Jiklud was a dwarven king with an overpowering disgust for magic. A magic item that exploded killed his father and Jiklud vowed that he would never go in such a way. Hating magic and not wanting to have a wizard create an item for him, he nevertheless contracted for an axe to be made.

The exchange and contract was held entirely by emissary so the wizard took creative license with the order and had an ornamental axe created which lowered his cost instead of a true axe as requested. By the time it was noticed it was too late and the wizard disappeared with the payment further causing Jiklud to hate wizards.

Since then he contracted another axe that truly meets his specifications and let the ornamental axe be traded among others without care.
Magical Properties:The axe has an aura of 5ft around it in all directions that negates all magic. It doesn't destroy the item but renders it useless while in the area of influence. Any spells attempted to be cast inside the area have the effect of a peasant trying to cast. The aura remains whether or not it is held.

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