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October 29, 2005, 11:56 am

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Adrian the Ace of Cards


All this boy wanted to do was play a challenging card game with magic and cool powers, looks like he got his wish.

Special Equipment:

The Deck of the White Sorcerer


Adrian is a well built young man who aside from practicing magic, loves to fight and keeps himself in well physical condition. He has dark straight hair that he lets grow long reaching just below his chin and dark brown eyes.


Born into the life of a gypsy family, a young man, named Adrian, was always fascinated with magic. He could perform simple illusions and slight of hands that he would learn from his father and would use that to baffle and wow people in the streets. It was in this way he was given the nickname Ace. His skill and fame grew fast and his family was invited to perform for the King himself at a royal banquet celebrating his daughter’s birthday. The family was overjoyed, especially over the fact that the king would pay handsomely for them to attend. Things were finally looking up for the gypsy family.

They arrived at the kingdom ahead of schedule and was instructed as to when they would perform. Adrian’s mother and father conversed with the king and queen, as well as several other wealthy citizens at the banquet. Adrian was over at the long stretched table covered with plates of treats and foods. Adrian was eating his fill when he looked over to where his parents stood conversing. He then noticed the king’s daughter. She was the most beautiful woman Adrian had ever laid his eyes on. She had long brown hair the shined in the light of the palace. It flowed heavily down to her lower back. Her eyes were a beautiful light hazel that he could not stop staring at. She wore a shimmering diamond necklace that was charmed with a large red ruby that seemed to accentuate her cleavage. The dress she wore was a light purple and was tightly pressed up against her slightly tanned skin. She looked over at Adrian and smiled at him. She was also pleased with his physical appearance being a good looking man.

He smiled back and she motioned her eyes over to a corridor. He looked over and saw her start heading towards it so he followed. When they arrived there she pulled him into an empty room along the side of the corridor and they began talking and introducing themselves. Unaware to Adrian, was that the princess was off limits to any male and would get many men beheaded or banished for sleeping with her. Knowing this, the princess would continue to seduce and sleep with men just to disobey her father and enjoy her own self. The princess never cared for anyone, but poor Adrian did not know this. So when she told him that he wasn’t like the other guys she had met, he truly believed she liked him.

Meanwhile, the parents of the two lovers were completely unaware of her presence; which was quite odd since it was the princess’s party. The royal herald instructed the family to begin and it was at that moment that they had noticed there son was missing. The king noticed that his daughter also was absent and he had already put two and two together. He ordered a search and they quickly found them, undressed. The king eyed the boy in anger and disgust and ordered his guards to take him under custody. He then looked at his daughter who was now looking rather angry herself at the fact that they didn’t even get to do anything. Adrian’s parents arrived just as he was being picked up by two guards and dragged out of the bedroom. The king explained what he pieced together was going on and told them that any minor sleeping with his daughter would be thrown into the dungeon until he thought of a suitable punishment. His parents tried to convince the king to change his mine but the king remained stubborn and ordered the family to leave immediately.

When the boy arrived in the dungeon, he saw two other trapped prisoners. One looked as if he wasn’t in the mood to talk to anyone so he went over to the younger looking prisoner who looked up at the new guy getting thrown in. He walked over to where he lied flat on his stomach. The young boy smiled at him and said, “So, she seduced you too.” Adrian looked up at him confused and asked him what he meant. The young prisoner explained how the princess was a seductress and how she would be down here in the middle of the night and sneak one of the prisoners out for a good time. “It’s not that bad of a gig really.” The blonde headed prisoner smiled and sat down on the floor. “Well I’m nobody’s boy toy and I’m not just going to sit around and wait to have sex so I can just get in even more trouble when the king finds out.”
Oh he’s going to find out, don’t you worry. You’ll likely be beheaded that’s what happens to all of us. I’m just lucky the king finds out, but when he does, it will be the end of me for sure.” The prisoner lied back as if to take a nap. Adrian looked over at him as if he was an idiot and said, “Well you sure taking it light heartedly.”
The prisoner smiled again and said, “Look the way I see it is I’m stuck down here for life. There’s no way out, the food is mere table scraps, and I’m going to die anyway. I might as well enjoy what ever last days I have before the king finds out.” With that he fell asleep.
“Well, I’m not going out like that. I’m the son of a gypsy, there’s nothing I can’t get out of.” With that he reached in his pocket. He had three very small smoke balls, and deck of cards that he carried with him everywhere. Sadly this was all he had to work with.

As the moon rose through the night, Adrian grew tired awaiting the princess to sneak down. “Come on, where is she? I hope this guy is right.” With that he heard footsteps. The door crept open and a head poked in. It was that of a guard doing his nightly rounds and checking to see if the prisoners were still where they should be. Just about to give up, A while after the guard had left, foot steps were heard once again. This time they were much softer. The door crept open again but this time long brown hair and hazel eyes peered in and stared straight at Adrian. She gestured him over with a finger. “I’m so sorry this happened to you. I want you to know I’m doing everything I can to get you out of this.” She put on quite a performance for the gypsy boy. Not believing a word of it, he decided to lie right back. “Oh, it doesn’t matter now that I’m with you, and I’m ready to finish what we started.”

“Now that’s what I like to hear.” The arrived at the princess’s quarters and entered as quietly as possible. The princess climbed into her bed and began to let her robe fall off. Adrian’s mind drifted slightly at the sight of those breasts and started to think, ‘Should I stay or go ahead and make my escape now.’ She smiled at him seductively. ‘Why not?’ Adrian climbed into the bed, and well you can pretty much figure the rest out. An hour later, the princess lied asleep, weakened and tired, Adrian forced himself to stay awake and he made his escape. He crept out as he did, the princess awoke and saw him leaving he smiled at her one last time and then slipped out of the room. As he hurried down the dark hallway he forgot his way out. He luckily chose the right path and was in the banquet hall. Unfortunately he also startled to guards on patrol and the chase was on.

Dashed down the banquet room two more guards joined in on the chase. He came to the end of a corridor and had to make a left or a right choice. He slammed down one of his smoke balls and took the left path. Three guards went right the other chose the way Adrian took. He came to another fork, but this one had an opened window. He stopped and through down another smoke ball. When the smoke cleared the guard was completely dumbfounded. He had no idea which way to take so he took the left. Unaware that Adrian was hanging onto the ledge of the window outside. He pulled himself back in and began to run down the right path.

As soon as he thought he was lost he found the exit. He took towards the door only to be seen by two more guards. He by now had awoken the whole palace. He ran out of the palace running from flying arrows. He was lucky to make it unharmed and he took to the town. He stopped by his house on the way out he left his parents a note saying he was ok and that he didn’t want to put them in any danger. He left the town alone and took to the forest. Upon his parents’ wake, they knew that they must leave town as well, for the king would come looking for them asking for the where about of their son.

Adrian walked the path of through the forest and was sure he hadn’t the slightest idea of where he was headed. His journey through the forest was quite peaceful. He was startled by a couple of animals and bugs but other then that he hadn’t run into anybody. His travel then took him to a small town. When he entered the town he saw quite a few merchants offering anyone that would come close to there cart items and food. He noticed a couple of small children playing. By now it was mid morning and he still hadn’t eaten. Smart enough to remember to grab some gold before he left, he bought two apples and walked the town. He came across a shop that housed many potions and corked bottles. He entered curious to see what magic the shop held. The shop was owned by small town business man. He asked the man where he got his magic from he told them a sorcerer resides in this town. “He heals injured warriors and travelers and he makes money by creating potions for me and I sell them to local villagers and visitors like your self.” He then asked where he could find him and he pointed him in the right direction.

When Adrian found the magician he watched him heal a injured faun. The faun looked rather buff and he almost mistook him for a Minotaur. “There you go Corticus. You’re as good as new. I hope you find whatever it is you’re looking for, and don’t push yourself so hard. You’ll train yourself to death.” The sorcerer smiled and watched him leave. “Thanks but if I don’t push myself, I’ll never improve.” The faun explained as he began to walk out. He eyed Adrian who was looking at the intimidating creature make his exit. Adrian asked the sorcerer if he could work for him as an assistant. He told him the tale of his secret act he had with the princess. The old man laughed at his tale and told him he could stay. He was very kind hearted and had a warm disposition about him. He explained how he was fascinated with magic and that he would love to be able to cast spells and perform magnificent feats of power and formation. The sorcerer told him that before he got so old and weak that he use to use his powers in battle. The sorcerer told him that he was now 1,898 years old and was starting to weaken. The boy displayed his deck of cards and showed him his mediocre slight of hand card tricks. The old man smiled at his tricks and applauded when appropriate. He easily saw through the boys tricks but went along with it. He then played a game the Adrian created himself called card duels. He explained the rules and the moves thoroughly and the sorcerer loved the boys imagination and took into consideration all of these details. The boy talked about how the cards in his imagination would play out his moves and how they looked. He described this to the sorcerer and he just listened attentively loving each word of it. The play a few rounds and Adrian one most of them.

“I see why the call you Ace you are quite good. Might I see your deck.” He took the boys cards and looked them over. Wow these are interesting the design, the symbolism. He then began to make them levitate. He would cause the images on the cards to drift of and move around and resume their original position. “Hold on to these lad, their quite special.” With those words several guards kicked down the door of the sorcerer’s haven. The boy recognized two of them as guards from the kingdom in his old village. Adrian not wanting the old man to get hurt told him to leave out the back. The sorcerer refused and asked the men to leave. Adrian being a magician could tell a slight of hand when he saw one, and he saw the old sorcerer casting a spell behind his back. He couldn’t tell what he was aiming at though. He felt his cards emitting a small energy though. He then just ignored it and focused his attention on the matters at hand. The guards dashed in and took them both by their arms. As they were being dragged out, the sorcerer looked over at Adrian and said, “Keep playing that game of yours. It may come in handy. By the way, it’s your draw.” With that the sorcerer dispersed a large energy burst which sent the gaurds flying in all directions dropping the two of them. He asked for his deck again and he began calling out an encantation. With the final words of the encantation a large energy force emitted from the sorcerer and was being channeled into the deck. This took everything out of him and fell to the floor. Adrian ran over and asked what happened. “I have given your deck all my power that I’ve studied and mastered and now, your game is everything you ever wanted. Keep playing, boy, keep fighting…” The sorcerer breathed his last words before he fell to rest. Adrian felt a tear build and he grabbed his deck. He then stood his ground as the guards began to charge him again. He glared at them angrily and just said “It’s my draw.” He drew four cards from his deck and glanced at them. Suddenly the earth began to tremor. The cards flew from his hand and cirled him. The four cards were a Jack, a King, a Queen, and an Ace. Then the cards formed together and created a might sword. Adrian took the sword and swung it. The mere swing gusted enough wind to fling the guards back off their feet and into another cart. The guards made their retreat. The sword then flew up and turned back into the four cards which flew back into the boys hands. His dream of the cards had come true and it was all thanks to a kind hearted sorcerer he gave his power and soul into something he thought was just a fascinating idea. Adrian established a newfound respect for his deck and the powers it held. But where there is great power, there is always someone else after it.

Word spread throughout both villages and beyond. It wasn’t long before a dark sorcerer heard of this power. Unknown to Adrian, was that the sorcerer who helped him out was white sorcerer; which meant he had tremendous power. So, to have all that power in the palm of your hands was just asking for someone else to want to steal it. The dark ruler sent minions and beasts and soldiers to fight the boy, for he was the only one that stood in his way. He knew not exactly how much power was in the deck, but he didn’t want to take any chances for the dark ruler Shadox had plans that would put him atop the thrown of the entire planet and all civilization as we know it. Adrian wanted to do something to prove himself worthy of such a gift. He wanted to do something to make his parents and the white sorcerer proud. When he heard of villages being attacked by armies sent by an unknown king he decided to make an effort in finding this unknown king.

Adrian’s travels brought him many places, and he met many people. Adrian soon was joined by Corticus, the same faun he had encountered in the white sorcerers healing haven a while back. He also came across a beautiful griffin tamer named Sicillia who also was looking for someone who threatened her home town. He soon came to meet a half human, half druid, being named Iziah who explained to him that he knew of a dark sorcerer named Shadox. The more he learned the more he knew who he had to defeat. He would find Shadox and stop him, before he could cause anymore harm to humanity.

Roleplaying Notes:

Will edit this in, I’m just alittle tired at the momment, he is meant to be a playable character though, not really a nonplayable which is kind of stupid for me to post him hear, I’m just curious as to what everyone thinks of this as a new game idea. I’m making sketches now and I should have them up so you can get an idea of the visuals.

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Comments ( 4 )
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Cheka Man
April 17, 2005, 9:58
2/5 It shows some promise, but it's more of a story then a carecter entry.I like the idea of the slutty princess carecter-I might make one of that type.
Dragoon God
April 17, 2005, 10:24
It has a good story line, and i'm looking forward to the other charcters, well done.
April 17, 2005, 11:39
thanks, yeah I was going for a story type of gameplay, basically like the gameplay of final fantasy 9, in which you don't get the deck until you get into the game. The castle scene in the game will have a movie scene and you will play and escape from the dungeon. In the game I might make it so you can fight your way out, or make it so you have to sneak out choosing the right coridors or something like that. Also, the part where you fight the white sorcerer will be like the tutorial since it will be the first thime you get to use the deck and you will then be able to use it in combat. It will definitely be one of those two to four disc games. I'm still alittle sketchy on the basic plot, but I'm hoping to piece together all my characters into one plot; as you probably noticed along the end. I also posted this at 1:30am so if it looks alittle sloppy towards the end you know why. It really took a while with this one so I hope everyone can grow to like it. Thanks for appriciating my character :)
Ancient Gamer
January 21, 2008, 13:24
Now this is what I call special character hell - The place ordinary characters end up if they are naughty!

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