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February 10, 2017, 4:35 pm

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Ato Hadaka


Adapted from Aramax's Nekkid submission for use in the Cosmic Era

a Ato Hadaka is a relatively contemporary art form that grew in the Second Dark Age, a celebration of the human body and the ideal physique. It was adopted as something of haute coture by the Emperor of Nippon, and was endorsed by him. This saw the art flourish and also be incorporated into the upper echelons of the zaibatsu culture that was dominant on the home islands. It quickly spread, finding strong interest in parts of the world that were not still dominated by cultural taboos against nudity or religious backed prudishness. In the west, it was more commonly presented as an informal style of performance art that was simply known as Nekkid.

Mizudansu, water dancing

Mizudansu is the oldest form of the Ato Hadaka, and comes from a Nipponese seacology in Tsurugashima Bay. The performance of this art is done entirely underwater, either requiring enormous physical stamina, quick access to underwater air supplies, or the ability to breath water. The performance demonstrates the magnificence of the human form, and is dramatic, sweeping, and performed to musical accompanyment. This is the form that presented as a gift to the Emperor from the people of Tsurugashima Bay.

The Sea Dragon, also known as the father of Mizudansu, is a cloned child of the progenitor of Mizudansu. So touched was the Emperor by the gift of the people of Tsurugashima, he gifted them with an immortal dancer. Each master of the Tsurugashima school is a clone of the original dancer who went before the Emperor. These clones are raised and taught the mizudansu, and in turn they will raise and train the next generation's Sea Dragon. There are generally a dozen clones raised in each creche, but only one is allowed to become the next Sea Dragon, the others generally perish attempting to perform the more dangerous dances.

The Immaculate Pearl was genetically engineered to be the perfect human being, with the cleanest, purest, most pristine genetic code ever compiled. She was created to be the ultimate practitioner of Ato Hadaka, she is perfectly symmetrical, and her joints are more fluid than the average human, with superior muscle tone, and better reflexes. She isn't augmented like other augmens, not tailored for maximum strength, or speed, but rather the ideal of perfection. The Emperor of Nippon has already declared her genome a national treasure, and she has just begun her career. Outside of her phenomenal performances, there is little substance to the Immaculate Pearl. Her skills are intimated, her persona is backed up and re-implanted on a regular basis, and her attitude is maintained with regular doses of lybrium

Hinode-Nichibotsu, sunrise-sunset

The Hinode-Nichibotsu is less performance art, and more abstract ironic art, where half the performance is nude bodies covered in paint and other media, and the other half is a finished piece of art such as a painting. The true expression of Hinode-Nichibotsu is to be present for the actual performance and creation of an art piece, and then honor is given to the person who either purchases the finished piece, or is gifted it.

NPC - male, Banksy type

Nikutaikaizou, body modification

A new expression of Ato Hadaka, Nikutaikaizou is the grandeur of the genetically or cybernetically augmented human body. The demonstration shows the extent and perfection of the augmentations, and can range from the relatively minor, such as modifications of the sexual traits, to the impressive, such as hyper muscle mods and angel biomods, to the horrific, a human mind grafted into an animal or chimerical body.

NPC - male, Lucifer

NPC - Eccentrica Gallumbits

NPC - Spiral, the 6 armed knife dancer

NPC- Breath, heavily augmented cyborg who performs in a vacuum with powders,smokes and lasers

NPC-Heavenly Cobra, Vomits paint from cyborg lungs, very contriversial with the artsy types

Ato Etchi, the art of pornography

Ato Etchi is considered the lowest form of Ato Hadaka, and many consider it to be nothing more than exhibitionism, or the display of sexual intercourse for the entertainment of the lowest common denominator. The line between Ato Etchi and outright porn and prostitution is a blurry one, as there are performers on both sides of the equation.

NPC - Czech house madam

NPC - disgraced former star, Rose, tried performing high style nude as a present for emperor, and was banished, she occasionally cause fatal "accidents" male co-stars

NPC - Robot Transformer Male to female

Honban Hentai, the real deal perversion

Honban Hentai, often shortened to either Honban, or Hon-Tai, is the representation of depraved or disgusting acts, which the act itself is illegal, or presentations of the act are likewise banned. This is a common theme in highly deviant interests, and many performances of Hon-Tai are quite real. Hon-Tai frequently involves rape, murder, necrophilia, and other highly objectionable and offensive things, often for pure shock value.

NPC - Hon-Tai murder-maiden, the Black Widow, gets male volunteers from the audience to perform with her, depending on how well he does she castrates gouges eyes or kills partner.

NPC - necrophile

NPC - robot abuser

NPC - torture porn,Triplets that blends music ,screams and blood gushes into art, secretly popular with the upper class as they are so very good at it.

NPC Aphrodite, human female/ donkey hybrid centaur

NPC Crimson Rain, uses Katana to make cuts on victims that are thrown at him wearing anti grav belts and thier blood has been shaded various colors. He paints himself with the blood as they slowly fall to the floor. Regarded as a the most hunted of the Hon-Tai performers as he will kill as many as 30 people during a performance.

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