Ministry of Fandom Corrective Labor Camps are mainly designed for the purposes of reeducation and rehabilitation, not punishment. Security is tight to prevent escapes and there is a strict set of rules and standards that must be followed. The basic components of a camp are as follows:

PERIMETER FENCE >> The Perimeter Fence is the primary barrier preventing escapes. It is typically made of multiple layers including razor wire, electrified barbed wire, solid walls, and climb-proof mesh fencing. Armed guards, cameras, flood lights, and watch towers are typically stationed a various intervals along the way.

PRISONER BARRACKS >> This is the primary housing for the inmates held in the camp. It is typically made of large open spaces with bunks and spaces for possessions. There are facilities for washing and bathing and inmates are expected to keep themselves clean. The barracks also contain a space for eating the three meals provided each day. Each barracks building has a maximum capacity and once that limit is reached, no more inmates are permitted to be housed. Since these camps rarely reach the maximum capacity, there is lots of space for inmates to get settled in.

WORKSHOPS >> These buildings are where the corrective labor takes place. Inside, inmates do work based on what they are skilled in.

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