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September 29, 2018, 11:14 pm

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El Dorado LLC


El Dorado LLC is a virtual theme park based off of the perception of 1990s southern California

Zone 1: The Endless Beach

The largest draw to the El Dorado 'verse is the the Endless Beach zone. The Endless Beach is as it names implies, a massive beach. It isn't endless, it does have defined borders, and is roughly twice the length of the actual California coastline. Is it notable for alternating between long sweeping spans of sandy white beaches lapped by waves suitable for sunbathers and swimmers, more narrow beaches where the waves are larger and better suited for surfing and more extreme water sports, and rocky areas, where there are picturesque lighthouses, bed and breakfasts, and the beginnings of the Cascadian biome.

The Endless Beach draws on massive amounts of California surfer culture, and is equal parts Baywatch, Blue Crush, and Beach Boys songs transported into the milieu of the 1990s. The bikini or surfer trunks are the default uniform.

The Resorts

Large numbers of guests come to the Endless Beach to stay at virtual resorts where they are going to be primped, preened, and sensually abused. These resorts range from externally licensed outlets like Neo-Disney resorts, to more decadent offerings the follow Exit to Eden paths to hedonism and sexual debauchery. The majority, however, are the general three star offerings of breathtaking vistas, remarkable haute cuisine, and commercial consumerism.

The resorts are the social hubs of the Endless Beach, and drive much of it's economy. They are littered with bars, dives, brothels, taverns, surf board rentals, jet ski rentals, power boating, para-sailing, sail boats, and more.

The Yacht Club

The Yacht Club is a special access offering allowing for guests to book spaces on virtual ships heading out onto the virtual Pacific Ocean. These boats are hired so that guests can indulge in deep sea fishing, or exotic fishing, boating and yachting sports, swimming with whales, snorkeling in tropical waters, and even scuba diving exotic underwater locales.

The diving options of the Yacht Club are the most unique, because they offer many things that are simply not available for divers. The majority of divers explore exotic coral reefs (the sort that are explicitly not found along the cold waters of the California coast) and famous shipwrecks. It isn't uncommon for tours to explore the hulk of the Titanic, or even book passage on the famous liner to Isla Aloha (virtual Hawai'i). The two most exotic options in the Yacht Club are Atlantis and R'yleh. Atlantis is a massive underwater casino and resort staffed by tritons, merfolk, and sea monsters, where the guests can move and breath freely without scuba gear. R'yleh is an underwater literal dungeon where adventurers can take weapons to hunt exotic underwater monsters and reveal horrible secrets, then return home to brag to their friends about it.

Notable Sectors

Laguna Luna - Also known as Vampire Town, Laguna Luna is populated with NPCs and 'villains' who are sexy vampires. The majority of guests visit Vampire Town to have liaisons with said sexy vampires, and then escape back to their mundane lives. A few try their hands at being vampire hunters and go after the monsters with the stakes and spears they fashion from local supplies.

Point Break - An area of the Endless Beach noted for having mega-waves, some reaching up to 100 feet. Surfers ride these monster waves and gain credit by not being killed in the process.

High Point - Skydiving adventures.

Zone 2 - Automobilia

The personal car is an anachronism in the CE, but the legacy of Car culture still exists. As such, Automobilia indulges in the fantasy of owning a car, and doing car things with it. Most of this zone is open space, and is based around the epic notion of driving a classic car down a winding road through massive Southwest stone monuments, Route 66. There are a handful of cities that serve as bases where guests can pick up cars, and long term users can set up garages to tend their collections. There are large urban areas where guests can also participate in demonstrations of driving skill, street race, race tournaments, and even recreations of formal racing from the time period.


Speedworld is a cluster of replica racetracks, some copied from records of real world tracks, others created specifically for Speedworld. Guests can don track suits, take out exotic cars, and race their hearts out. There are grandstands, trade shows, and plenty of options for guests to buy souvenirs.

San Andreas

San Andreas is a very large and popular sub-sector of Automobilia and blends street racing and car race movies with the violence and criminality of the Grand Theft Auto game genre. In San Andreas, rival bands of racers fight over control of various parts of the city, while collecting cars, and chasing after goals to unlock even better cars and payouts. This includes 'Red Flag' guests who engage in PvP activities, up to and including 'killing' other guests.


Viceland is ruled by gangs, and is functionally an immersive SoCal themed FPS, where guests adopt the colors and weapons of one of the existing 'gangs' and engage in full on urban combat. Viceland is a no-holes barred no-man's-land of sadism, violence, murder, rape, drug abuse, and all of the worst things a person can imagine. While nominally being drawn from the history of riots and race wars across Los Angeles, Viceland takes the look of Southern California and mixes in a staggering amount of Beirut, modern urban civil war, north Mexican drug cartel wars, along with certain 'colorful' imaginings.

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