Filename: Little Crow (Alias, Real Name Unknown)

Morphology: Standard Human

Race: Danish Norseman

Sex: Male

Current Age: 5

Occupation: Warrior

Current Residence: Valhalla

Faction/s: Viking Clan Tyr

Background: Due to the short lifespan of this individual there is not much background information on his life. He was born from the wife of the former Clan Tyr Chieftain Harald Bluetooth. His real name is currently unknown but he was given the nickname of Little Crow by his father.

Little Crow's death is well documented however. He was killed in action trying to avenge his mother after she was killed by Bluetooth's cousin Icemane. The tale is well known among Clan Tyr. He leaped onto Icemane's back with the fury of 100 warriors and hacked and slashed at him with a knife. Hie grief turned into the rage of a berserker. Till Icemane threw him off his back and ended his life with a quick swipe of his sword.

Harald Bluetooth challenged Icemane to a duel to the death at an ancient burial mound. The duel ended in a draw with both combatants being killed. Little Crow is celebrated as a folk hero by Clan Tyr. His tale is so unique that it has become a legend among other viking clans.

Current Status: Little Crow is deceased. He currently resides in Valhalla fighting with the others in the endless fight and celebrating his one and only battle. His father is currently training him and his mother although not dying in combat, has been brought to Valhalla under Odin's instructions out of pity. Little Crow is the youngest warrior to ever enter Valhalla. 

Odin had a special set of armor along with a sword and shield crafted to match his small size to help him out. Little Crow has an unusual fighting style due to the fact that he is taking advantage of his small size to pull maneuvers that others are not able to. As of this report, he has been in Valhalla for 5 years.

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