The Blade of Racial Pride was crafted from a blade given to a mad doppelganger named Xestilenkilar, known among demons as a reliable assassin, assuming you told all his personalities the same job. Xestilenkilar Suffered from extreme identity disorders, believing the identities he made for the jobs were real people, going so far as to change city records to show his linage. Very good for the job, not good for the employers, who had... issues... recalling Xestilenkilar after the jobs were done, not because they couldnt find him, but because they had to remind him who he really was.
After turning on a Devil who employed him for a job involving a priest, Xestilenkilar had to go into hiding, usually an easy task for one with Xestilenkilar's talents. However, the Devil gave Xestilenkilar a blade with which he was to slay the priest with, sense the was not complete the blade stayed with him, cursed to always wield it no matter his form, never being able to rid himself of the cursed thing. The Devil soon sent his new assassins after Xestilenkilar, having them turn all the towns he lived in against his 'identities', for stealing a royal blade.
After a life time of running, Xestilenkilar returned to the priest, now very elderly, and confessed everything to him, begging for a new chance at a new life for sanctuary. The priest agreed, but he had to read the scriptures every day and tell the priest what he learned from them. Weeks passed and the priest was very happy with the progress his refugee was making. In his spare time, Xestilenkilar took up learning a bit of magic and blacksmithing from the churches sage's, Library, and personal smith. After reading a passage about rebirth, Xestilenkilar concocted a plan to turn the cursed blade against the devil and get his revenge.
Using a combination of his new found faith, magic circles and chants, and supplies from the blacksmith, Xestilenkilar commenced a ritual to place part of himself in the blade, so even if the assassins were successful, he could still return to life. The Ritual, was successful, or so Xestilenkilar thought. He didnt trap part of himself, so much as his whole being in the blade. The priest, whom was one of the devils hires, planned this the whole time. He figured why kill Xestilenkilar, when i can trap his soul in the blade and sap his power for the rest of time.
The blade's location after this has been lost for many years. It's unknown if the blade ever made it back to the devil, or if the assassin kept it and ran off. All thats known is that Xestilenkilar has had no one, but him selves to talk to in a long time.

At first glance, the Blade of Racial Pride, looks like a very primitive sword. Sharpened stone set in a wooden hilt, with primitive leather holding it all together. It gives off no aura, has no distinct marks, or any detectable magic. It really just looks like a piece of dusty old history.

The Blade activates after an individual picks up the blade. With in a blink of an eye, the blade takes on the appearance of a long sword, masterly crafted by the smiths of the individuals race. If (for Example) an Elf grabs the blade, it turns into a smooth, elegant, light blade with Elven design and detail around the hilt and blade of the weapon. Where as if an Orc grabs the blade, it becomes Jagged, ridged, heavy blade, with orc runes and trophies attached to the weapon.

Activation, Appearance:
As mentioned before, the blade transforms to look like a masterly crafted weapon from the individuals race, with extreme detail given to the races likes and their designs.
Activation, holding/using:
Once an individual has taken the blade and it has changed its appearance, the blade speaks to the wielder in the tongue of their race. The blade tells them that the blade once belonged to a legend of their race, a hero of old times and that the person with the blade has been chosen to become the next legend. Over time the blade speaks great praise of the race's feats. Their great crafts, how superior their culture is to others, how the world wouldnt be where it is today with out your race, how your people are a gift from the gods and now others resent them for it.

Activation, PRIDE:
The blade, or maybe it's Xestilenkilar, takes pride in who, or rather what it is. When used in battle the blade possesses the individual causing them to go in to a racial frenzy, causing them to attack anything that's not of their race. While in this state, the 'legendary hero' speaks through the wielder, spitting curses and sentences that degrade the existence of the race of whom the wielder is attacking. This intense feeling can cause the individual to turn on his companions, even those of their own race, yelling at them about their lack of racial pride, how they fail at being a member of your race and are only a stain on the history of the race, and how the wielder is the definition or a paragon of the race.

Activation, Passive:
While in the possession of this blade, any racial training against another ( such as Dwarfs being trained to fight giants) is increased. The blade makes finding and killing the individuals race's racial enemies a lot easier.

Legend says that making the wielder of the blade look at themselves, with a mirror or similarly object, causes the individual to turn on them self. What is shown i the mirror is not the wielder of the blade but rather Xestilenkilar's appearance he chose for that race. The wielder sees them self and starts to babble with himself, others see Xestilenkilar's form fighting with the reflection of the individual wielding the blade, because Xestilenkilar thinks he's the paragon of the race, not this 'impostor' in the reflection. Eventually, the blade will be dropped, as Xestilenkilar tries to through the blade at the reflection as a last ditch effort to rid the world of the impostor. Upon release of the blade, the individual passes out from the strain of power leaving the body.
~or so its been told, other means might also be available.~
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