This was forged by the anciet high elves. It had no name then. It was made to help those in need. it's craft was incredible. It was then discovered in the high temples that were fast crumbling almost 600 years after it's make, by Vaxtar, ranger of Haléfas and companion of Hathil. Vaxtar used it's magic well and found his heart in the songs. He will give it to another brave and fair soul that can manage it's power if they are proven. Those are the tests of Vaxtar.

Magical Properties:

The flutes magic is only the summon certai songs. Vaxtar found a piece of parchment attached to the flute that had 14 songs. Fire, water, wind, earth, light, darkness, war, healing, courage, love, knowledge, sleep, nature, spirits, and falueth, song made by Vaxtar. Other songs that are played on this flute will sound fairer than that of an unenchanted one.

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