Instead of buying a lot of stepladders or letting librarians have fun on sliding ladders attached to the bookcases, the Library of All Knowledge and Wisdom provides each of its librarians with a cravat. This enchanted artifact allows them to float up to the highest bookshelves to retrieve books annoyingly left there. In order to reduce the cost of the innumerable number of cravats that would need to be made they reduced the floating time to one minute a day.
Although no one outside the library is supposed to own one of these cravats some of the Roaming Librarians (who go into the world to seek for any knowledge that may have accidentaly not been included in the original library) have taken their cravats out of the building and then carelessly got themselves killed by beasties, releasing their cravats into the world.

Magical Properties:

The person who wears the cravat in the correct fashion, that of the Library Knot, can float for (in total) one minute a day, on and off. To activate the cravat, give the end a pull. The same is true to de-activate it.

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