The Agents

Tobias Stöhner: Gray hat hacker and electronics whiz, Tobias makes computer security experts at the Pentagon break out into a cold sweat when he infiltrates their systems.

Virgil Cooke: A former CIA agent, Virgil is a master of acting a part and working the social aspects of covert ops. You probably should avoid windows if he wants you dead.

Jack Herman: Former SAS, Jack is the group's heavy muscle and military man. If the group needs his talents, it's inevitably because something went FUBAR and they need saving.

Alexandrina Veselovsky (Alex): Russian criminal. Breaking and entering expert. Overly complicated last name. Impossible to keep away from your valuables.

The Setup

Arthur Bingham is meeting up with George Hardings at the restaurant located in the bottom of The Today Hotel for lunch. Arthur has stumbled onto information that Hardings, his uncle, is possibly the target of an assassination attempt, and is hoping warn him.

The players, investigating Arthur Bingham at the behest of Agency 17, their employers, believe that Hardings is feeding Arthur information about a botched Agency 17 mission.

Hardings has become a target of the Russian Mafia for his part in a scheme involving the CIA, the Russian Mob and the Belarus KGB.

The Plan

  • Tobias will hack the hotel network while on site. He will learn where Hardings' hotel room is and hopefully place a reservation for the rooms adjacent to Hardings' room so that the team can use the rooms to snoop on him.
  • Virgil will attempt to eavesdrop on Arthur and George's conversation while they are within the restaurant.
  • Alex will attempt to infiltrate Hardings' room while he is occupied having lunch.
  • Jack will be somewhere nearby, ready to react if anything goes wrong.



The hotel has numerous computers throughout the ground floor that are easy to access, as well as a Wi-Fi network that is accessible from across the street with proper equipment. Computer security is almost nonexistent, and baring any critical failures, Tobias should be able to hack his way in without any problems.


The hotel rooms are secured with keycard locks that she should be able to easily bypass. Hardings has been staying in his large room for an extended period of time:

  • His laptop is setup on a desk. It is password protected, and likely outside of Alex's capabilities to crack into.
  • There is folded laundry all over one of the two beds, and Hardings' hygiene supplies are scattered around the bathroom.
  • Hardings' briefcase also serves as one of his diplomatic pouches. It features a fairly advanced lock, and gives a -4 penalty to attempts to pick it. Inside is about fifty thousand in American dollars along with the list.
  • The Russian Mob will likely have an infiltrator of their own attempting to search through his room (or possibly planting a booby trap on the door). This infiltrator will be armed with only a silenced pistol, and will be a fairly experienced criminal (skills ~11 for combat, which is around a 62.5% chance of success without any modifiers).
  • Said booby trap would likely involve explosives on the hotel door


  • The meeting is taking place in a fairly busy hotel restaurant. The chatter and noise gives a -3 to all hearing checks to listen for specific sounds or conversations, and I should probably assess distance penalties as well, allowing the shotgun microphone they picked up to mitigate that penalty.
  • Unsure how the group is going to record with the microphone if Tobias is busy hacking.
  • Virgil will likely have no problem looking innocent and inconspicuous
  • George and Arthur will be discussing how Arthur is afraid that a hit is going to be taken out on George due to George's betrayal of the Russian Mob
  • The Russians have a guy in the restaurant watching the conversation as well


  • Jack's going to be babysitting the van/truck.
  • Probably going to have him make a will check to remain focused (although he might have a perk related to that... I should check beforehand)
  • If Jack's proactive about security, there's a good chance he'll spot the van the Russians are using to coordinate their infiltration/surveillance measures on Hardings
  • I'm unsure how the players plan to keep in touch- it might be very difficult for Alex to contact Jack should a confrontation take place.


The team first procures an SUV, stealing one from a chop shop. Virgil distracts the occupants of the shop while Alex serendipitously finds the keys to the SUV sitting on top of the driver's side wheel. Upon arriving at the hotel, Tobias quickly got to work hacking their networks, easily gaining access. A few moments later and they knew which room Hardings was staying in, and were able to reserve the room next door for themselves.

Meanwhile, Virgil made his way into the hotel restaurant and subtly convinced the waiter to seat him where he'd have a perfect listening/watching position on the most secluded booth in the place. It turned out that his tradecraft instincts were right, because Hardings and Bingham chose that secluded booth to sit at.

Alex makes her way up to Hardings' room and breaks in without an issues.

Bingham is concerned for Hardings, who is revealed to be his Uncle. Bingham states that his law enforcement contacts are seeing rumbles throughout the underworld that some criminal organization is looking for Hardings, and that the diplomat is likely in serious danger. Hardings brushes off the warning, instead chastising his nephew for continuing to pursue pet conspiracy theories and failing to do anything with his life.

Upstairs, Alex has found something amusing.


Right after that discovery, a man breaks into the hotel room much like Alex did. She hides under the bed, but a text message sent by Jack outside causes her hiding place to be discovered. Alex tries to spook the man by firing a shot out the hotel window with her holdout pistol, but the man retreats towards the door, covering the room with his own gun.

Alex tries to make a break for the exit, successfully using her acrobatic skills to slip past the man blocking the doorway. He fires a few times at her, but his sloppy aim means that nothing connects. She gets into the stairwell and books it for the ground floor while the man slips away before the police arrive.

Meanwhile, Jack had texted everywhere because while waiting around, he and Tobias had spotted a van sitting outside the hotel much like they were- and Jack definitely saw a camera lens poke out of the driver's seat window. Tobias makes sure to get their license plate number.

The shots from upstairs startle the people outside the hotel and in the lobby, but the restaurant area is mostly insulated from the noise thanks to the chatter of the patrons and the noise-proofing done to keep the restaurant noise from making the lobby loud. Bingham eventually gets a text from one of his cop buddies about the gunshots fired, and gets his uncle to grudgingly agree to leave and reunite with the diplomatic security team he had abandoned.

Virgil is spotted as he followed Bingham and Hardings from the hotel lobby, and Arthur confronts him. Virgil is forced to stop shadowing them, and Arthur and George leave by taxi.

The group piles into their SUV and leave.

The Pouch

Hardings' acquired a CIA document listing out the organizational structure of the higher echelons of the Russian Mob operating within Moscow. The document is extensive and well-researched, and reveals the identity of multiple CIA moles within the organization.

  • Hardings was paid by the Belarus KGB to acquire the list from the CIA, which he accomplished by bribing a few computer techs working on NSA surveillance projects
  • The CIA wants to ensure the safety of their operatives
  • The Russian Mafia is interested in both suppressing the list and seeing how extensive the CIA's information on their organization is
  • The Belarus KGB paid Hardings for the list and will be extremely pissed off if they don't get it.
  • The man Alex encountered in Hardings' hotel room was a Russian Mob member sent to try and locate Hardings or the list. The man believes that Alex is probably CIA.
  • The CIA knows that the list is missing thanks to their mole within the Russian Mob. They currently don't know how their security was compromised.
  • The Belarus KGB currently has no way of affecting the situation- their likely response is to send a hit squad after Hardings if they don't receive the list.
  • Nobody is aware that Agency 17 is involved, and all three (the Mob, CIA and Belarus KGB) all falsely believe one of the others possess the list. (Mob thinks CIA, CIA thinks the Mob has it, and the Belarus KGB just knows that they don't have it.)

Meanwhile, Arthur is going to be doing his best to get his Uncle to safety.

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