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December 1, 2010, 12:15 pm

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NAS Autopsy Report 14


Classified as a category 4 threat, the Elib is somewhere between a vampire lord and Godzilla for limits of escalation. Yes, I would consider using a nuclear device to kill just one. I am that sure that I want it dead. 

N.A.S. Medical Log

North American Institute of Science (NAIS)

Classified Material

Autopsy Report G15-4536-K003

I, Dr. Stephanie May-Duncan, performed an autopsy on Elib specimen "Elizabeth" at Kingdom-Atlantic Medical Hospital, Basin City, East Carolina at 0930 hours September 14th, 2007

From anatomic findings and investigation I ascribe the death of "Elizabeth" to BLUNT FORCE TRAUMA applied to the cranium due to or as a consequence of.

Anatomical Survey:

The Elib species is fascinating on a basic level. There is nother human, or even mammillian about the creature, and it appearance and abilities move it into the realm of fantasy and science finction, it's biology is very terrestrial. The Elib demonstrates a hexapod physiology, it has almost  6 of everything.


The Elib has six eyes that demonstrate strong red eyeshine. The creature's low light vision is exceptional. The eyes are rather primitive, and this seems to be a case of quantity over quality. The Elib seems to be sensitive to movement, and light and dark, but fine details and vision at distance are compromised. Being an amphibious species by nature, vision is perhaps not its primary sense.

The physiology of the brain is exceptional. The cerebrum has now fewer than six lobes. According to the archived information, every Elib encountered has been an exceptionally intelligent and devious foe, using improvised tools, traps, and all other sorts of technological abilities that were unknown in the host body. The cerebellum is large and well developed, and may function as a back-up brain for the cerebrum. Field reports claim that Elibs have no difficulty multitasking.

The cranium is broad and has a pronounced snout, much like an alligator. The teeth are serrated on one side, and given the size of the jaw muscles, the creature is capable of a limb severing bite. This is supported by field notes, elibs have bitten off arms, legs, and multiple instances, heads.


The Elib is a true amphibian. It possesses both lungs and gills. The gills are located inside the lung structure. So long as it remains wet, it can breathe. The skin is air permeable, so it is possible that the creature can osmose oxygen directly through its skin. The lung/gill structure is composed of two rows of lobes inside the torso. In total there are six lobes.

There is not a heart in the sense of a human heart. There are three heartlettes that perform the same function. Each is three chambered, and semi-independent in blood flow. The top heart principally feeds blood to the brain, the middle heart feeds the lungs and organs, and the third heart pumps blood to the arms and legs. Due to the complimentary nature of the three hearts, the creature can survive the destruction of one with only moderate effect to its activity. Field notes claim that body mass shots do little to slow or harm an elib. With six of everything, perhaps it is just too hard for something as small as a bullet to cause enough damage to cause an effect.

The Gastrointestinal Tract: The elib, predictably, has three stomachs. The first stomach is a gizzard like muscular stomach studded with swallowed stones. The second primary stomach is an acid factory, while the third stomach seems to function as a slow digestion center. Food that is swallowed, likely whole or in large pieces, is masticated in the first stomach and predigestion begins. The secondary stomach performs most of the primary chemical digestion, while the slower to digest bits are passed to the third stomach. Given the size of the intestines, the elib's ability to consume and process food is phenomenal. It could be reasonable estimates consume its own weight in food a day, if it needed to. With a variable metabolism (all signs indicated that the creature can switch from cold-blooded to hot-blooded metabolism in relatively short amounts of time) the creature can eat an adult human a day, or go as long as two weeks without a meal.

Reproduction: The elib in question, Elizabeth, is a very rare female. Encountered Elibs are 99% male according to field notes. The genitals are concealed beneath what would superficially be a cloacal flap. The flap conceals three vaginal cavities, as well as the anus. The lower abdomen has a triple uterine compartment as well as six ovaries. Judging by the skeletal structure, and the configuration of the reproductive organs, it is my professional opinion that the native elib is an egg-layer. It would appear that a mother could lay in the vicinity of 18 to 36 eggs in a single birthing.

It can be inferred that a male Elib would possess a triple penis reproductive system back with six testicles. Like the female, it is likely that the male sex organs would be retracted under a cloacal flap.

Body Physiology

The Elib has two defined legs and four defined arms. The upper set of arms is large and heavily muscled, the hands are large and crude in structure. The middle set of arms are approximately half the size of the upper arms. The hands are smaller and capable of very fine manipulation. Judging from the skeletal and muscular systems, it would appear that the elib can move either on two legs, or utilize a four legged gait with its upper arms and legs. There is a pivot in the spinal column that allows the head to be pointed perpendicular to the forward direction of the torso. The lower portion of the spine is extended into a tail roughly as long as the overall torso. The tail is semi-rigid and is well suited as a swimming aid.

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Comments ( 8 )
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December 7, 2010, 5:57

Well, a nest of them seems to be worth the nuke, a single one, as written, appears in the flamethrower-plasma grenade-HEAP missile range;

Unless the demon part inside gives it more resilience and strength than anatomy would suggest, and as it appears to be able to hide in sewers, hence, is not huge, I'd place it as a threat like, for example, the Starcraft Hydralisk: can rip up an armored car, a tank will shoot it to bits.

December 7, 2010, 11:32
Overlooked something, I didn't include it's rate of reproduction. This wouldn't be something you could infer from an autopsy, but the rate of reproduction is a matter of days. A male elib can impregnate a human female and she will have a baby elib chestburster style in a week. A female elib can lay a clutch of eggs a week, and these offspring hatch in another 3 days and then provided ample nutrition can reach physical maturity in a matter of months. Being innately psychic creatures with 6 lobed brains, they learn by osmosis even while inside the egg. A sufficiently large city could sustain an impressive elib infestation before it was noticed between homeless people, abductions, large sewers, and ample amounts of organic food waste. The species also has massive regenerative ability, regrowing missing limbs, eyes, and recovering from trauma with ease. This isnt magical, just a hyperactive metabolism. If the elib is starving its ability to heal is non-existant. Shooting it with a tank might work, but is there anything dense enough inside an organic body to trigger a tank round, or would it just pass through, leaving a large but potentially non-lethal wound
December 19, 2010, 13:50
Seeing as tanks are generally anti-tank weapons, a traditional tank round probably would just pass through, though getting hit with a round with a diameter of 18" travelling faster than the speed of sound would generally count as a bad day for anything, but if it hit off of center of mass and just took out a couple of limbs, then yes, the elib probably would survive. That being said, they do have anti-personnel tank rounds, which is basically just a canister of grape shot that explodes a little bit out of the barrel, and while I've never actually seen one in action, reading about what grape shot did to people in the US Civil War, I will say that it would probably more than kill one of these things, especially if it was fired into a drain that one was hiding in.

Link to a video of AP tank round:
December 20, 2010, 0:52
That would probably do the trick, with a good hit. But the thing to consider, how difficult would it be for a person in a regular type game to get their hands on an anti-personnel tank round? Or the tank to fire it?
December 21, 2010, 21:22
An anti-personnel tank round would be difficult to acquire, but a creative char could manufacture a pipe bomb with a sufficient amount of buckshot or ball bearings ducktaped along the outside to make a pretty nasty shredder.

A spas 12 or jackhammer shotgun loaded with flechettes would give them a pretty bad day as well I'd imagine.
December 7, 2010, 9:33

You know, I like these guys. But it feels incomplete somehow. I would like to know more of their background, where they come from, what their plans are etc. How big are they? What equipment do they use? How do they communicate?

You mention "Host Bodies". Does that mean they evolve as some form of parasite? Are they true extraterrestrials, some form of hybrid or a runaway bioengineering experiment? 

So many questions.... To vote now not give this idea justice - I will wait :)


December 7, 2010, 11:39
I will answer the questions, since I am still working on a method of answering them.

1. Alternate time-line. Elibs are native to earth, but pre-glaciation ers approximately 200k years ago.

2. They don't have any plans other than survival and reproduction

3. Typical size is 450lbs and 12 feet long from nose to tail, with variations as would be expected.

4. Ours, increased intelligence doesnt grant them special knowledge of alien technology. Of course, this doesnt mean that a smart elib cannot turn a microwave oven and a large screen television into a MASER. Have fun with that.

5. Limited telepathy with humans, intimate telepathy with other Elibs, limited vocalization

6. Elibs are creatures outside of time and space, and drawing them into our world requires them to be fused with a host. This arrangement creates what is effectively a werewolf that instead of a wolf turns into a 'Oh-Shit Monster'

7. No

8. Yes, but a sufficiently powerful mythos spell, or super advanced Dimensional Time-Gate tech might be able to bring a pure Elib from their time-space to ours. This is a monumentally bad thing.

9. You can't vote on a stub ;)
December 7, 2010, 15:22

I have to say, I like this more and more. I take it you draw heavily from the CoC. Also a quite nice sideorder of Demon, the Fallen, unless I am mistaken? Thank you for taking time to answer :)

I think this has great potential. There is obviously a systematic framework in place. I do like that, it reminds me of the Cthulhu Mythos, allowing for additions as you go along.

Have you read John Keel´s "Creatures from time and space"? It describes very much the same phenomenon as an explanation for Bigfoot, the Loch Ness monster, Mothman and so on. If you haven´t read it, I think you can get some good inspirations there.


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