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August 31, 2007, 6:02 pm

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"Appleseeds are the only explanation for the positioning of life as we know it," Dr Yallan

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An Appleseeds dimpled spheres approximately 80 meters (94m) in radius. The Shell is made of basic Neutronic Steel. It’s reactionless drive and small warp generator propels it from star system to star system. It has a detailed mid range scanning system and a solid system onboard information processor. It uses a force tube/ gravetic beam system to either deposit its lifeseeding materials or to draw up organic material to replenish it. The interior systems help maintain the existing organics in stasis between uses.

The device itself is quite elegant in its simplicity of form and function. The Confederation could build one today (or nearly two hundred years ago), if they had the vision of The Johnnies.

The species only known as The Johnnies created untold number of Appleseeds some 2 Eons (approximately 5 billion years) ago. Their species, perhaps on the brink of extinction, decided to bring the gift of life to the universe. To that end, they built countless Appleseeds and unleashed them upon the galaxies.

Each Appleseed’s programing is simple. It travels to the nearby starsystem. It searches for planets or planetoids with various protolife sparks, planets in the standard habitable zone, or perhaps some other exotic criteria set (strong astreal connections). Once a suitable location is set, a mix of amino acids and protobacterias are release in a few places around the planetoid. This Lifeseeding helps jumpstart the process, giving standard life a greater chance of developing on a planetoid.

When possible, it will "tank up" with water or organic materials to maintain its load.

The Appleseeds are responsible for the prevolence of standard life in the Alpha Region (and beyond).

Only one Appleseed has ever been found. This unit was damaged by an asteroid collision in the warp belt of the Cyrell System. It has floated there for 3.5 billion years until recently discovered by the Confederation Fleet Ship Inspiration.

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