You were once the heroes that were destined to save the Kingdom of Chaelyra from the Lich known as Xut'zonaur. You had 365 days to stop him from completing the ritual that would raise all of the dead in the land and place them under his command. But because one of you decided to stage an insurrection over the dumbest of reasons, you failed to stop Xut'zonaur in time and now the democracy you fought so hard to establish lies in ruins.

Worst of all, Xut'zonaur revealed the reason you staged this rebellion in the first place to everyone. Now everyone hates your guts due to your foolishness leading to their doom. The people who survived the initial slaughter have evacuated to the many dungeons scattered throughout Chaelyra and are now using them as makeshift bunkers to seek shelter from the undead wasteland. You all have been denied entry into every one of these shelters, chased away by the angry people who rightfully blame you for their situation. After about 6 months of searching, you finally find a place to seek shelter in, the abandoned Grotto of the Forgotten Paladin.

For the next 15 years you have been spending your lives living in this underground location, scorned by all, only leaving to gather supplies. It seems that all hope is lost and you are doomed to remain in this place until you die of old age, until something happens that you did not expect. A ghostly specter appears before you, it introduces itself as Gereminus the Defender AKA the Forgotten Paladin. It reveals that you can still redeem yourselves by defeating Xut'zonaur for good.

You ask it how, and it reveals that the Royal Family still has survivors and they live in a secret location on the outer regions of the kingdom. A large underground dungeon known as the Vault of the Chaotic King. Their Court Wizard, Ilvaldor, has been looking into a way to defeat Xut'zonaur and has made progress. But he will require your help. However they believe you are all dead. Either killed by the undead armies, or executed by the angry populations.

You now have a choice, attempt to clean up the mess you created, or continue to live in this doomed world.

You have a long journey ahead and will require the help of others who will not be as thrilled to lend any assistance.

You will also have to convince the Royal Family who you ousted to let you help them.

Eventually, Xut'zonaur will catch on to what you are trying to do and throw everything it can to stop you.

Your first objective of the Main Quest: Find the Vault of the Chaotic King.

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