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Atlantis , The Mainland of (India)

Ceylon, The Home of the Barbarians(you)

3 cities of Atlantis(medevil tech, powerful magic) , brought by them under their own power to escape destruction of main land 10,000 years ago, at stalemate w Serpent Men(they are apparently busy elsewhere on Continent.Entire sub contenent is "encounter" area. Atlantians= elves(sort of)

At the very start of campaign, the Serpent Men sued for peace with your tribe and the 3 Atlantian cities, local skirmishes are common but Serpent Men seem to be acting from a point of weakness, which seems very very odd

Silver and Ruby are=copper in value

Atlantian Cities

(southern subcontinent)

AEVORAN The High Council Ruby Buildings

(R.elations W.ith T.ribe FAIR)

Pang Tong Troops ,Melee wizards

ARTEW The City of Commerce, Chrystal Buildings

(R.elatin W.ith T,ribe POOR)

telekinetic Fist Troops

BETTEX The city of Magic Silver Buildings

(RWT fair leaning poor)

super Magic Missile Troops augment and aid both

Note there is tension between Atlantian cities


(middle subcontinent)

Ruins of IXC, necromantic home to evil Wight's empire, (remnant of Atlantis past,?)(powerful magic)


KOX_ The Home of the Hoppers, part rabbit , part panther, part human, Teeth attack and claws, Black fur long dumb floppy ears High Luck and Dex , Your sworn enemies

(RWT at WAR)

Jungles of Serpent Men(vast majority of sub continet )

Triple Snake, Regional Capital of Serpent man( their name for themselves is Naka or Naga?) empire, slave buyrs , their dense jungle covers the rest of the Russia shaped continent (to the North) Snake Man L3 Sorcerer This is the extent of Serpent Man territory now that they lost it to the recently arrived Atlantians (copper tech, powerful magic)

The Three, Three Serpent Man fortresses (across the top of India )One filled with Ogre sized Tri(6 HD), triceratops men War Pigs(2 HD), man sized boar men, Owlbear sized Rhino men( 3D=3 HD) ( RWT Serpent Man and Fortresses, Very poor close to your home, at war further away) (Copper Tech)

Jungles are filled with Leopard Men 2 hd, Gorilla Hydras(some w 6 arms, some that use magic, servants of the Serpent Men, and four diff species of Human, Sea Barbarian(the highest tech humans, ultimate stone age with some copper, neanderthals, cromagnon, and cannibalistic Indian people

Less Known areas

unknown locations

Forest of The Spider Gods, just rummer

The lost City of Akoa the last remains of Atlantis from this time, fierce shrewd warriors w good tech, magic wielders Minautors and Satyrs (RWT AT WAR) Akos is strict warrior ethos and has no good relations w/ any other city (Iron age) Your trbe does not know where city is and most of your info about it is second hand from primitives and Atlantians, a very few skirmishes on mainland have occcored w your people.

Numerous ruins of Atlantian, Serent Men and poss othe civilazations unknown

The Ocean

The Ocean of Plenty, Tuna , sea turtles, sharks, killer whales, blue whales, The barbarians have been feeding the Atlantian colonies for 2 years, since they arrived in this time zone

Enchanted Islands (to the south)

Skull Island very large(yup) (RWT VERY POOR NATIVE VILLAGES, Headhunters)

Green Island, Land of the last of the Pleistocene creatures

Blue Island Reef under only 1 foot of water

Sapphire Island ,Home of Sapphire Blue Hyena's , 3 tribes worship them from small next door island "Native Island"


Tiki Island, w enchanted tiki birds That are all mages and all travel completely together w 95% of race of magic parrots in one spot

(RWT poor to good, magic birds are powerful and fickle, but generally not overtly hostle)

Shadow Cloak, Isle of Vampires and Vampire bats and swamp Constant twilight of full moon shadow

(RWT unsteady peace treaty)(mostly keep to themselves)

SHARKS TOOTH , very large with mostly tamed jungle (Home Island ,where your tribe lives) Only one large village , 1/2 trader/ 1/2 raider, all fishing) Your tribe is widely feared 10% of women and 50% of men are divided among the following char class, rest are zero L, 30% Sailor 40 % Barbarian, 18% Fighter 4% Sea rangers, 4% jungle rangers, 4% 2nd L previous and Shaman, Warlords, and a very tiny number of spellbook wizards(taught by Atlantis, 5 total all first) Your people are slowly, slowly civilizing but there is resistance from the Shamans and Barbarians, but they are in the minority and slowly civilization is creeping in. Ex pat :Atlantians, even 3 Serpent Men (all politiclal refugees) 5% of your people are literate (50% Atlantian/ 50% Serpent Man)

Sky ships(Atlantian only)

deeper into continent (Naka Empire)

Very little is known about the rest of the continent, it seems to be totally under control of Serpent Men, with scattered Low stone age humanoids, Raiding is poor so your tribe confines itself to sub continent.Approx shaped like russia from captured maps with "Atlantis" sub continent sticking out from middle south of it.

The Locations of three more Serpant Man Empire coties are known and have been in the past raided

MONSTERS (The most well known monsters of the land)

"Heads, flying vampire, heads of vampires who are elderly this is the life cycle of the vampire uncommon 3HD damage d8 bite more powerful ones exist

Minotaur's,6HD,d12 horn + D8 bite ac 15 (armoured and natuarl toughness ,Serpent Man escapees uncommon

Gugs, Live inder ground? 10 HD 2 attacks for 2d6 plus three ac13 Lost City? rare

Byakee ridden by Serpent Men, rare

Haemonphores Headless vampireish froglings that lurk in old Serpanent Man and Atlantian ruins(2HD) They cause about d10 damage but you are not told by dm how much damage you are taking because bit is anestitized

Butter fly Dragons small and very dangerous(3HD) cause Blindness, deafness and tastless, one of

Fairies (slowly getting rarer, believed to have connection to Tiki Birds)

Xorn (apex predator) Serpent Man escapees? Rare

eldrich horrors and minor gods, too many legends, only know they are real.

Leopards (varies 2-5 HD mostly 2 hd ,D8+1 Damage) common

Boa's (3-5HD, mostly 4) uncommon 3d4 damage

Saber toothed Cat (5 HD) rare 1-12 damage from tusk. d8 from one claw

Cobras (many) (1 HD, +3 to hit D8+2 damage from spit) very common

Many Kinds of Monkey , some quite large (chimp ) and man eating(man eating 1 or 2 HD) common


10 60 man boats (each boat 10 Sailors, 30 Barbarians, 10 Fighters 3 warlords 3 shaman 3 female "medics' with healing potins

20 10 man boats

50 3 man boats( 6 w sea rangers 6 with jungle rangers)

all full

Additional Ideas (2)

Anybody want to be from Home Island? Sign up for account here and play by post Looking for one more pler, Literallly Conan L2 from Cimmeria


2017-03-16 04:04 PM » Link: [8725#97560|text]
Treausure room vault 30 +1 steel swords (net plus 3)
One PLus two steel sword so plus 4
10 rings of protection +2
20 spellbooks(MU differant unknown civilazation, Deep Ones)
10 Atlantis spellbooks
23 Serpent Man spellbooks

2017-03-16 08:58 PM » Link: [8725#97561|text]
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