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October 25, 2005, 2:29 pm

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She wouldn’t ever let anyone get close to her, and wore gloves all the time.  She never let anyone know it, but she had a good reason.


Ash is a very short woman, with long dark red hair, which she usually wears pulled back.  She’s kind of mousy, and at first glance doesn’t appear to be anyone worth remembering.  She usually dresses in a sensible manner, the only thing notable being the fact that she always wears a pair of thin gloves.  Once you look at her, though, you realize that she’s pretty in an ordinary sort of way, and her eyes are a little disconcerting.


She was orphaned at an early age, and was raised by a kindly former ranger and his wife.  Nothing about her life was remarkable until the time when she was fourteen.  One day, she was helping her adopted mother as she usually did, when she picked up a plate to put it away.  She immediately dropped it.  When she had touched the plate, she had suddenly seen someone else’s memory.  The ranger’s wife, after a fight with her husband.  It was distressing to say the least, and Ash was very frightened.  When she calmed down a little, she experimented to see what was going on, and what that would mean.  She found that if she touched something with her bare hands, she relived any vivid memories associated with the item, from the perspective of of whoever’s memory it was.
Ash is a psychometrist.  If someone handles or in any way touches an item while feeling any sort of strong emotion, it leaves a psychic imprint, which Ash is able to pick up if she touches it with her bare hands.  It only works on inanimate objects; she has not tried plants, but it would be doubtful that they would work.
Through some cautious experimentation, Ash has found that the psychic imprints left on objects will fade over time and be replaced.  At first, before she figured out what was going on, the constant flow of other people’s memories threatened to drive her insane, but that was soon corrected by wearing gloves all the time.  However, after a few bad experiences, Ash will not tell anyone what she can do if she can possibly help it.  She is also understandably a little leary of strangers. 

Roleplaying Notes:

Ash refuses to touch anything that has not belonged to her for at least a year, and wears her gloves all the time to avoid accidental contact.  Someone who knew what she was capable of might be able to blackmail her, trick her, or talk her into using her gift, but it will be difficult.  When it comes to other people’s memories, she really doesn’t want to know.  She’s actually almost phobic about it, afraid of what she might learn.  She really sees it as more of a curse.

If she does touch something, she sees only the latest, strongest memory associated with it, as if she were the person in question.  The memory lasts only as long as she maintains contact, and begins to fade soon after she stops touching it.

If she sees something disturbing, she will react accordingly once she breaks contact.  She may cry, get angry, go into hysterics, or whatever, depending on what she saw.  This may be alarming to any compainions she may have at the time.

While she’s touching something and reliving the memory associated with it, it is obvious to observers that something is going on, that she’s percieving something that’s not there.  Whether this is a good thing or a bad thing depends on the current context.

Additional Ideas (1)

Maybe is she holds somebody else's hand when she has a vision, she can share that vision with them. Might help her cope a little, but also makes her a rag doll to somebody that may just want to use her.

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Comments ( 7 )
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October 23, 2003, 1:28
Great character, I can only imagine the conflict her handling an orb would have.
Ria Hawk
October 23, 2003, 1:43
... I'm not sure they would count, being conscious entities and all. But if they did count, it wouldn't end well, quite possibly for either party.
October 23, 2003, 2:01
She unfortunately would come out on the bad end, as they have over 1100 to 1800 years experience. That is a lot of experience to experience. She may not pick up the Orb's actions,but there are a lot of people around the orbs over that time.
Ria Hawk
October 23, 2003, 2:13
But if she only gets the latest memory, she wouldn't get them all. Unless the orbs tried to force it, which they could theoretically do. But I so agree with the general idea. Since no one who actually handles the orbs will have any very pleasant memories associated with them, it would probably drive her insane. That goes for any thing, actually. If there's a bad enough memory, or if she hangs on for too long, she might just lose her mind.
Voted Strolen
April 13, 2013, 14:36
Pretty neat idea and to put it in a person that can't handle it is the best idea. With anybody else it would just turn into another power. As it is, it is a curse.

Voted valadaar
June 18, 2013, 21:02
A good psychic character, though we know little beyond her aversion to using her power. A starting point we can add too easily enough. Was being an orphan really necessary?


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