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November 10, 2017, 6:44 pm

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Guild; Blue Talon


A contract based guild with a strong emphasis on the hunting, capture and/or slaying of beasts both monstrous & mundane.

The Blue Talon

A large guildhall sits in a city's commercial district. A sign hanging in front of the main doors depicting the talon of a griffon. The stables lie adjacent to the structure and the pens double as holding cells for captured beasts.


The double doors are heavy oak and have brace points for the unlikely case that the hall is attacked. Doors to employee bunk and equipment rooms line the left-hand wall.

Six long tables lay in the front room. Usually occupied by contracted hunters, trackers and trappers or the occasional client partaking in meals. At the head of the room lies the door to the guildmaster's office and beyond that, his bedroom.

The Guildmaster - Senros Fheysan

The guildmaster is an Elf somewhere in his fourth century. A cunning negotiator, he does all of the contracting for the Blue Talon. Started the guild thirty some odd years ago and has plans to plant other branches in cities beyond this one.

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