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September 24, 2008, 3:44 pm

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New Liaoning -- Rim


After looking at a shoddy looking town, "This is the bright spot of the galaxy?"
"Do you have to wear shades out here?"
"Heck Yah!"
"Thus my point is proven."
Chen Fong to Deiter - Episode 6 Into the Black Campaign

Firefly Planet   RIM

The Alliance was forged from the combination of the Great Western and Great Eastern Powers of Earth That Was. As the Dysphoria radiated from Old Earth, spinward was from the West, Counter Spinward was from the East. Along the core radial border there were planets that were somewhat inbetween.

New Liaoning is a colony of Easterners that set up shop along the radial border. There was some wrangling between the Great Powers and Liaoning fell under the jurisdiction of The West. With the comming of the Alliance Proper, those distinctions fell away. However, they made a mark on the planet’s people.

Those of Liaoning mostly speak Chinnese. They dress like they are westerners. They act something inbetween. So there are people bowing, western styled parlors, kung fu studios, gun ranges, theatres playing out ancient dramas, and many place Of The Book. It is all quite civilized and clustered together. The colony has barely spread out from its initial landings.

Outdoors and often indoors, everyone is wearing dark spectacles and big hats.

It is all about the brighness of the sun here. It is a G4 star. Given the intense solar heat, the people live in places partially buried under hills or in cliff faces. The villages and homes in the villages are often linked by tunnels, just because people won’t have to go "outside" into the sun.

The Three Towns (Yi (One), Er (Two), and San (Three) are all small and an odd mix of above ground and underground. Most buildings have "bright side" levels and "cool side" levels. The Brightside levels might look like regular buildings or they might be partially buried.  Underground, they make streets and such. The "cool side" levels of the buildings have "fronts" that look like normal buildings" on the "streets"/ main tunnels underground. They are lit dimly by some means or another (usually heat aggitated gas).

The colony is run on central steam, condense sunlight from upper panels. Steam moves all the engines, cranks, elevators, and so on. All the non potable water is used in steam.

There is plenty of water here, but not a lot of it on the surface. Once you bring it up via well, you can water a field (it is bright, but not too, too hot). There is some adequite farming here.

There should be a town "four" made. However, since 4 is unlucky in Chinese culture, nobody wants to build "the unlucky town".

Shorthands for this world: New Mexico, Too Bright, Two Worlds, Underground

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