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December 24, 2014, 11:26 am

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My Players Asked for Trouble...


...and I'm going to fucking give it to them. (Note: This submission is largely so I don't forget the details of this plan once I'm less pissed off.)

My players made the unwise decision to prank call me last night, and laying awake at night seething about it turned out to be the perfect time to come up with some serious Bad Things to happen to my players.

All at once, in the same session.

The Party:

  • Magnus: Monster Hunter for the church. Claims to have killed Dracula but in reality brought him back from the dead early and trained under The Lord of Blood.
  • Gabriel: A witchfinder for the Catholic Church, Gabriel is a misogynistic asshole who was cursed by a malevolent figure into being turned into a woman- a fact that he is entirely uncomfortable with.
  • Sir Sinclair: An english nobleman who has been using magic to stop his aging process. Sinclair has lived multiple lives in Western Europe, and isn't truly nobility.
  • Muiread: Inventor and alchemist. Lives with her 'sister', who in all actuality is her wife/lover.
  • Siobhan: A murderous fairy who enjoys seducing and drowning English nobility.
  • Fiona Talmarch: Werebear. Played by my roommate's ten year old daughter.

The Setup:

  • The players are based in Galway Ireland. They've been working for Iscariot, a Catholic Church institution dedicated to the hunting of supernatural evil.
  • Dracula has been masquerading as Duncan Cunningham, who was once Sir Sinclair's fencing pupil in England. Dracula killed Duncan, then assumed his identity.
  • The Players killed Zepar, son of the Archdaemon Modar,
  • The Local Bishop, Saul O'Hara, was possessed by a demon and was killed by the PCs.
  • Cardinal Barry, head of Iscariot for Ireland, has arrived in Galway, investigating the Bishop's death and the glut of supernatural activity going on around Galway.
  • The Fallen Angel Ezalim was broken out of his prison by the Earl of Drummer.
  • A British Warship was sunk by the players off the coast of Galway. The Captain, a fire demon, escaped the sinking ship.
  • Abaseth, a bone stitcher, has been operating in the area, creating enhanced shock troops for the demonic hordes.
  • Ariel, rival witchfinder to Gabriel, ripped Siobhan's true name from her mind. This means that Ariel cannot be harmed directly by Siobhan.
  • Sinclair's player has been intending to buy his head manservant as an ally.

The Events

Sinclair wakes up, his mansion on fire. The Captain from the English Warship has been ordered to burn it to the ground, on Modar's orders. The Captain butchers Sinclair's servants, barely allowing Sinclair to escape. Walter, Sinclair's head manservant, survives.

The Cardinal learns that Duncan is indeed Dracula, and accuses the players of being in league with him. The players are only saved when Dracula intervenes.

Dracula stops to fend off the Cardinal's troops, allowing the players to enter Galway and begin preparing their escape or resistance to the Cardinal's pursuit.

Walter has arranged for friends to help escort the party to safety via some coaches and wagons. His assistance turns out to be a trap, as Walter is The Master of Lies, a powerful servant of Modar.

The demons capture Niamh and Ariel, delivering them to Abaseth to turn into demons. The demons will attack the players, beating them within an inch of their lives, leaving them stranded in the middle of the woods, injured and without friends.

The night before the full moon.

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Comments ( 2 )
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August 15, 2015, 18:33
April 14, 2016, 22:49
Do you actually have a reason this bothers you, or do you just wanna ruin an actual 10 year old's tabletop experience? Do you typically play more realistic, low fantasy settings? Is it because it's a really obvious not that hidden rip off of Hellsing?

What is the issue here, I'm genuinely wondering. What kind of prank call did you have that you're reacting this way. Are you okay, man? I realize this is two years late but did you show that fourth grader up or not.

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