Blood. A fascinating substance. It is the liquid that runs through our bodies and seems intrinsically tied to keeping us alive. We all know that Blood is a potent tool of Magic. Some claim to have Magic in their Blood or to draw their powers from heredity. Today, the lesson is about what type of Blood should be used to what purposes, an explanation of what the types of Blood are and why they are each powerful when used correctly.

Three Main Categories of Blood -

1. The Blood of My Enemy.

The Blood of a personal enemy is a powerful type of offensive weaponry. Using someone's Blood against them is known to fall in line with Dark Magic, however we are not concerned with that today. Blood obtained from someone who has wronged you is especially effective at countering the specific person. If you choose to use their Blood to curse them, a common choice, the curse will be much more potent, but with increased chances of coming back upon you seven-fold, so be aware. The Blood of an Enemy is also useful for countering and warding against that particular foe. Wards drawn with their Blood will be nigh impossible to break through, especially in conjunction with their True Name.

The Blood of an Enemy does not refer to the Blood that comes directly from their body, necessarily. Though that is often the easiest way to obtain it, on the battlefield and such, because a wise man will conceal family ties. Yes, you can substitute the Blood of an Enemy with some Blood from a relative. Family lines are known to share traits, the more visible being eye and hair color trends, facial features and the like, but, yes, you can use someone else's Blood in this manner. Typically killing making sure it is Life Blood will have the greatest effect (See Life Blood below), though it is not required of you to ever ritualistically slaughter anyone if you don't want to.

2. The Blood of The Fallen.

Ah, yes. How The Mighty have fallen. You see, the Blood of The Fallen refers to a hero (and we use the term loosely) that vanquished a foe with their final strike. This happens more than you would think, but the Blood is often not obtained in time to be useful, so this is a particularly potent type of blood. It can be used to increase your own combat prowess or create powerful magical sheilds and wards against physical harm.

The Blood of The Fallen, unlike the Blood of an Enemy, relates directly to Life blood that has been taken from a Fallen hero (as described above).

3. The Blood of The Innocent.

This one, yes. Quite disturbing to ritualistically destroy a precious maidenhead in search of power. I'm afraid I am not allowed to say much on this topic, as you are all quite young. The idea is that virginity hold powerful magic in itself and using the Blood of a virgin, or sometimes taking virginity by force, can have devastating effects on the natural world

The Blood of The Innocent does not have to be Life Blood, though it often is, due to the simple fact that only the truly obscene would attempt to use it.

Wait, there is one more note I would like to make on the type of Blood used in your Magic. Just any old Blood you have lying around will work as a component in a spell that requires it, you don't need anything fancy, but these three are the ones to watch out for. Use them if you will, when you will and as you will, but beware of consequences, both for-see-able and un-for-see-able.

Life Blood

When a living creature is killed, the Blood is especially potent at that time, When you choose to use Life Blood in your Magics, you will find yourself feeling more energetic and, well, full of life, as you draw power from the final breath of a dead or dying being.

Blood of Specific Races and/or Creatures

Human Blood - The Blood of a Human is typical and easy to acquire, most mages can prick a finger to get some. It is versatile and works well is any spell, but beware the traces of strange heredity that lie within some Humans, IT is said, long ago, Humans bred with just about everything from Giants to Dragons to Fey, so you never know what you might get.

Elf Blood - The Blood of an Elf is weak. Elves are proud and noble beings, but they possess watered-down Fey Blood. Only use it if you need Fey Blood, but it is not available.

Dwarf Blood - Dwarves are born of stone and metal, and thus have a high iron content in their Blood, especially useful in luring out Vampires and other Blood-feasting monsters. If you are fortifying a ward of shielding spell, Dwarf Blood is a good choice. Even better if it in the Blood of The Fallen (mentioned above).

Small Folk Blood - Halflings. Pech, Kender, Gnomes, and Hobbits have absolutely useless Blood. You will find spells using this Blood to be very weak and often ineffective in realizing your goals. Avoid using it at all costs. The only exception would be the Blood of an Innocent Small Folk, which is said to be useful... I wouldn't know as I try not to think about that too much and study it even less so.

Orcs, Goblins, and Other Black-Blooded Beings - The Black Blood of an evil-by-birth creature is a tool of hatred and malice. Useful in curses and other Dark Magic, but it can be hard to obtain in any useful quantity, as the Blood is so bogged down with ichor you require more of it to perform a menial task.

Now for the Special Bloods:

Fey Blood - The Blood of a fairy or pixie, or similar being is useful in charming and compulsion effects. Be wary of Fey Blood given freely, however, as they may as an unreasonable favor in return long after you have forgotten you owed it.

Dragon Blood - The boon of all Magic. There is so much to say about Dragon Blood that it would require an additional lesson plan. Dragon Blood is useful in just about every type of Magic and can extend durations, increase areas and strengths of offensive spells, and even ward against The Gods, it is said. No, I have ever actually had a chance to work with Dragon's Blood, being so rare, but I imagine ones day I may.

Notes on my Notes

This is in no way to be considered a complete collection of Blood types and uses, this is a primer intended as an introduction to the idea of Blood in your Magic. I hope you see the dangers of Blood and have gained some insight into why you may or may not want to use it in your spells.

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More Types of "Special" Creature Blood

Giant Blood - Like Dwarf Blood, the Blood of a massive, thick, and muscular humanoid makes for an excellent addition to any ward or protective spell. It is also known to be useful in size alteration Magic, specifically making things bigger.

Unicorn Blood - Ah, yes. The sacred Unicorn whose Blood is as legendary as the beast itself. To use the Blood of such a pure being you would have to be wholly and completely corrupted and evil, or you soon will be, at the very least.

The Blood of such a noble and majestic creature, be it Unicorn or something else, typically weaves a dark undercurrent into the Magic is is used with. The spells effects can be increased seven-fold, but nothing without a dire cost to your physical ,spiritual, and mental health. The darkness will linger in all the magic you use, a boon, yes, but anyone viewing one of your spells will likely notice you for the foul creature you really are. It is not hard to see such blatant vileness and lust for quick power.

If the blood of a Unicorn is given freely, a tremendously rare event, I imagine these downfalls would be waved, but one can not be sure. Lust for power is, after all, a corrupter itself.

Aberrant Blood - What is an Aberrant? A creature so horrendously horrid that it rots your very mind to ponder its unnatural existance. Likewise, Aberrant Blood is useful in the magic of trickery and illusions that befuddle the mind and leave it weak and supple. Easier to be molded as desired. Very bad stuff, indeed.

Plant Blood - Yes, it is sap that I speak of. Or other fluids found in plants, being a mixture of water and natural, positive (unless somehow corrupted) creation. These "Bloods" can be used to empower healing Magics and those of the wilderness and nature, such as plant growth or preservation.

"No, no no,. You've got that first part all wrong. You are completely false with your so-called three main blood types. I present to you, an alternative thought."

A Different Take on the Three Main Types of Blood

Blood Given Freely -

The willing sacrifice of the blood of a sentient being, from the sentient being, is a very powerful act. It is wholly and infallibly of benefit to anyone's spellcasting.and should be done much more often.

The only possible downside I could see would be that the Personality of the Blood (more on that later). is more likely to be seen. I often ask my student for a drop of blood to demonstrate casting a spell upon them, and I have never failed to cast a spell upon one of my students. No, no, nothing harmful of course. I'm just saying, simple, removable hexes perform better when you have a willfully given piece of the person. Freely given Blood aids both the caster and the received by making the Magic more personal and likely to "latch onto" or synthesize with the recipient.

Blood Taken by Force -

When you take the Blood of a sentient being BY FORCE, this is evil. Through and through evil. The Blood will fight against you and the spells you cast, it will make it very difficult to target the unwilling donor with a direct spell. Though, I suppose in indirect blast of fire may be empowered, that is not the point. It is EVIL.

Blood of the Deceased -

To take the Blood of a dead man is trivial, he does not need it, and neither do you. I say willing Blood or no Blood is the way to go. The Blood of a dead man will only get you a minor benefit with a grieving loved one you wish to charm. Which is little benefit at all, I think.

Personalities of Blood - A so-far untouched subject

Arrogant Blood - Making use of the Blood of an Arrogant donor will make your spells more persistent and ferocious, they claw and claw at their victims until they are let in. Arrogant Blood has a much higher success rate with harmful or invasive spells.

Deceptive Blood - Do not be fooled. Deceptive Blood comes in many forms and you may never know you used it. It is a traitor, only given to you by an enemy. It will alert the donor that you are casting a spell upon them, and they may even be able to figure out what one! Use severe caution around the Blood of a Deceptive person.

Friendly Blood - Ah, yes. The Blood of everyone's friend. Easily adaptable to many people. Very good Blood to have, though a true friend is hard to find.

Cowardly Blood - The Blood of a yellow-belly. It will skirt away from people, making it absolutely useless in mental assaults and even minimally effective in areas of energy. However, if you need tyo get far away from someone, you will want to use a drop of a coward's Blood.

From Reddekar Ghullell- Elder Hemothurgist, commenting on my self-proclaimed incomplete notes, with his own narrow minded opinions.

The Spirit and Blood

Blood and spirit are one and the same. To weaken the spirit is to weaken the blood. The strength of the blood is in direct correlation to the strength of the spirit. A timid or weak subject will supply weak blood. A starved subject will likewise supply weak blood. Some dark wizards have been known to rely on torture, as this paradoxically concentrates power in the blood, although the effect on spells can be quite unpredictable.

A blood pendant is an object filled with the blood of a poor soul whose mind has been wiped. With no soul, the blood becomes empty, and a great vessel for storing the wizard’s own power. It can be recharged at most 3-4 times before it disintegrates into a useless fluid and must be replenished. An average human can supply enough blood for 4-6 such pendants. The process which extracts such blood requires time. Time to break the subject’s spirit, time to blast the subject’s mind clean, time to extract and distill the blood into a usable form, and time to charge it. Only a truly despicable fiend would perform such magics and any found wearing one would be subject to execution.

Written by Theolannis, from the order of the Mystic Moon.

Our Own Blood, Being Consumed by Spell-Fire & A Warning about Bloaters

Earlier this evening, someone posed an interesting query. What of our own Blood? What can I do with the Blood I have readily available within my own body? Well, I'll tell you what, you can do whatever you please with it, it will work as effectively as any blood from another of your race or kind for extraneous Magics.

But a few words of warning. The flow of Bloof from a self-inflicted wound can cause a sort of euphoria in the user over time, as the cuts get deeper and deeper so does your tie to the magic; and, before you know it, you've bled your last drop and you are consumed by spelll-fire. At least, that's what I hypothesize...

...Oh Yes! And watch out for those Bloater types. Blood Casters who stimulate their bodies to over-produce blood, as to have large quanities at hand. You'll know one when you see it...