Fenix Technologies is a by the numbers bioscience and health technology company, most commonly known for building medical and diagnostic machinery for hospitals and clinics. The firm is notable for performing tax end arounds by donating medical machinery to public hospitals rather than paying in. While fund hawks decry this, proponents of health and wellness applaud Fenix Tech because their donations of mid and high end medical tech to the public medical industry is literally saving lives of the poor around the world.

It is the purose of Fenix Technologies to save lives, not take them. To this end, we find it immoral and unethical to pay tax funds to a government that uses 30% to fund active military operations across the solar system and supports economic hegemony and cultural imperialism.

Director Paul Nomura


Fenix Technologies is an arcanotechnology research and development corporation. Their agenda is simple, advance medical technology to the point that human mortality is ended, disease is eradicated, and pain and suffering become a thing of medical history and unique experience.

Human life, for the span of its existence, has been defined by pain, suffering, and death. We have glorified this by claiming immortality would be terrible and that life only has meaning because it ends. We have created elaborate mythologies to support human sacrifice to the continuation of society, the justification of war, and for controlling the population to the whims of those in power, be they clergy, politicians, nobility, or corporate BODs. This is patent nonsense, and at heart, evil. Once we harness the full power of arcanotechnology, there will be no reason for pain, for suffering, for hunger, other than the callous cruelty of those in power. With immortality and an end to war and need, there will then be NO. NEED. for those who name themselves out leaders.

CEO Townsen Nomura


Fenix Technologies is a family run corporation and doesn't have a corporate Board of Directors or Investors. The current CEO, Townsen Nomura took the office after his uncle and predecessor Hewley Nomura was assassinated. Townsen carries on with Hewley's ardent pacifist and anti-war initiatives and beliefs, but no longer speaks as passionately or publicly against those in power or the military. It is commonly believed that Hewley was assassinated by one of the military corps, or even possibly an intelligence agency, though there is a conspiracy theory that the assassination was orchestrated by the Nomura family because Hewley had become too ardent and outspoken. The truth may never be known.

Townsen Nomura is a handsome Amero-Nipponese man from California, who emigrated to Nippon during his education. He spent ten years working at Matsumoto Heavy Industries, supervising the construction of assault mecha. After this he spent another fifteen years working inside Fenix Technologies as a troubleshooter and general overseer, before being promoted to VPO and eventually CEO after his uncle's demise. While still a supporter of human rights, and being anti-war and anti-government, Townsen is a more politically savvy leader, and prefers a low key, low impact leadership style. He is pleasant, reserved, and favors traditional Nipponese fashion.


Hayden Nomura was a member of the AFAF, attached to the 5th North Amero Heavy Guards Regiment, and saw regular action on the Rocky Mountain frontier. This involved a large amount of pointless combat with Amerikka Command terrorists, Rocky Mountain Republic separatists, and other rebellious factions. The constant loss of life was appalling and eventually Nomura was discharged from the Heavy Guards and emigrated to the Republic of California, and then to the ancestral home in Nippon. A war haunted man, Nomura went into medicine, and there came into possession of a copy of an Imbrian medical slate. This 'book' would serve as the foundation of what would become Fenix Technologies.

Hayden used his experience as an arcanotechnician to crack the encryption on the device, and started making duplicates of it, and breaking it down into smaller and smaller pieces. The Nomura's of Nippon were a moderately wealthy family and saw fit to invest in Hayden's work and started a small research clinic, which started making devices from the recovered codex. Being a military man, and an atheist, Hayden promptly discarded all of the dogmatic elements and used what the codex had to make significant improvements on the tech he knew.

Within a year Fenix Tech had a polyforge, and in ten years they had two dozen.

The company grew from a single room operation to a multinational corp in less than fifty.

Hayden is still technically alive. Hayden, unable to see immortality himself, donated his mind to the corporation, which made it into a genome computer, where it still functions as part of the FenixNet information system.


Fenix Technologies has a number of important branches and has a large employee base, almost all of which are mundane in nature.

Fenix Medical Supply - FMS is a nuts and bolts medical supply manufacturing and logistics company, and only deals with hospitals, and other medical supply companies. They build med-pods, diagnostic tools, and medical robots. As a boutique supplier and manufacturer, FMS has done some unusual things like outfitting medical frigates, and supporting offworld bioscience laboratories.

Fenix Medical Contractor and Administration - FMCA is a clinic/hospital company that helps oversee and support clinics and hospitals that arent part of federal or corporate funding structures. This is Fenix's tax 'evasion' plan and public works department. Many of the FMCA ran clinics are outside of the Pacific Rim Coalition, and many run with a Doctors Without Borders organization plan.

Fenix Research Technologies - FRT is the research and development wing of the corp, and is devoted to exploring avenues of medical arcanotechnology. These discovered technologies are licensed out to other larger medical corps, and provide Fenix most of it's funding.

Fenix Boutique Applications - FBA is the popular face of the corp and is best known through its commercial and elective clinics located across the PRC and the Atlantic Federation. These clinics are involved in designer cosmetics, cosmetology, and even the operation of their infamous Hollywood Clinics bioforges. These celebrity engines turn normal people into their desired biomorphic ideal in a matter of painful hours of reconstruction.


A Red Feather, point down, and curving up and to the right as if it were falling


As previously mentioned, Fenix was founded by a military veteran who was tired of war and happened into an Imbrian medical archive. The corporation is over a century old, and is well established. They do not produce the cheapest medical tech, nor do they produce bleeding edge tech. Rather, Fenix produces tech that is ahead of the curve, but it is solid state, and designed to be used in less than optimal conditions, and is reduced to it's most simple form. Hayden Nomura's experiences as a Federation Marine remain part of the Fenix tradition, keeping things as simple as possible.

The corporation remains headquartered in Tokyo II, Nippon, but has established operations on multiple planets, most notably the Moon, and Mars, as well as a research hospital and lab on Callisto. They also have a number of medical frigates that the corp technically owns, but routinely leases out to various nations and locations as needed. In case of outstanding medical disasters, they will voluntarily send whatever free medical cruisers they have on hand.

Fenix has largely avoided shadowrunning ops by not being a small fish or a big fish, and existing in a relatively specialized niche. They also cooperate with other corps in the same industry and are functionally and in many ways, non-competitive. Medical machina is not the largest and most profitably sector in the industry, and much of Fenix's tech is considered 'white tech' as it is being made and marketed towards the masses, the poor, veterans, and so forth, and doesn't compete with the highly profitable and lucrative black hospitals sector.

The corporation's largest conflict comes from its pacifism and non-aggression and anti-government stance. Fenix remains a non-imperial, non-hegemonic, non-heirachial corporation. They are more likely to provide support to anarchists and rebels than to sanctioned government troops, and have no love or care for mercenaries or shadowrunners.

Fenix is a cornerstone of counterculture and charity, and remains steadfastly non-aggressive in a time when militaristic aggression is the norm.

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