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September 21, 2008, 8:54 pm

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Generated Town


Output testing of my Random Community Generator.

Benton Junction
Size: Municipality (Population 9,461)
Location: Southern Lowlands, Old Kingdom Mire
Surrounding Region: Underground, tectonic cave system, caused by shifting geological areas
Racial Demographics:  Orc (79 %),  Elf (11 %), Cyclops (5 %) & Dragons (5 %)
Type of Government: Kakistocracy
   Ruler: Tarasera of Fortress City of Gulan Kath (male orc, 7th level Psychic)
Fealty of Government: Independent Settlement
City Defenses: Ditch & Palisades
Defense Force: Fyrd/Levy; 189 Armed Peasants & 2 Priests.
Attitude toward Outsiders: Outgoing
Social System: Racially Coexistent Social Caste System
Loyalty: Superpatriots!
Alignment: Virtuous, primarily Principled.
Level of Wealth: Low Income, self sufficient but low education, laborers/farmers and/or simple craftsmen
Literacy Rate: 10 %
Presence of Law: Medium City Guard; Lieutenant of the Guard, 47 Sergeant of the Guards & 189 Civic Guards.
Presence of Crime: Crime Problems
Presence of Guilds: Livery Company
Presence of Magic: Magical Society
Presence of Psionics: Limited Psionics
Presence of Religion: Moderate
Pantheons & Deities: Diabolus, Panath


  1. Rectory of Panath .   This order can be found   in the capital. It is a             large       complex with 7 buildings:  a charter house, a training arena, a factory containing a shoemaker’s workshop, a grinder’s workshop, a cutler’s workshop, a saddler’s workshop, a cutler’s workshop, a smith’s workshop, a cutler’s workshop, a currier’s workshop,  and a cutler’s workshop, Guest-house, a church, a church, and a classroom building.   There is   a simple hedge maze.  The group built   an elaborate bonsai collection.  It has    a small library on the premesis.  You can find   one small fountain.
  2. Silver Horse Farm. Two stories, with tower or partial upper level. Farm with Wheat Grain field, Pasture, Dog Kennels, Arbor, Dog Kennels, Barn, Manger, Stables ,  and Shearing Shed.
  3. Constable’s Post.
  4. Empty Building. Three stories with basement. Used by squatters.
  5. Empty Building.  Used by a secret religious group.
  6. Empty Building.  Used by squatters.
  7. Estate of Master Aryrath, His Ever Reknown The Deadly, Murderer of Deridan. Upper Class Residence.
  8. Chemical Industry, Paint.
  9. Swashbuckling Victoria’S Farmstead.  Farm with Storm Cellar, Barn, Hen House, Farmland, Hen House,  and Hopgarden.
  10. Carswa’s Copy House. Scriverner. Ground floor apartment with offices and shop above.
  11. Illicit Arena.
  12. Entertainment Industry. Tourney.
  13. Homestead. Middle Class Residence. Building currently under reconstruction or extensive major repairs (from recent fire damage, collapse, explosion, etc.);
  14. Armory
  15. The Axe & Folio. Scriverner.
  16. Greaves Office.
  17. Ysmyr’s Dojo. Four stories without basement.
  18. Proveditors Department.
  19. Empty Building
  20. Industrial Lodestone Mining.
  21. Dojo.
  22. High Constables Headquarters.
  23. Hall of Master Anorhan Alnos. Upper Class Residence. Two stories building with a basement and functions as well worn offices of a major business
  24. Illicit Drug Den.
  25. Poor Barracks. Lower Class Residence.
  26. Famas, Herbwife.  Herbwife.
  27. Poor Barracks. Lower Class Residence.
  28. Pantheon of Rurga Statue. Old, granite, human-sized statue on a column of Rurga, Cirga, Panatha, Kalba, and Lista standing firm against a Lo-Dox Dragon.
  29. Executioner’s Post.
  30. Lyrdale Crematory
  31. Empty Building.  Used by criminals.
  32. Daligith, Sage. Sage for hire.
  33. Shack. Lower Class Residence.
  34. Stables Industry.
  35. Chief Constables Headquarters.
  36. Oldpolis of the weald Stone Alignement. Worn, slate stone row avenue or line.
  37. Synagogue of Panath .     This covenant can be found   in the forest. It is a       very small complex with two buildings:  a training arena, and a church.   It has    a large   koi pond.  The complex has    both a very small    kitchen garden and an extensive hedge maze.  There is no wall around the compound .  The complex has a wall around the compound.
  38. The Adze & Harpoon; Daligath, proprietor. Four star coffee house. Front for a pirate haven..
  39. The Virulent Phalangites’s Barracks. Empty Barracks.
  40. Hovel. Lower Class Residence.
  41. Turnkey’s Post.
  42. Humor College. Under construction.
  43. Thirdborough’s Post.
  44. Zoology Seminary.
  45. Temple of Diabolus .   This priory can be found   near a bustling merchant town. It is a             medium      complex with 4 buildings:  schoolmaster’s lodgings, a dormitory for the novices, a cloister, and a chapel.   The group built   an ecclectic assortment of writings they call a library on the premesis.  It has   two small gardens: a herb garden and a herb garden.  You can find   both a medium       raked-sand garden and an extensive physic garden.  It has   a medium      library as well as the excellent personal collection of the Archimandrite on the premesis.
  46. Dorm. Lower Class Residence. Three stories and 4rh story feature; New or pristine condition, undecorated with glazing or paint;
  47. City Canal.
  48. Empty Building. One story, with tower or partial upper level. Dangerously decayed, floorboards may give, roof may collapse etc. Winter quarters for the Daliaryera’s Commandos mercenary unit.
  49. Water Works Department.
  50. Fencing.
  51. Loansharks Office. Two stories building without a basement and seems to function as a repairable warehouse
  52. Slum. Lower Class Residence. Three stories building without a basement and seems to function as a derelict rooming house
  53. Slum. Lower Class Residence. Four stories without basement. Building currently under reconstruction or extensive major repairs (from recent fire damage, collapse, explosion, etc.);
  54. Criscir. Teacher. Two story (wood) and one cellar. In good condition, well-kept, and clean.
  55. Military Supply Industry.
  56. Empty Building
  57. Academy of Slavery.
  58. Taladia. Tutor.
  59. Shrine of Panath .   This charterhouse can be found    in the forest. It is a             small       complex with 2 buildings:  a calefactory, and a church.   You can find   a large   hot mineral springs.  The charterhouse contains a wall around the compound.  The charterhouse contains a cliff providing the only wall defining the compound.  The complex has   an outstanding library on the premesis.
  60. Zelnos Boardinghouse. Middle Class Residence. Three stories without basement.
  61. Empty Building. The building was never completed, floorboards may give, roof may collapse etc.
  62. Arencal, Illuminator & Illustrator. Limner (book illustrator). Ground floor apartment with offices and shop above.
  63. Farming Industry: Grapes Orchards.
  64. Mansion of Master Aryada, The Belligerant, Subduer of Gurthasi Nimro. Upper Class Residence. One story, with tower or partial upper level.
  65. Convent of Panath .   This chapterhouse can be found   high on a cliff . It is a             large       complex with 9 buildings:  a dormitory for the sisters, bakehouse, wine cellar, a prayer shrine, a refectory, a factory containing a trencher-maker’s workshop,  and a grinder’s workshop, a cave for contemplation, baths, and a classroom building.   The order maintains one small fountain.  The complex has   a very small library on the premesis.  The chapterhouse contains an extensive   bonsai collection.  You can find an extensive   kitchen garden.
  66. Wyrerla Crematory
  67. Governor, His Most Resolute Tirnos, Lion of Venduhan Tribe Hall . Upper Class Residence.

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