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May 8, 2013, 2:48 am

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Cosmic Era Source Book


The work in progress focal point for the Setting

Cosmic Era Source Book

The Cosmic Era is a dystopian high technology setting that mixes elements of science fiction, political fiction, military fantasy, Lovecraftian horror, and the general theme of just because we can do something doesn't mean that we should, and that in the end, under the gleaming lights, it is all futile.
Roleplaying the Cosmic EraAction Oriented Games: Shadowrunning and criminal/underground themes. Space Exploration and colonial/frontier based conflicts, freelancing jobs such as bounty hunting, corporate security. More light-hearted ventures could reach towards superhero territory
Military and paramilitary campaigns scaling from infantry to battlemech sized engagements. Unlike action oriented games, the military and paramilitary campaigns have a strong rooting in discipline. 

Technology Oriented: Campaigns in the CogNet, virtual realms and horizons, manifest destiny of technology, all that. Memory manipulation, hacking, cyberwarfare, Lawnmower Man, TRON, and Total Recall.

Horror: Revealing the ugliness and fleeing it, the monsters in the shadows, storm rifts, mutation, contamination and survival in the face of horrible odds. Body horror, identity issues, and societal abominations. No one should suffer from insanity, they should enjoy it.


Arcologies, the urban Sprawl and favelas: Living life in the massive hives of humanity

Seacologies and Raft Cities: Life in and under the sea

Geocities and Geofronts: Out of sight, out of mind, the oubliettes of the Cosmic Era, where the toilets flush to.

Space Stations, Habitats, and Non-terrestrial colonies: The Wild Black Beyond, space and true cosmic horror

CogNet: The virtual realm, remnants of 3rdNet, dimensional anomalies in the system

History of the Cosmic Era

Petroleum Era: Why alternative energy failsResource Wars: The first AIs, the Rise of the Arcos and the Fall of the Federal Super-States
The End of the Tank, and the rise of the BattlemechPower Armor Supplants Traditional Infantry
The Second Dark Age and the Population Contraction
Collectivism, Pragmatism, and Mad Max
The Second RenaissanceArcanotechnology and HypertechnologyThe AISCs and Viral Intelligence
3rdNet and the FloodHabitats, Space Factories, and the Ship BuildersCogNet
Daily Life
Personal Lodging, Post-Materialism and Electronic PossessionsThe End of the American DreamFood: the Artificial LunchI dream of Peaches
Personal Transportation Planes, Trains, and the Post Automobile Era
Currency and Exchange
Advances in Medical ScienceOrgan Replacement, Genetic Tailoring, Cosmetic Genetics, Cybernetics
Homo Novus, Homo Augmens, Neo-Ethnicity, and Clones
Machine Life in the Cosmic Era
Androids, gynoids, and mechanoids

Simulated Sensation System (S3)Simmusic, Simart, Simsports, Simjobs, Simsex, Simshopping, Simprison, Simschool
Everything is for SaleArtificial Memories, Recorded Dreams, Success and Death
Sex, Sex, SexSexBots, SexSims, Sexutainment, Sexucation, Sexvertizing, Sexdrugs, SexMemories, SexClubs, SexSwap
ParapsychicsThe River of Sorrow, Chi, and Internal PowerPhysical Adepts and Parapsychic Martial ArtistsMentalists and Psions

Politics and Business
Electricity, Telecommunications, and Finance, the Unholy Trinity

*** current point of revision 1.0 ***

Criminal Factions:
Gangs and Ganglands
Mercenaries and Bandits
Organized Crime Syndicates
Corporate Raiders

Neo-Ethnic Hate, and Neo-Ethnic Pride
Human-Robot relations
Clone Rights
Religious sects
Religious Political Parties
Ecological Groups

The Nations
Atlantic Federation
Eurasian Alliance
Pacific Rim Coalition
United States of South America (Amazon League)
South African United Republics
Kingdom of Scandanavia
The Middle Eastern Wastelands
Free India 

Fluffer Nutter Cookies

Actual dice and system mechanics, lists of skills, attributes and the engine behind it. Haven't thought on this, not planning on it either

Arcanotech, Parapsychics and the River of Sorrows
dice rules
Dimensional Engines
Dimensional Batteries
Dimensional Heat Sinks
Exotic Energy Weaponry
The seibertronian neo-cortex and machine intelligence
Stealth Technology
Elementalism and telekinesis
Mind and emotion manipulation
Clairvoyance and astral seeking
Martial Parapsychics
Physical Adepts
Prop Adepts
Unique Parapsychics

Super Soldiers
Parapsychic Martial Artists

The River of Sorrows and Hyperdimensional Space and Hyperdimensional Objects
The Human Soul

The CogNet

How it looks and how it works
Accessing the 'Net
Skimming, Browsing, Immersion
Datastreams and Zones
Safe, Gray, and Black Datastreams

Accessing devices:
Rigging and surrogacy
Electronic Warfare

Hacking and programs
Cybercombat and the CCG
Ghosts in the Machine
Viral Intelligence


Running in the Cosmic Era

Health and Healing
Magic Medicine
Drugs and Brain Alteration
Physical drugs
Electronic drugs
Simsense addiction
Holodeck Syndrome

institutionalized criminal and insane

Friends and Foes
Grunts and Minions
Untrained, Semi-trained, Trained, Elite

CorpSecurity, Gangs, Police, Paramilitary, Military, Mercenary, bounty hunters, street samurai

The Fixer
Mr. Johnson
Information Gathering
Swag and Favors

Gear and Goods
Requisition, buy, sell and trade
Black Market

Cyberware, Bioware, Genetic Augmentation
CogNet Gadgets
Melee Weapons
Civilian Grade Weaponry
Military Grade Weaponry
Magnetic Weaponry
Energy Weapons
High Energy Weapons
Heavy Weapons
Chemical Weapons
Biological Weapons
Atomic and Nuclear Weapons

SmartGun System

Clothing and Armor

Modern Fashion
Encounter Suit
Stealth Suit
Standard Light Ablative/Ballistic Armor
Mercenary Custom Armor
Royal/Black Armor 

ComLink (trektalker)
S3 Full Rig
S3 basic 
S3 Light (band)
Wachowski Probe
Artificial Brain
SkillSofts, Chip based skills, DLC abilities
Recorded Memories 
Electric Paper

Electronic Warfare
Stealth Kit

Artificial Brain, brain augmentation, sense augmentation
Body Armor
Laced skeletons
Myomer muscle replacement
Traced nerves
Civilian prosthetics, military prosthetics, criminal prosthetics
Gun Arms and concealed weapons

BioWare and Genetic Mods
Bone and muscle improvement
Endocrine enhancement
Body Transplant
Grown Organs

Vehicles, machines and Drones

Surrogates and personal drones
Motorcycles and hoverbikes
Police and para-military APCs and light craft
VTOLs and Electrofan craft
Power Armor Suits
Military Drones
Personal Boats
Personal submersibles
Military Warships (guided missile and gauss battleships)
Capital submarines
Hypersonic Aerospace craft
LAI Pilots, the Dummy Plug and Astromech option
Eye-Borgs and small drones
Animal robot drones
Predator and Global Hawk, full size drones
Aquatic mecha and power armor
Marine drones
Space Mecha, power armor and drones
Dragoon gun drone system
Space Warships
Space Civilian ships (cruise liner, cargo hauler, mining)


Robot pets, iKids
The Horse
Wild Dogs and Ferals

Genetic Augment
Smart Dogs
Rat Bombs
Robot warhounds
Smart Dolphins

Instrumentality Project

Storm Tainted 
Storm tainted animals
Storm tainted humans

Ghosts, souls, and astral shadows
Dragons, Vampires and Immortals

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