The Imagimmunity is a media mogul's wet dream. All of the elements of a single franchise are pooled together into a gated and secured location and turned into a cash accumulator. A central showpiece, something that ties everything together, surrounded by the commercial zone. Flanking the commercial core, it's flanked by wings of residential zones, with a few demi-commercial zones thrown in to keep resident foot traffic down in the central zone, because that's for the tourists. The model is genius. The residential units are expensive, so either only rich people or vacation investment firms can afford them. The wealthy keep theirs, and AirBnB them when they aren't on holiday, and the investment real estate people keep their units as full as possible with weekenders, deal hunters, and the rest of the human tide.

Access and Branding

Each Imagimmunity is incredibly focused on its branding, and they exist as microcosms, not allowing the outside world to intrude on their internal fantasy. Domes are common, along with creating partition walls around the community, as if it were the courtyard of a castle. Getting inside typically requires vetting, financial deposits, and applications.

Being branded, packaged, and themed, many of the official positions inside the community are costumed characters, with key officials being literal characters from said fantasy. This creates two groups of communal staff, the senior or 'bridge crew' and the supporting cast.

The Bridge Crew:

The Captain is the highest-ranking official in the community and has a 50/50 chance of being the 'villain' of the franchise, or the lead character.

The Chief of Security is either the most physically imposing character, a supporting secondary villain, or in low-security locales, princesses, or other highly approachable characters.

The Community Counselor is most often a comic relief character.

Other characters are used as the situation requires.

For example, in New Arendelle, the neo-nordic Disney Imagimmunity, the Captain of the community is 'Hans', technically the villain of the series. The Head of PR and humanetics is 'Anna'. The face of the community and head of security is 'Elsa'. These are costumes and roles adopted by the people who hold the positions. There are also codes and phrases that are used so that community/cast members can do their day-to-day tasks without breaking the suspension of disbelief. In New Arendelle, something Sealed to a Snowflake is a corporate secret and not to be disclosed, or Let it Go is a phrase synonymous with 'go fuck yourself'. Thus, a gauntlet of regular people in costume keeps the place running like a residential theme park.

Zones and Interaction

Like a theme park, everything in imagimmunities is scripted and organized. Many of the staff members have earpieces linked into the community node so that they can consistently stay in character. When new people enter the imagimmunity they are often required to wear these, until they are able to acclimate to the new setting. Everyone has to play their own role in keeping the fantasy alive, including other guests and residents.

One of the challenges about imagimmunities is that they are a 24-hour commitment. Infiltrating an imagimmunity can be challenging because of the level of tech integration often reveals spies and tech thieves. It also requires a large degree of dedication from the people who live there. To live in an imagimmunity is to have a cult-like reverence for the intellectual property. People who do not have this level of commitment are easily smoked out by other guests and staff.

Imagimmunities tend to have high security and high surveillance. The first comes from a costumed public safety department, the second through predictive mapping of guests and biometrics through a modified version of an anti-crime computer.

Special Events and Challenges

The internal activity of the typical imagimmunity is not entirely unlike an MMORPG, with there being various events and challenges running. While there will be Very Special Challenges, typically related to the core mythos of the community, most are of the more mundane sort. The Beast's Castle on the far side of Conques/Belle's Village can't be stormed every day or every week, so this VSC is held once a year and residents have the first option, and many sell their tickets.

Doing anything in an imagimmunity requires not just staying in character, one also has to deal with the ongoing challenges and special events. Some of these can be quite large and sweeping, with festivals and celebrations being common. There are AMPLE opportunities for throwing in fantasy elements, such as medieval tournaments (The Sword in the Stone, Game of Thrones, Arthurian mythology) where Cosmic Era shadowrunners and operatives suddenly have to deal with genimal horses, major anachronisms and have to do so without their big flashy gadgets and toys.

But what about Sci-f? Good question. I speculate that in the CE, sci-fi, sci-fantasy, and Space Opera are all but a dead genre. Sentient robots exist, the solar system is colonized, parapsychic manifestation is known, genetic engineering can be bought OTC, so Sci-fi has gone the way of the Western.

Author's Note:

The Imagimmunity has been presented as a 5 Room Dungeon because, under the shine and glamour, I think these would be fucking awful places to live, and worse to work in, but that is me, the nihilist would-be hermit grousing about hating mainstream things and socializing inside an intense fandom. 

1: Entrance/Guardian - imagimmunities are literally walled off and partitioned off from the outside world to preserve the suspension of disbelief inside. Domes, walled towns, and demi-arcos are commonly applied to this, as well as more isolated contacologies.

2: Puzzle or RP challenge - Inside the imagimmunity it is against the rules to break character, or break scene. Minor infractions draw warnings, major infractions can range from removal from the imagimmunity to imprisonment.

3: Trick or Setback -

4: Climax/Big Battle/Conflict -

5: Reward/Revelation/Plot Twist - 

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