The Doublet is a very well gentlemen's garment. What sets it apart is the fact that it is covered in flat-cut rubies, not a few, but layered like scales across the front. It is stitched with thread of mithril, the leather backing came from an unknown and unnamed ancient beast the dragon slew and harvested. It is a beautiful piece of clothing fit for an emperor.


Base armor rating equivalent to scale mail

Exceptional mage armor protection (+3 or better bonus armor)

Magic Resistance 15%

Immunity to Cold/Ice magic

Cause Awe magic effect as per the spell Cause Fear but rather than causing low level NPCs and monsters to flee, it causes them to fawn and simp over the wearer of the doublet.


The doublet is made of rubies, it is exceedingly valuable, worth a kingdom's ransom, and it will draw the attention of thieves, and the ire of dragons as it is obvious to them that this is dragoncraft for their shapeshifting abilities


Cruethaughaes the Red Tyrant created this doublet, along with many other pieces of fine clothing, as he was as much of a preening peacock as a dragon tyrant. He enjoyed the way the rubies caught the light and when he was presiding over his Court of Fear and Flame, it made sure his subjects never forgot that the dashingly handsome tyrant was actually an incredibly powerful and dangerous red dragon.

And then it was stolen.

After incinerating the Court, melting half of the Tyrant's Keep in a tantrum, and killing a few hundred of his servants, the Red Tyrant tried to investigate who stole his favorite ruby-covered garment.

Common Theories, as no one knows and in all likelihood, Cruethaughaes immolated the actual thief and destroyed all the evidence:

Brikheia, the Goddess of Pickpockets and Lost Things nicked the Doublet, thinking it a great and funny joke to play on an overly dramatic and intense narcissistic dragon tyrant.

Nuderia the Brazen, a brass dragon, stole the doublet as a way to insult Cruethaughaes for his ruination of lands under her domain.

A high-level adventurers guild launched the action as a potential raid against the Red Tyrant, one managed to steal some of his clothing, and the rest of the dragonslayers were slagged when the dragon threw his mad fit.

Cruethaughaes is a notorious womanizer, in the vein of Zeus. He was out and about, saw a nice piece of tail minding her own business and went and got him a taste, and then forgot his clothing in a pile by her bed. She sold it for a staggering sum which was only a fraction of its actual worth, bought patents of nobility, secured land with the newfound gold, and now her dragonspawn son is a Knight Errant serving a distant kingdom.

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