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February 19, 2017, 8:07 am

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House rules for Crypts and Things(Stolen World)


My Crypts and Things House rules stub for Stolen World Completenss

NOTE: I run low level games(1-5) so take that into consideration when using these)


Strong drink 1 /day heals d4+L HP

Second wind You catch your breath and rest for 1 combat round gain D4+L HP and +2 to AC for round

Bind wounds Heal D4 plus L HP once a day 3 round action, additional binding in same day cures d2

Stat generation

1)roll 3d6 in order

2)If you roll one or more 16s you may swap two stats

3) if you do not get #2 you may replace two of your stats w/ a 15 and a 13

4)You may declare your character "Hopeless" and roll again, this time you may only replace one of your stats w/ a 15

5) If you really, really want to you can roll again and replace one of your stats w a 14 (now your stuck)

6) Wisdom is min 8


Luck is determined by D4 +7


- get 3 specializations to start (I've got a bunch of them coming)

- get d6 +3 HP per L



(this idea is a work in progress so will be prob fiddled with)

In keeping with the traditions of S&S literature, patrons are the source of your magical power. Patrons take many forms. Remaining angelic beings, very minor demigods,.liches, and Others, Specific advantages and disadvantages will be in the description of specific patrons (below, coming) all must be apeased and sacrificed to.

As a cool RPing hook your spells verbal components can be invoking the name of your patron.

If you have no Black magic in any of your spellbooks you can cast 1 add'l cure per day


Again as the players will be spending a Loooong time at first and low levels,corruption is calculated normally then the percentage roll is 1/3rd of actual total


add 4 Cantrips from list to your spellbook

Sorcerers cast 6 cantrips at first l then one add'l cantrip at odd L

2 of the beginning cantrips are Permanently chosen and may be cast 4/ day , one can be changed each time you gain a Level

As cantrips are very weak they do not attract Others nor do you gain Corruption from them

(lists to follow)

(more to come)

Armor and Weop's


Battle Axe D8 ignores 1 damage resistance

Hand axe D6 may be thrown

Dagger +2 to hit

Heavy Mace D8 does 1 HP on a miss

Lt Spear D6 reach, may be thrown

Heavy Spear D8 reach

Staff D6 -1 AC if used Two handed)

Long Sword D8/D12 vrs large

Short sword +1 to hit

Two Handed Sword D10/ 3d4 vrs large

Two Handed Battle axe D8 +1 ignores 1 pt of damage resistance

Military Pick D6 Crits on 19/20

Steel weapons

average +1 to hit (5x cost, commonly available in medium sized cities)

exceptional +1/+1 (10X cost, uncommonly available in Large cities)

Meteoric Metal +2/+2 (30x cost, very rare)

Orichalium +1/ +1 (very easily enchanted, hits creatures you need magic to hit, very, very rare)


Shields provide +1 AC and +3 (total) vrs Missiles ( a separate AC must be noted)

Steel shields provide +2 (+4 vrs missiles) and are 7X cost


Light (max Sorcerer)

Leather +2

Padded +0 1 damage resistance

Medium (max Thief)

Ring Mail +3

Hide +1 AC 1 Damage resistance

Heavy (max Barbarian)

Chain shirt +2 AC 1 damage resistance

Breast plate +4 AC

Super Heavy (fighters only)

Chain Mail +4 AC 1 damage resistance


There are 3 types of patrons Jealous, Major and Petty. at the start of your char you may pick 1 Jealous or Major or 2 Petty. If you pick a Jealous Patron you may never gain another. Major Patrons allow you to gain Petty Patrons also. You may have any number of Petty Patrons as your Major allows or if you just choose Petty you can have as many as the Keeper allows. Patrons are NEVER gained as a result of Level advancement, they must be found and courted as the keeper allows. Changing Jealous or Major Patrons is a highly dangerous process and should be STRONGLY discouraged ( at the VERY least it should involve gaining of MANY corruption points. You may drop Petty Patrons unless the individual Patrons description says otherwise, 1d8 Corruption points are gained.

Since I am both running a secret magic game and my players have access to these rules, only the barest of description is included (just what the Char would know when they entered into a pact w/ the patron)


Zivzeeric SpellBlight (Other)

You may cast one add'l spell per day

add 2 extra black spells ro your spellbook


You may never touch, carry or use weapons

Twice a year you must sacrifice a human female that has given birth

The Darkest Witch (Liche)


Gain +2 Luck


You may only have one white spell per spell level in your Spellbook

You may never have more than 2 grey spells per spell level

Horath, Angel of Retribution

A crazed Kindly One


Lose weapon restrictions

Gain the ability to Cast any one white spell spontaneously


You may NEVER ,EVER run from an Other or talk to it and you must use ALL your power to prevent your party from doing same

You may only have 1 Black Spell in your Spellbook per spell level


Jezerel the divine Cat Spirit


Gain ability to cast bonus Grey Spell


You may never harm a cat of any kind

You can only ingest meat and Milk (No strong drink!)

Kanten Delban the Great Librarian (Grey Archmage)

Gain 4 scrolls of any spell s you can cast


You must deliver a scroll of every new spell you learn within one month of learning it, (He'll Pick up!)


Kulathrin the Prancing Horse Spirit

Gain the following two spells to your Spellbook

Hasted Speed L1 Cast as an immediate action at any time -double movement for one round(grey)

Speed L1 Double your movement for 1 hour (Grey)


You may never ride a horse

you must Sacrifice One Ton of hay every Season

Nothing the Abyss of lost Knowledge (Other)

once per day if you fail a Luck roll to remember a Spell you may take a second roll The roll is at +2 if it is Black and minus 1 if it is white


You must sacrifice a book every season

You must sacrifice a spellbook every year

Kolrum the Nearly Just (archmage)


Lose weapon restrictions


You must kill an opponent w/ a melee weapon once a month

The Great Mountain Spirit-spirit of the greatest mountain of the realm)


Gain +3 Climb



The Eye Tyrant (other )


take d2 less sanity loss from every source

Lose 2 wisdom permanantly

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