Military Police

Standard human (unaugmented) wear conventional body armor, and are armed with a civilian grade/anti-riot rifle and a tonfa for subdual purposes. In combat, MPs have a decent attack, but their armor offers little to no protection against the power that the typical PC should have, and are suitable opponents for beginning characters. The MP need not be police, nor military, but represents a person with basic combat skills, aggression, and basic equipment.

The MP should only be a threat to a PC in numbers, or should be used to wear PCs down. MPs typically have the ability to call for reinforcements, which should arrive in a somewhat timely fashion. It is safe to assume that they are from clone stock.

Wojek Military Police

Identical to the regular MP, the wojek is just the robot version. As such, abilities remain largely the same, but the wojek can take twice as much damage, has no wound penalties, but is vulnerable to anti-cybernetic warfare, hacking, and strong electrical attacks.

Wojeks are more common in heavily armed and armored police and private security forces.

Guard Hound

The guard hound is a genetically engineered attack canine. They are large, 150 lb, and aggressive. They are paired with a military police soldier, and rather than seeking out strong foes, the guard hound seeks out the weakest or the most injured to pursue first. The canine has a strong bite, and has been trained for crowd control, take-down, and can follow standard instructions from it's handler.

Guard Hounds tend to have basic augmentation, increased size and strength, and heightened intelligence.


A small drone, the Mono-Seeker floats with the aid of a tiny a-pod and is equipped with a single infantry laser. They are used more as sentries than combatants, but they do have a number of mechanical tendrils that allow them to use tools, access computers, and use other machinery. They are small, fast, and hard to hit. As mechanical foes, they have the usual cybernetic weaknesses.

There are Seeker variants, with Mini-Mine versions packing a small but powerful explosive charge, hacker models that can physically access larger machines cortices via drill probes (rapey) and Eye-Seekers that have large optic sensors and function as spies.


Similar in construction to the mono-seeker, the Light Seeker is a small probe style droid. It is larger than a mono-seeker, and also slower. It compensates for this by having a small amount of armor and a stronger laser. Light Seekers can be modified to carry different weaponry, but the design has been optimized for using a laser. Modified Light Seekers are noticeably slower, and thus are easy to spot to those who are aware of this.

Light Seekers are used in groups that are controlled by a Swarm AI. This allows a single operator to control up to a dozen of them.


The grunt is a melee specialist variant of the military police soldier. Grunts wear the same basic armor, but have improved hand to hand combat skills, and are armed with cestus (armored gauntlets) for improved damage. The grunt is trained in anti-cybernetics combat, and can go hand to hand with robots. A skilled grunt can also deal some damage to power armored troopers.

It is fairly common for grunts to use combat enhancement drugs or juicer rigs.

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Scorpion Quad

A fairly conventional quaddie, the Scorpion combines the upper torso of a standard combat droid with a four legged chassis. The larger chassis houses a robust generator and other equipment, giving the machine a decent range and combat endurance. The arms of the droid are typically replaced with auto-rifle gun-arms. Scorpions are low end, low cost machines. They are used in underworld locations, and in slums where they are tended to by clocksmith tinkers.

Scorpions are old, you can find the wrecks of them out in the desert. Someone built them in the thousands decades ago, maybe even a couple of centuries ago. Guts are robust, easy to fix. Autocannon arms use conventional ammo, not hard to put them back to work.