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September 29, 2018, 11:14 pm

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Juggernaut Initiative


A secret project using new ship building technology and mecha design to create 'Capital Mecha'

The concept of a Capital Mecha is a basic one, upscale the war machines to the point that they can carry naval grade weaponry and armor without requiring a naval grade sized crew, or being hindered by the need for propulsion systems. A vehicle that carries the firepower of a cruiser, with the armor of a fortress, and the field endurance of a combat walker. The Juggernaut Initiative was the joint Atlantic Federation/Seibertronian plan to create these monstrous war machines. The Federation would gain a massive new war system, and the Seibertonians would gain an entire new class of bodies to inhabit.

Phase I

The first phase of the Juggernaut Initiative was carried out entirely on Earth at the UW-08 Computation Facility. This massive complex went to work on the logistics and fundamentals of creating machines that would walk in steel legs but mass in the thousands and tens of thousands of tons. This was a combination of materials science creating entirely new alloys and materials, new structures and configurations, and alternative solutions to the fact that as a mecha doubles in height it triples in weight.

Phase I created technologies that would be instrumental in creating the prototype Juggernauts. These mecha chassis easily exceeded the normal 100-120 ton generally accepted upper limit of mecha weight. The machines were hindered by relative lack of power, due to existing power plants not being up to the challenge, and most naval powerplants being too large to fit inside even these oversized machines. Quad designs were uniformly rejected, with the argument that self propelled turrets already exist and are dramatically cheaper.

New Tech

Power Amplifier - an arcanotech device that increases the amount of power a dimensional reactor can produce, much like a nitrous injection system in a race car. This can only be run for short periods of time, and prolonged use can damage the reactor, and can cause reactor failure or destruction. While active, a reactor will produce anywhere from 120% to 300% of its max power output. Each round of enhanced power output runs the chance of the reactor shutting down. The higher the power band is pushed, the more likely the reactor will shut down.

Dimensional Capacitor - the DC system mimics the function of a heat sink, but instead of siphoning off thermal energy, it can hold electrical power. Unlike a heat sink, which is a one way system, the capacitor can send the power back. These have existed for a while, and are normally found inside high energy weapons like plasma and particle cannons. This version is larger, and has a slightly slower discharge rate. These devices typically charge, battery style, off of the main reactor, and as there are demands for power the reactor cannot reach the capacitor starts dumping power. This can allow an oversized mech with an undersized reactor operate in a normal fashion for 3-5 minutes at a time, less if weapons are being discharged.

Synthetic Titanium - a new alloy that is stronger and lighter than titanium, but has ceramic and plastic polymers. This material is used for superstructure components, joints, and anchor points for myomer bundles.

Mammoth Series

The Mammoth series super mech is a relatively simple design. The machine is not much more than a modified turret off of an 'Archimedes' class light cruiser, equipped with a trio of Alshain 150mm light naval particle cannons. While slow and cumbersome, the Mammoth worked in simulation, and live fire tests with the machine went well. It is highly reliant on power amps and a tandem dimensional capacitor system, and the host facility equipped the machines with power umbilicals to keep them running in tests. It is estimated, that with proper mech and power armor support, a group of Mammoths could project the same measure of firepower as a modern cruiser, at a quarter of the cost in materials and as each Mammoth only has a crew of four, 95% fewer crewmen.

The Mammoth II was equipped with a single positron accelerator and was tested as part of a New Seibertron defense system. The weapon could hit targets in orbit around Ganymede. A small number were built, and have thus far evaded detection by spending almost all of their time inside hangars under the moon's increasingly technoformatted surface.

The Mammoth III was crudely equipped with the Seibertronian's 'Planetbuster' hybrid fusion warhead missiles. There was only one built, and it is hidden somewhere deep inside the moon.

Phase II

With many of the structural and construction material issues handled in Phase I, Phase II was handled on New Seibertron at the Superion Facility.

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