Special Equipment:

Kagero weilds a double edged sword with a the Moon. This is an image of her independence and training by her Grandfather.


Kagero stands 6'1" feet tall with black hair that reaches just below her shoulders. She has bangs that go down a little past eyelid length, on the sides a bit below the chin. She has equally matching light brown eyes.

Kagero usually wears a dark blue Kimono held with a large red velvet bow. She is rarely seen with her hair up or in Kimonos.

When she first approuches people she can't seem a bit uptight but if you get to know her, she's just a lost girl in a world of pain. She doesn't hesitate to fight for what she believes in, but she's one that won't hurt one's innocence.


As a child, Kagero Tsukino was the only child in her family; both her parents were killed during an invasion of the Kawagami Government when she was just a baby. Her Grandfather Haiku was the eminent remainder of her family.

Haiku knew that he wouldn't always be there for Kagero, to protect her, so as she turned three and learned to understand words, he trained her as a Ninja, as a pupil not a granddaughter. The days were tough for Kagero but it made her stronger each time she practiced. By the time she was ten she was better then all the boys in the martial art classes whom were older then her. She kept practicing everyday, and she even sometimes hit her grandfather, which impressed him very much. Her speed, strength, as well intelligence was great for her type but, a woman Ninja was very uncommon anywhere.

Soon another Kawagmi invasion happened when Kagero was at the age of twelve, killing the majority of the people in the small village including Haiku. Kagero had known better and strayed away from her village that night. In the morning she returned to her Grandfathers side and with the help of another by the name of Tsimbaro helped her carry her Grandfather to a boat. That night, Kagero pushed off her Grandfather in the boat, along with the flowers she had grown with him over the years, and a lace that her Grandfather had loved. Kagero took off that night, angry at the Kawagami, and vowed vengeance against them, for the pain they have caused her.

Years when Kagero was fifteen, somebody spotted her in a forest running after a man with a brown sack in his hand. The sack held Kagero's money for the man was a thieve. Kagero caught up with him and slashed his body into diagonal halves. This man was Tsimbaro that had spotted her, and greeted her afterwards. He asked her to join his clan, the Kabonochi. She trusted Tsimbaro with her life and agreed. Soon they would all go into battles, never had they lost. Tsimbaro was always so kind and gentle with Kagero that she slowly fell in love with the nineteen year-old.

One day the Kawagami invaded the clan, all the warriors fought with their lives, but yet they were losing. That night, Tsimbaro disappeared, Kagero never seeing him again. Thinking he was captured, the now sixteen year-old, Kagero fought harder and commanded everyone to fight. Everyone did, but they soon lost. Kagero was knocked out but thankfully was out of sight as they slaughtered the bodies. The next morning Kagero woke up. Painfully she got up and was terrified at the sight. All she saw was her comrades on the ground; the earth was red with blood. She limped over to them, looking around for Tsimbaro, praying that he wasn't one of them. She did not see him and had hope he was still alive. Some survivors found, Kagero as she passed out again on the ground. They picked her up and brought her into a hut about a mile away from the village since there were straggling Kawagami still there.

There they said Tsimbaro had been spotted in a village with the Kawagami. Thinking about this Kagero refused to think that he did this to his own clan. Kagero told everyone that he probably was working an agreement with the Kawagami, but soon came to find out her prediction was different.

Months later she just noticed that Tsimbaro was actually leading the Kawagami government. Tears of betrayal filled her eyes and she ran that night with the gaining Kabonochi and attacked the Kawagami. Kagero fought while the others took on the small timers, Kagero eventually reached Tsimbaro in a room with no one besides the two now in it. Tsimbaro turned around and smiled.

"Why..?" she asked, anger starting to fill. "Why did you do this..?"

Tsimbaro shook his head lightly still smiling as he closed his eyes. He reopened his eyes to see Kagero standing there angrily with her own sword, the Haiku-Ro in her hand. He told her that things where different and he lead the leading army in the area, and to own such a thing was a privilege.

"Why did you hurt me? Why did you kill my parents..? My grandfather!?"

Tsimbaro laughed, it was as the Kawagami wanted it.
"I took their requests what they wanted and thought was best. I did what I thought was best, and that was to see the blood of your village spill. But to kill you Kagero I didn't think of, I'm quite fond of you, you know."

Kagero's eyes filled with rage she flung towards Tsimbaro her sword straight and sturdy, it shot through his shoulder, his eyes widened as he touched the now entered sword. He soon regained his posture and smiled as he sent his own poisoned sword into Kagero's side. She fell down in pain and was put into a solitary room.

"Until you learn to treat me better, I shall then take you as my wife."

With this Tsimbaro left the room. Kagero was bleeding, Tsimbaro was sending a nurse into a room when the Kabonochi intertwined through the wall and rescued her sending her into a Forest to run I into. She shall have her revenge whether it be sooner or later. She will have it.

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