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May 14, 2008, 7:53 pm

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Heartline EMS University


A college campus for modern day settings, where things are more than they seem at first glance. (Good for a horror or mystery setting)

Heart Line EMS University

(EMS stands for Emergency Medical Services)

"A lesson learned today is a life saved tomorrow."

The universities motto is proudly engraved above the main building on the spacious college campus devoted to law enforcement, fire fighting, and emergency medical procedures, one of the fastest growing and dangerous areas of employment in todays world.

Overseen by an aged Dean who goes by the antique name Thermopolis Craven His standards are exceedingly high and is quoted as saying: "If we hold our own lives more precious than the lives of those we protect we have no business protecting them." Rumored to be the founder of the university, Mr. Craven employs some of the most skilled instructors in todays world. (Or perhaps the ones no one else will employ as some have claimed.)

Notable instructors and classes

Fire fighting

A well respected and serious man, Roger Rockman Suthers is the lead instructor of the main courses on fire fighting. He teaches students the ins and outs of fire control, safety, and prevention, specializing in the creation and containment of the hundreds of training fires set each year for the students to test their skill against.

Towering 6 8 Rockman seems to be built from a solid slab of muscle; his black hair and piercing hazel eyes exuding a confidence and courage that speaks of one who has confronted his deepest fear.

Despite his skill at setting controlled fires (or perhaps because of it) stories abound that Roger is in secret a pyromaniac and would be institutionalized if not for his jobs "fringe benefits Also of interest is his particularly cruel testing methods with written tests, as he is known to make students take tests in full fire fighter outfits with the heat in the room at maximum to teach them how to think under heat and pressure.

History Class

One of the required, courses at HLU (Heart Line University) it is unique in that it focuses on history of natural disasters, cultural turmoil, disease and the evolution of law enforcement and medicine to counter such devastating occurrences.

Nick named the Yawn Master by less respectful students, Mevlin P. Wargle is one of the older gentlemen at the university on the verge of retirement.

Gray haired and slightly senile, Melvin gives lectures in a droning voice that makes Armageddon sound dull, turning something as exciting as the eruption of a volcano or horrifying as the Nazi Concentration camps sound as tame as the average episode of ESPN Golf.

As of late he has given to dozing off in the middle of films and slide shows and at times telling of disasters and horrifying events that seem to have never occurred by any known history text. These fictional rambling are perhaps the only words he utters with any emphasis in what is rumored to be the last year of his teaching at the college.

Law Enforcement CQC (Close Quarter Combat)

A competitive and often times brutal class, students are trained on the various methods to subdue and incapacitate hostiles in close quarter situations safely, rapidly and effectively using bare hands, police batons, and a variety of close quarter firearms.

The two lead instructors are a brother sister team rumored to be ex- S.W.A.T team members, Valerie and Jason Hammers. Both stand around 5 7 and sporting close cut military style hair dos neither are seen without a weapon in easy reach, their piercing eyes seeming to know someones criminal history as soon as they lay eyes upon them.

Working together they refuse to accept failure and have driven multiple students to the edge of their performance potential with near military like drilling, adaptive terrain courses and hours of hands on practice.

Of some annoyance to their students though is the instructors constant attention to physical well being and fitness, at times singling out the less fit students for extra training and the more difficult challenges in an attempt to whip them into shape"

Dark stories circulate among the faculty that these two have been at least partially responsible for some of the more brutal beatings of trouble makers in and around the college, and have caused more than one student to quit for fear of their life.

Emergency Medical Training

A popular series of courses that is needed at least in part by all emergency services careers, especially EMTs (emergency medical technicians) it teaches the basics of first aid, CPR, and paramedic life saving procedures as well as touching upon emergency field surgery.

"Life is the most precious resource this planet has to offer." Is a phrase often heard in the lead teachers class room. Dr. Douglas Spearmint, a man seemingly obsessed with saving lives.

A MD and teacher of pathology/ surgery Dr. Spearmint takes his Hippocratic oath a little too seriously, and is always prepared to handle a medical emergency, carrying around a specialized briefcase filled with medical supplies.

Somewhat outgoing he often volunteers his services at any campus event in case a tragedy might strike. However he tends to lecture people at length about proper safety procedures and few can meet his oddly penetrating gaze.

Around the campus he is constantly seen wearing a stark white lab coat, and requires all students in his class wear one as well.

When not teaching class he also offers a wide array of common first aid and medicine for sale from his seemingly limitless back room supply at around 1/2 the cost of retail.

Modern Arts

Be it abstract sculpture or surrealistic landscapes, the teaching of modern art is also a corner stone of the university as it is believed that an appreciation of art promotes an appreciation for life itself. Several courses are found at HLU dealing with modern art in all its derivatives, providing the college with a unique look and feel as many of the students creations are displayed through the halls and upon the grounds to be admired by all who visit.

"Art is life, life is art." The infamous Instructor Ian Miller is known to say, one of the more respected faculty members, he teaches not only how the Modern Arts influence several parts of life, and how they are created by brilliant men and women, but also he instructs in Art class.

He specializes in Portraying the body and Industrial/Gothic/Macabre art, whether it is Photography Sketching, Drawing, Painting or Video-installations. Doctor Miller is also known for being apt at understanding student problems, as well as always having an open door for anyone who wishes to talk to him and ask for personal help in any matter.


Also of growing popularity is the school prestigious drama and theatre department, that hosts two on campus soap operas patterned after General Hospital and NYPD Blue, allowing the students who choose to major in acting to learn all the practical skills needed to play the part perfectly.

Headed by the talented and lovely Sonya Chambers, who uses every skill in her repertoire to bring out the best talent her students have to offer.

A slender voluptuous woman, Sonya is adept at using make up and other special effects to make her appear over the top when showing up for any social gathering or when trying to impress someone. Her actual eye and hair color varies so often (through colored contacts and wash out dye) no one is actually sure of her true color.

Currently the jewel of her eye is Miss Lydia Holmes, a lady whose talent some privately feels may even surpass her own. In the past she has gone to extremes to prevent the over zealous student from being expelled, citing that her talent is an inspiration to her fellow students and plays a crucial role in the campus soap opera. (darker rumors also insist she goes to such lengths due to a hidden romantic attraction to the seductive Lydia)

The colleges Athletic courses are also of note as they help tone the students physiques and encourage team work and unity, skills that serve them well in their chosen emergency service career.

The head of the general physical education is Tonya Voerman, a talented and capable brunette woman than seems to have a bigger love for football than make up, and is known to placing several side bets through bookies on her team whenever they play.

Also of interest is her less than subtle desire for fit men, having been fired from a previous college for fraternizing with the students, it is still rumored she offers sex-ed classes for interested couples or singles, for the right price.

Even darker rumors persist she was fired from her previous college employment due to a decision to undergo a sex change, having been previously known as Tony Voerman.


One of the frequented places on the campus, the spacious and air conditioned library is home to several thousand books on nearly every aspect of emergency services, from police officer regulation manuals to military journals on combat surgery, there is still room enough left for a large fictional section, a portion of which is dedicated to occultism and spirituality, founded in part by a former teacher who vanished under mysterious circumstances.

"Margaret Thatcher, that woman who never sleeps," Is the common reference given to the aged librarian that seems to tend to the library 24 hours a day, only seen away from the area long enough to eat a quick meal in the cafeteria.

Known for speaking ponderously slow she often knows what people are searching for almost before they finish asking and seems to have the location of every book memorized by heart.

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Comments ( 11 )
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Voted Cheka Man
May 14, 2008, 21:19
Thank you for this subbmission-lol about the sex change rumors.
Voted Scrasamax
May 15, 2008, 10:37
This seems, well just odd. I opened the page expecting a medical establishment and instead I find cops, firefighters, droning history professors and a sex-changed athletics coach. Heartline EMS, or HLU seems more like a technical college than a University. That aside, police and firefighters have their own institutions for training and testing their applicants, and the drama dept seems rather out of place.
Voted Misanpilgrim
May 15, 2008, 14:56
What Scrasamax said -- some of the classes seem out of place in a medical school. (Nightstick training?)

Some of the characters are interesting, in a bit-part sort of way, but they seem inappropriate for the setting. (Again, the ex-SWAT nightstick trainers are the outstanding example.)

The sub seems contradictory at times (Dr. Miller is both infamous and respected, and Ms. Chambers is both slender and voluptuous). Other parts read as vague or opaque (but that might just be a difference in taste).

And then there's the librarian, Ms. Margaret Thatcher. She might speak slowly to compensate for speech impediments resulting from a minor stroke. She also probably only sleeps four hours a day -- the library might be open 24/7, but that doesn't mean that anyone's actually using it at 3 am. (I suggest Wikipedia for more biographical tidbits and a usable picture.)

I don't generally have a problem with this sort of "borrowing." In another, more light-hearted context, I don't even mind if the borrowing is bold and undisguised. In a horror or mystery game, though, I suspect that the mood might suffer. (Also, the players might spend an annoyingly large amount of game time searching for Ronald Reagan and Mikhail Gorbachev.)

On the silver-lining side, a Google search of the other characters led me to ian-miller.org, which has an art portfolio.
May 15, 2008, 16:27
It;s a more admittedly light hearted take on a college campus, and not meant to be hard cold and factual. The type of horror rpg this is meant for is more of the b-grade tongue in cheek horror/mystery opposed to the COTC insane mind ripping terror.

Interesting notes on the npc's names, I picked them at random and was surprised to learn Ian Miller had an art portfolio.
May 15, 2008, 16:33
This will plug into any Supers,modern,Horror or Sci Fi setting.It seems especially useful for Supers w/ a horror bent.This really is my idea of a useable sub.Not too wordy,good hooks,Practical and useful for a variety of settings. I should give this a 4/5 but I think Im giving it a 4.5/5 due to the wide variety of games this could be used in.
some suggestions to make it PERFECT:
1)Lose the name-hate it.
2)description of campus
3)some students and a little student life
I think there is a whole campaign in this.
May 15, 2008, 17:10
Thanks for the ideas, and suggestions on a new name?
May 15, 2008, 18:09
Catholic State University(add some spooky Jesuits)
Idaho State Universaty of Public Service(feels kind of Mid west to me)
Craven University( a little sinister,too corny?)

Ya know a little college town would be kinda cool if you wanted to expand it,that could lead to a name
Idaho State university,Newtown Campus
Voted valadaar
May 15, 2008, 20:25
I have to comment on the name myself. It has a comic-book feel and I think the name fits that genre!
Voted Kassy
June 14, 2014, 18:46
Only voted
October 8, 2014, 9:32
One of my fav subs on site,gave HoH since I can.Still HATE name..............
Voted Aramax
October 8, 2014, 9:33
up voted

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