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February 19, 2017, 8:44 am

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Musings on the Stolen World


More a note to myself on Stolen World topics

I've got 6mo to a year from now(Feb, 2017) to make up my mind on a huge issue. When I decided to go with the Sundered World s "prequel" , part of it was because I was going to write a new set of rules for the setting ( something recognizable to anyone familiar with D&D). I also started to look at some )D&D clones for inspiration. That's when an unnamed somebody dropped an illegal copy of the beta version of Crypts and Things into my lap for unrelated reasons. I instantly feel in love with the system (there became a HUGE drama surrounding this that I will prob cover in another stub). So I decided that C&T would be the system to end my gaming career in as I have a ten yera plan for "Sundered Worlds/Stolen World). BUT it also raised a HUGE dilemma. The C&T rules are EXTREMELY closely tied into their own setting. The setting and the Stolen World a a far less than perfect fit together. What am I going to do about this. Current idea is a time dilation /dimensional shift explanation, as I am writing this I realize I have the perfect catalyst for this. As the players will be anchoring the whole universe to the Stolen world, that event could be the "Time Dialation" event, actually kinda is a perfect fit, couldnt believe I didnt see this before

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