1. The Eyes of the Corpse

The Eyes of the Corpse spell is a straight forward one, as it turns the eyes of the caster into the eyes of the undead. Visual acuity suffers and fine detail is all but gone, but while the spell is in effect, the caster is immune to illusions and phantasms, and any spell that requires the caster to make eye contact automatically fail. The appearance of having cloudy milky eyes is also frightening as hell. When used, the caster gains a bonus to intimidation or causing fear.

2. The Eyes of the Abyss

The Eyes of the Abyss spell turns the eyes of the caster completely black (standard demon possession trope). While this spell is in effect, the caster can see into the edge of the shadow world and are aware of ghosts, and spirits. While this is useful, the much more useful aspect is that the caster can see things covered by invisibility spells or invisibility magic items. If close to a person, the Eyes of the Abyss can look into their soul to gain insight (on par with aura perception, but revealing darker interests and desires.

3. Eyes of the Dragon

The Eyes of the Dragon gives the caster piercing gold reptile eyes. Aside from being intimidating, the Eyes of the Dragon have an innate ability that mimicks the spell Hold Person or Hold Creature spells, but the effect only lasts as long as the caster maintains eye contact with their target. The Eyes of the Dragon also grants a decent bonus to perception and spot skills. Few things can hide from a dragon.

4. Eyes of the Gorgon

The Eyes of the Gorgon give the caster luminous green eyes than can mimic the petrification power. This isn't a perfect replica of the Gorgon's natural ability, the caster has to focus and deliberately force the power through themselves and into the target.

5. Eyes of the Demon

The Eyes of the Demon are bloody and red, with gold irises that burn like fire. The main power of the Eyes of the Demon is the ability to cause fear, but it is quite useful in providing almost perfect darkvision as well. The eyes of the demon 'see' darkness as easily as light and are almost impossible to hide from. Plus they are scary as hell when the spell is used by a powerful caster.

6. Eyes of the Angel

The Eyes of the Angel spell turns the casters eyes solid metallic silver or gold in color, based on their own personal preference, and they have the power of True Sight, can see auras, and detect evil at will. This can often be a problem since the majority of people casting eyeball enchantment spells are probably not going to be on the lawful good end of the alignment spectrum, plus the spell eliminates a lot of self deception. If the caster meets their own reflection it can cause a psychotic break, mental and emotional trauma, or a sudden a heart changing revelation because they actually considered themselves the hero and not the villain.

7. Eyes of the Enchantress

Also known as Eyes of the Elf Queen or Elf Lord, the eyes take on a supernatural color, brilliant greens, luminous purples, striated and polychromatic patterns, and colors that dont even have names. The Eyes of the Enchantress allow the caster to add their charisma bonus to their spot and perception checks, enhanced sight/sharp eyes, and they will instinctively be drawn to the closest and strongest threat to them.

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