depending on the temperance of the Queen. The underdress typically has no special properties other than concealing things that arent covered by the panoply proper, and helping distribute the weight of the panoply across the back, hips, and shoulders of the woman wearing it.

The breast collar is the foundation of the panoply, and is wrapped around the shoulders and across the chest of the wearer. Given that the collar is made for women, great care is given to the presentation of the breasts and the Queens of Praxingdrell know that not all power comes from magic, money, or fear, and that sometimes it only takes exceptional cleavage to motivate an army or defeat a rival. The breast collar tends to have ornamental jewelry, to be set with jewels, and otherwise carry most of the magical power with the panoply.

The back piece, or back plate is an ornamental piece of the panoply set at the base of the shoulders, and provides a backdrop for the torso and face of the Queen. This serves many purposes, being visually dramatic, acting as a focus, with many back pieces having the ability to change the shape of magics cast by the wearer. The largest use of the back piece is to act as a rear armor panel, adding magical and normal protection from magic. More than one potential assassin has found that the backside of the queen has the highest armor rating.

The Headdress is a step above a crown or circlet. The large size of the headdress has the ability to contain extensive rune work and jewels, and much power. These are also striking power objects, and can instill a sense of fear and meekness into the masses of non-adventurers.

Author's note: The magic items and equipment and panoplies of Praxingdrell are fully designed and intended to be stacked together, even in a game breaking fashion. These items are rare to unique, and staggeringly expensive to make, and some, being perishable fabrics and such, require regular upkeep and maintenance. This concentration of power is the might of Praxingdrell, and also its weakness. If the magic fails, if the Queen falters, then everything else falls apart because it is that fear of magic power that keeps the alliances and tribes of Praxingdrell together as a cohesive force. Likewise the cost of these items and their upkeep mean that outside of someone in a position of power is not going to have the resources or manpower to keep them in good order.

1. Panoply of the Dracolich

This panoply is not donned lightly, and contrary to everything listed above, the panoply is worn over a scale armor 'dress' made especially for the queens of Praxingdrell. The back piece is a pair of draconic wings, the headdress is a gold and jewel crusted draconian skull, and the breast collar resembles a pair of draconic hands supporting the breasts inside golden cups.

The Panoply of the Dracolich has very high armor value, an aura of fear, and drastically increases the strength, endurance, and perception of the wearer, and combined with the scale sleeve the queen wears, is nigh impenetrable. So long as the panoply is worn, the wearer is considered to have the same status as greater undead, and dragons, including damage resistance, invulnerabilities, and so forth. While not part of the panoply, the queens of Praxingdrell typically pair the panoply with either a staff of great power, or one of the handful of near artifact magical blades kept in the Black Keep of Praxingdrell.

2. Panoply of the Marilith

The Panoply of the Marilith is striking, both for the amount of skin it displays, and how much it increases the amount of damage that the wearer can throw in a single round of combat. The back piece is magically generated, and creates a corona of arms behind the wearer, duplicates of the wearer's arms. These arms can be used to make attacks of opportunity, or in the case of highly talented Queens, could be used to perform somantic components of magic spells while other arms were being devoted to other spells, or a mix of spellcasting and weaponry, all at the same time. The headdress is a gorgon's helm, and the breast piece is a coiling serpents that also act as a belt. The fluid motion of the entire panoply limits what can be worn under it, so most Queens who donned this panoply often wore a shift under it and nothing else.

This panoply is a whirlwind of violence and destruction, capable of dealing massive amounts of damage. The royal arsenal of Praxingdrell has a great trove of magic weapons, so the Panoply of the Maralith could easily be equipped with six to either powerful magic blades. This sword swinging, paired with spellcasting can create a dangerous duelist. Likewise, the arms in the panoply could be equipped with wands and magic rods, turning the marilith panoply into an almost nude magically artillery piece.

3. Panoply of the Beholder

preserved beholder as a full helmet/headress, keeping the anti-magic ray ability. Backpiece is a floating cloud of eyes

4. Celestial Panoply

The celestial panoply has angelic wings, a gold halo, and gold girding. The Panoply of the Sun has been locked away for generations, but has power of healing, fire, and apocalypse. This panoply is closed tied to the Jokelsmorder.

5. Panoply of the Demogorgon

This panoply has a demon skull headdress with masks on both sides, for three faces. The back piece is a darkening cloud of barbed tentacles that can twist and grab and rend.

6. Panoply of Orcus

The headdress is a dragon skull with curling rams horns ala the black phillip or the baphomet, back piece is wings,

7. Panoply of Lloth

Headdress is a black mass of spiders, back piece is a seething mass of legs and webbing, stealth, climb, spider sense, etc.

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