Armor, Light or Armor, Mage

Weaponry, Light, or Weaponry, Staves, rods, and wands

Accessories - 1 roll on accessory table

Magic Items: minimum of 1


The Dungeon Mage is a higher level foe within a dungeon, taking a basic creature encountered within said dungeon and granting it magic ability, and associated equipment. They are not wizards or warlocks, their power is specifically tied to the dungeon that they are found in, and outside of the dungeon, their power is greatly diminished.


Dungeon Sorcery

Reset Trap - full round action, the Dungeon Mage can cause a triggered trap to reset and rearm itself, such as spikes that shoot up from the floor, trap doors, needle traps, etc. This applies to magical traps such as runes and wards, allowing them to recharge a discharged magical trap. In combat, a dungeon mage will reset traps so that dungeon forces can force invaders back into said traps for them to fire again.

Reload Trap - full round action, some traps use ammunition, such as arrows, bolts, falling rocks, acid spray, and whatever else comes to mind. The dungeon mage uses this spell to reload and rearm such traps, including things that seem like they shouldn't be able to, such as falling rock traps. 

Activate Trap - sometimes heroes can bypass traps without activating them, a dungeon mage can trigger a trap as a basic spell action.

Summon Dungeon Monster - a scalable spell, this allows the dungeon mage to summon a monstrous encounter from the dungeon random encounter list to attack the heroes.

Summon Dungeon Element - a scalable spell, the allows the dungeon mage to directly access and use the basic elements of the dungeon for basic spellcasting, producing elemental bolts, elemental blasts, and the like. A necromantic dungeon full of undead would have entropic element, or necrotic element. Every dungeon has at least one elemental affinity, and some more than one. The dungeon mage may only use one element, and cannot change back and forth, though not all dungeon mages are required to use the same element in a multi-element dungeon.

Dungeon Utility Spell - each dungeon has a theme, and the dungeon utility spell is pretty much any magic spell that feeds into the theme of the dungeon, such as an undead dungeon mage doing things like reanimating corpses into new undead, or a flame dungeon lighting pools of burning oil, or refilling said pools.


Dungeon Mages are designed to be used in conjunction with the Dungeonverse and the Numinous Road setting, where the dungeons are borderline living entities, and the dungeon mage is a creation of the dungeon itself. They will accompany higher level groups of dungeon defenders and apply their powers to the defense of the dungeon and the capture of heroes and assimilating them and their gear into the dungeon itself.

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