Fascinated by: Dr Carter, by virtue of being born on Mars but educated on Earth, is endlessly fascinated by the implications of pre-human cultures, and has such devoted her life to the application of archeology to the rest of the solar system, including dig sites on the Moon, Mars, and Callisto.

Seduced by: There is nothing more irresistible to the good doctor than a mystery, waiting to be unraveled, how can anything compare to the mystery that is the 10,000 year old Imbrian culture?

Offended by: The Doctor has made some enemies along the way, as her pursuit of pre-human civilizations clashes with her strong dislike of conspiracies and secret societies, the sort of people who exploit the past for profit, or bury it because it is inconvenient to them.

Frightened by: Rats, there are rats everywhere; rats in the guts of the arcos, in the squalor of the geofronts, there are rats on spaceships and space stations, there are fucking rats on Mars and probably methane resistant rats swimming on Titan.

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